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Black Armour

Album: ''Black Armour'' (2003 Demo)
1. Black Armour


Sierpe defines itself as a multifacetic band, because their musical influence is very wide and they have decided to experiment to the maximum in what refers to musical terms. Sierpe finds it’s name in the recognized literary work of Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy - In where the Sierpes inhabit the eighth circle of hell and their mission is to torment the souls of the Seventh Pit.
Hell – Twentyfourth Chant
Eighth Circle – Seventh Pit.


At the beginnings of the year 2,002 after the dissolution of a short commercial project called Mystica, Carlos J. y Stvan decides to incursionate in a new musical phase, in which they may manifest their true passion for the metal.
So they begin to write new songs and they retrieve some old ideas, after some months in search of more integrants, they get in contact with Fabián Morales (drums) and Luis Barillas (bass) both Embryo's ex-members, in this way it is formed Sierpe's first line-up.

After some months of rehearsing, in late November of 2002, they decide to record Sierpe's first demo “Symphonic Flames”, which is well received by the underground audience, without commercializing it on the radio.

After the good approval of this demo, Sierpe takes the decision to do a complete cd and to include a third steady guitarist... after a long quest and several good references Sierpe gets contact with Reinhold. A musician with a solid theoric basis (professor of the national conservatory of music), who after listening the demo of “Symphonic Flames”, accepts to join the band.

Later is initiated a series of auditions (arduous), for a vocalist, giving as a result Pablo Rozzotto's inclusion.
The production of the cd continues and in the middle of it, (December 2003), they make the decision to show a new demo called “Black Armour”, which as well, is very well received by the underground audience; after this production Luis Barillas (bass) leaves the band.

The auditions in search of femenine voices continue after this, because the idea of the project is to have a great vocal and musical richness with orchestral arrangements; The process becomes very long and tedious, and so, some months before to finalize the production, Fabián Morales y Pablo Rozzotto, leave of the band, remaining only Stvan, Carlos J. y Reinhold, because of it they decided finalize the project with guest artists only.

This is where the final and more exciting part of the project begins, for they get to have the collaboration of various guitar players with reputation in the local environment, as: Charly Vásquez (Serpiente Visión), Henry Reyes (Nova Épica), Walter Monsanto (Andrómeda); as invited percussionist David Méndez (ex-Mystica); the powerful voices of Emperor Maximus Tormentor (Metal Requiem) and to the sopranos and mezzo-sopranos Flor Castañeda, Alejandra Flores and Patty Ortiz; without forgetting the narrative and the background voices proportionated by Ligia Dubon and Marie Putzeis.

With all the material recorded, finally Sierpe takes many months to mixing and masterization. To the ending of April 2005 they give a step forward and appears to metal world the Sierpe cd, named also Sierpe, including eight unpublished songs… and with well put squeaks.

Black/Power/Progressive Metal

History, Epic, Hate

Guatemala (Guatemala City), formed in 2002

Gimor Records


Emperor Maximus Tormentor - Vocals (Ex-Metal Requiem)
Alejandra - Soprano
Carlos Salazar - Guitar
Reinhold Sagastume - Guitar, Keyboards
Fabian Morales - Drums (Andromeda (Gtm))
Rizzo - Bass

Luis Barillas - Bass
Pablo Rozzotto - Vocals
Esteban Alvarado - Guitar, Bass (Ex-Metal Requiem)

Guest Musicians:
Charly Vasquez - Guitar (ex-Sore Sight, ex-Guerreros del Metal, Serpiente Vision)
Henry Reyes - Guitar (Nova Epica)
Walter Monsanto - Guitar (ex-Arpia (Gtm), Andromeda (Gtm), Anark�a)
David Mendez - Percussion
Samuel Bulux - Keyboards (ex-Arpia (Gtm), Anark�a, ex-Andromeda (Gtm), ex-Astur Ignis)
Flor Casta�eda - Vocals
Alejandra Flores - Vocals
Patty Ortiz - Vocals
Ligia Dubon - Vocals
Marie Putzeis - Vocals


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