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The Stranger

Album: ''The Stranger'' (2003 Demo)
1. At The Gates
2. The Stranger
3. Against The Grail
4. Orion Awaits
5. Tears For Baldur
6. Beyond The Dying Sun

Sailing the Seas of Fate

Album: ''Sailing the Seas of Fate'' (2005)
1. Dreaming of the Dawn
2. Frost on Dead Leaves
3. Under the Dragon Star
4. Snowborne
5. To Cronia
6. The Dead Giant's Tale
7. Urd
8. Verdandi
9. Skuld



The concept for SIG:AR:TYR was created by Daemonskald during the 34th year of his existence (2003 CE) to provide a musical vehicle for his thoughts and writings of the mysteries of life and beyond life.

The rune word set SIG:AR:TYR embodies three major aspects of existence: Chaos-Balance-Order. This can also be thought of as Fire-Matter-Ice. The words SIG:AR:TYR are the names of three runes that embody these characteristics in one form or another. These forces form the core materials of existence. SIG:AR:TYR is dedicated to the dark, grim history and mythology of Northern Europe.

Influenced by Viking/Pagan metal such as Bathory, Burzum, and neo-classical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, Daemonskald wanted to initially create very heavy and atmospheric music without the use of typical metal instruments such as electric guitar, bass, and drums.

In late 2003, SIG:AR:TYR released "The Stranger", a six song atmospheric journey revolving around the acoustic guitar and Daemonskald's short story of the same name. Quickly gathering excellent reviews, Daemonskald wanted to immediately forge ahead to his next project, a concept work with more Viking metal elements with electric guitar, bass, and percussion, while retaining the acoustic-ambient atmosphere.

Written and recorded throughout most of 2004, SIG;AR:TYR's debut CD, "Sailing the Seas of Fate" deals with a Viking quest to the far northern reaches of the world to retrieve an object to turn the tide of Christianity.

The dynamics of SIG:AR:TYR will be an ever-changing ideal, and any and all instruments may be used to further his next vision. Each musical piece is a thread in a greater web. The music is mostly instrumental in nature, with poetry, spoken word, mythical tales, silent lyrics, and commentary to fully realize the essence of each work. It is the creator's hope that all aspects of the songs, from the music and artwork, to the lyrics and stories, will inspire or destroy you.

Dark Ambient/Acoustic/Folk Metal

Heathenism, Norse Mythology

Canada (London, Ontario), formed in 2003

New Aeon Media (Karmageddon)


Daemonskald - everything


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