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Album: ''Consequences'' (2004)
1. Pleasure The Pain
2. Crashing Down
3. Ended By Silence
4. Consequences
5. When I Die
6. No Man's Land

Dead Precedence

Album: ''Dead Precedence'' (2006)
1. Enemy at the Gate (Intro)
2. Today's Promises are Tomorrow's Lies
3. Thorn Inside
4. Out Falls the Pain
5. Torn Apart
6. No One Else to Blame
7. Gone
8. Murder For Hire
9. Hate Trip
10. Dead Precedence
11. Waste



Hailing from Toronto Canada, Shatterpoint deliver their take of heavy music upon the world. Shatterpoint’s crushing riffs, ripping solos and in-your-face vocals, crank out relentlessly in a refreshing uncompromised fashion. Shatterpoint masterfully combine a fist clenching mixture of American and European metal, with some hardcore subtleties. This approach matched with Shatterpoint’s never ending search for the almighty riff have made Shatterpoint one of metals most dangerous up and coming bands. Formed in 2002, Shatterpoint have made a big name for themselves in a relatively small amount of time. In 2004 Shatterpoint completed their first EP release titled “Consequences” which received a huge amount of international notoriety and gave Shatterpoint a foothold into the world of heavy music. The ‘Consequences’ EP is a 6 song, thirty minute “mini album” which delivers a “rollercoaster of riffs” from start to finish. The EP received countless outstanding reviews and a massive distribution of worldwide airplay which blew away every expectation of a typical EP demo. Since the release of “Consequences” Shatterpoint have been relentlessly playing shows across Canada, gaining momentum and fans at each stop along the way, proving to be one of the top contenders of the Canadian metal scene. Over the past year Shatterpoint have been working extremely hard writing and recording their much anticipated follow up to the Consequences EP, titled “Dead Precedence” which will be Shatterpoints first official full length release. The much awaited “Dead Precedence” is produced by metal master Greg Dawson (The End, Moneen) at BWC studios and is a huge leap forward for the band as a whole. While most bands churn out song after song using a predictable and repetitive formula; Shatterpoint made a conscious effort to produce an album which never bores, never lets up and keeps throwing new stuff at the listener from start to finish. Shatterpoint carve their own path, never compromising the integrity of their music at the prospect of more fans or more attention, which has helped the band produce their most punishing offering to date. “DEAD PRECEDENCE” the crushing follow up to the 2004 “CONSEQUENCES” EP is sure to leave a path of destruction worldwide, and will be available everywhere in March 2007, via Power Play records.

Thrash Metal

Violence, death, pain

Canada (Toronto, On), formed in 2001

Power Play Records


Shane Drake - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Greg Wright - Lead Guitar
Chris Zeeman - Bass
Steve Mitchell - Drums

Jeremy Baxter - Drums


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