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Apkas Itulia

Album: ''Apkas Itulia'' (2004)
1. Aier Fertalas
2. Morba Voila
3. Paus Mor Gras
4. Nen Nare Ros
5. Aktrumo Ratunas
6. Akramos
7. Ut Meus Olito Pulvis A More Va



Shambless /ex-Shambles/ are created in Bulgaria, back in 1997 by Arvells Elfaros as an atmospheric-medieval death metal band in the vein of early Amorphis, Haggard and even Summoning. However, after some years of huge concert activity on the territory of Bulgaria, Shambless gained a cult status and in year of 2003 the first album "Omnipotentia" was released via Discord records. Nowadays Shambless is transformed into a one-man project with Arvells playing all the instruments. The whole project is deeply connected with a strong elfish concept- the songs depict an ancient elfish world called The wet lands and are sung in an elfish language called Tura Ieagan (means Far Away) .On the other hand Arvells Elfaros believes that he himself is an elf and according to his believes now we are living in the Fifth Age Of The World-the age of the awakening, a time when the elves will return to our sick world. And if "Omnipotentia" was just the beginning, the new Shambless album represents the music that will awake all elves from their slumberAnd who knows if you find yourself deeply involved into Shambless music, maybe you are an elf tooApkas Itulia is dedicated to all of those who respect the mighty power of Mother Nature, who even once have felt the mountains breeze, and even once have seen the shadows of the forests At the moment a new, third album is being recorded. If there is any interest in Shambless please contact Discord records. Shambless resumed concert activity in 2006 year, with the support of guest musicians (members of the bulgarian death metal acts Anal dissected Angel, Staro Zlo and Solarfall.)The concert variant of the project includes 6 members, with Arvelss playing on drums/vocals,3 guitarists(one accoustic guitar) Hadelfar from Solarfall on the keyboards and a bassist.

Atmospheric/Folk Death/Black Metal

Elfish mythology

Bulgaria (Blagoevgrad), formed in 1997

Stygian Crypt Productions


Arvels Elfaros (Pavel Rekarski) - All Instruments


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