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Album: ''Fafnir'' (2000 Demo)
1. Fafnir
2. Jerusalem
3. Flagellum Dei
4. Der König und die Eiche
5. Mephisto
6. Siegfried
7. Hexenblut
8. Du und ich


Album: ''Drachenherz'' (2001)
1. Balmung
2. Rheingold
3. Jerusalem
4. Flagellum Dei
5. Walpurgisnacht
6. Hexenblut
7. Der König und die Eiche
8. Die Rabenschlacht
9. Siegfried
10. Schwarzer Engel
11. Drachenherz


Album: ''Eisenwinter'' (2003)
1. Eisenwinter
2. Nachtgebet
3. Rauhnacht
4. Die Treuewacht
5. Am Isenstein
6. Eckesachs
7. Winterblut
8. Untot
9. Hagen von Troje
10. Du und ich



There are two artists with this name:

1) SIEGFRIED was born from the lyrical concept of Bruder Cle alias Hagen in 1998. Later that year he teamed up with Daniel Bachmaier alias Ortwin (ex-Sarcasm Syndrome), who eversince composes and arranges all the music for SIEGFRIED. 1999 the two of them were joined by the well-known singer Sandra Schleret (ex-Dreams of Sanity), whose strong and passionate voice added a new dimension to the sound of SIEGFRIED, which can be best described as bombastic metal hymns! SIEGFRIED's music combines power (SIEG) and melody (FRIED) with dark and provoking lyrics, that circle not only around the Nibelungs, but also illustrate historical events in colourful paintings full of romance and carnage.

The following year they recorded their first demo-CD called "Fafnir" which was released as a stunning self-produced promotional 10"-gatefold-edition, strictly limited to 100 copies (60 of them signed and numbered) followed by a tapeversion published from IRRLICHTER RECORDS (also limited 200 copies). The reactions on both music and artwork were simply overwhelming and in November 2000 SIEGFRIED signed a record deal with NAPALM Records. During the summer of 2001 the debut-album "Drachenherz" was recorded in the Mirror-Productions-Studio in Innsbruck produced by Roland Wurzer (Darkwell, Angry Angels), who also helped them out on bassguitar. Moritz Neuner (Darkwell, Abigor) on drums and Werner Bialek (Subacid) taking over the clear vocals completed the band. The album was released on November 12th 2001.

During 2002 Ortwin and Hagen worked on the new material for their 2nd album "Eisenwinter" (Iron Winter). Songs like Die Treuewacht‚ Eisenwinter or‚ Winterblut take you by the hand and lead you over historic battlefields in grim winterfrost. The bombastic, heroic and powerful metal anthems tell tales of blood and iron, fidelity and honour! All in all the album is a big step forward - musically and productionwise. In addition to that SIEGFRIED could finally find a steady keyboarder, Hannes Krause, and are now ready to deliver their stuff live. On the 25th of july 2003 SIEGFRIED will give their live-debut on the Skeleton Bash-Festival in the Hafen in Innsbruck

2) A Japanese Heavy Metal band.

Epic/Viking Metal


Austria (Innsbruck), formed in 1998

Napalm Records


Sandra Schleret - Vocals (Soulslide, Dreams of Sanity, Elis)
Werner Bialek - Vocals
Bruder Cle - Harsh Vocals
Daniel "Ortwin" Bachmaier - Guitar & Keyboards (ex-Sarcasm Syndrome)
Wolfgang Holzknecht - Guitar (Angry Angels)
Roland Wurzer - Bass (Angry Angels, ex-Evenfall (Ita), ex-Sarcasm Syndrome, Darkwell, Otus Scops)
Moritz Neuner - Drums (ex-Abigor, Korovakill, Angizia, ex-Enid, Darkwell, ex-Evenfall (Ita), Korova, ex-Dornenreich, Sternenstaub, ex-Graveworm, Atrocity (Ger), Angry Angels, Shadowcast, Leaves' Eyes, ex-Dark Embrace (Esp), ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Samsas Traum)


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