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Red Devils And Purple Ringers

Album: ''Red Devils And Purple Ringers'' (1997 Demo)
1. Drip
2. Virus
3. Cybergod
4. Michelle Song
5. Psychadelic Abomination
6. Tears Of A Marianette
7. Technodrone
8. Generation Hate
9. Disincarnation



SHRUM was created by Audie T. Pitre in 1995 when he got the idea of putting
two bass players together in order to create a brutal sound. He shared this
idea with Tommy Viator and they began creating what was the beginning of SHRUM.

They were undecided as to whom they would get to fill the second bass position.
They asked Joseph J. Fontenot (Shredding Lettuce) if he would be interested in
the concept of forming a band with two bassists, drums and vocals... enter
second bassist, Joe.

The only question now was, who could they possibly get to become the vocalist...
this would complete the "total package". Audie was a member of Louisiana's
most notorious metal band Acid Bath, and their singer Dax Riggs was the first
one considered for the vocalist position. Dax went to one of the band's jam
sessions and worked on a song. A song that would eventually become
"Tears Of A Marionette". Dax's melody was perfect for the song but his lyrics
just didn't work. Plus, Dax lived very far away from everyone else in the band,
so it just didn't work out, unfortunately.

Scott Leger would listen in on SHRUM's jam sessions. He said that he was a
vocalist, but none of the band members had ever heard him. He was asked to try
out for the vocalist position in SHRUM. The first practice he came to was very
rough... he was trying to mimic Dax and that was definitely not what SHRUM was
looking for. "We wanted something original" says Joe. Audie then told Scott
that he should be himself and sing with emotion. With that said, entered the
brutal vocal style of Scott Leger Jr..

SHRUM was on the verge of playing live shows, when abruptly Audie Pitre's life
was taken in an automobile accident, along with his parent's lives. Red Devils
and Purple Ringers were released to raise money for Audie Layne (Audie's son).
The tape sold extremely well... eventually selling out completely. SHRUM
completed it's first show with Kelly Pitre (Audie's little brother) filling in
on bass. It was an outdoor block party. The response, and turnout for the event
was absolutely unbelievable.

Death Metal

United States of America (Kenner, Louisiana), formed in 1995



Scott Leger - Vocals (D.I.E.)
Joseph J. Fontenot - Bass, Vocals (Acid Bath, Daemon, Devourment, Prophecy (US);Shredding Lettuce.)
Kelly Pitre - Live Bass (Suffer (US), Vual)
Tomas ``Tommy`` Viator - Keyboards, Vocals - (Dark Carnival, Disincarnate, Suffer (US), Acid Bath, Astaroth (US))

Audie T. Pitre - Bass (Acid Bath, Dark Carnival) (R.I.P. October 5th 1970- January 23rd 1997, killed in a car accident by a drunk driver)


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