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Mourning A Dead World

Album: ''Mourning A Dead World'' (1996 Demo)
1. Lifeless
2. Suffer the Season
3. Fleshold
4. Forever Lost
5. A Souls Salvation
6. Deadworld

Somber Eyes To The Sky

Album: ''Somber Eyes To The Sky'' (1997)
1. Revel In My Loss
2. Pure
3. Lead Me Home
4. To Ashes
5. Nurture
6. Fleshold
7. Eternal
8. Suffer The Season
9. Somber Angel
10. Lifeless

To Ashes

Album: ''To Ashes'' (1997 EP)
1. To Ashes
2. Fleshold

Of One Blood

Album: ''Of One Blood'' (2000)
1. Pain Glass Vision
2. Crushing Belial
3. Of One Blood
4. The First Noble Truth
5. Fleshold
6. Root Bound Apollo
7. Revel In My Loss
8. Montauk
9. To Ashes
10. Serenity


Album: ''Deadworld'' (2001 EP)
1. Deadworld
2. Stepping Outside The Circle
3. Crushing Belial (Live)
4. First Noble Truth (Live)
5. Fleshold (Live)

The Art of Balance

Album: ''The Art of Balance'' (2002)
1. Idle Hands
2. Thoughts Without Words
3. Destroyer of Senses
4. Casting Shade
5. Stepping Outside the Circle
6. The Art of Balance
7. Mystery of One Spirit
8. The Idiot Box
9. Prelude to Disaster
10. A Fire in Babylon
11. Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd cover)

Fear Will Drag You Down

Album: ''Fear Will Drag You Down'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Deadworld **
2. Stepping Outside The Circle **
3. Crushing Belial
4. Of One Blood
5. The First Noble Truth
6. Fleshold
7. Root Bound Apollo
8. Revel In My Loss
9. Montauk
10. To Ashes
11. Serenity
12. Pain Glass Vision
13. Crushing Belial (Live)*
14. First Noble Truth (Live)*
15. Fleshold (Live)*

Destroyer of Senses

Album: ''Destroyer of Senses'' (2003 Single)
1. Destroyer Of Senses
2. Thoughts Without (Live)
3. Destroyer of Senses (Video)
4. Thoughts WIthout Words (Video)

The War Within

Album: ''The War Within'' (2004)
1. The Light That Blinds
2. Enlightened By The Cold
3. Act Of Contrition
4. What Drives The Weak
5. Stillness
6. Inspiration On Demand
7. The Power Of I and I
8. Ghosts Of Past Failures
9. Eternity Is Within
10. Those Who Can Not Speak

The Art of Touring (Drunk & Shitty in Every City)

Album: ''The Art of Touring (Drunk & Shitty in Every City)'' (2005 DVD)
1. Introduction
2. Tell Us How You Really Feel
3. Thoughts Without Words (Live)
4. Destroyer Of Senses (Live)
5. The Idiot Box (Live)
6. Of One Blood (Live)
7. The First Noble Truth (Live)
8. Stepping Outside The Circle (Live)
9. A Fire In Babylon (Live)
10. Fleshold (Live)
11. Walk: A Tribute To Dimebag Darrell (Live, Featuring Damageplan)
12. Destruction On The Road!
13. Thoughts Without Words (Music Video)
14. Destroyer Of Senses (Music Video)
15. The Idiot Box (Music Video)
16. The Power Of I And I (Music Video)
17. What Drives The Weak (Music Video)
18. Inspiration On Demand (Music Video)
19. Live Wire
20. Teasin' Pleasin' (Live, Featuring Jason McMaster)

Live in Japan

Album: ''Live in Japan'' (2005 EP)
1. The Power of I and I
2. What Drives the Weak
3. Idiot Box (Live)
4. Destroyer of Senses (Live)
5. Crushing Belial (Live)

Inspiration On demand

Album: ''Inspiration On demand'' (2005 Single)
1. Inspiration On Demand (Radio Edit)

Fallout from the War

Album: ''Fallout from the War'' (2006)
1. In Effigy
2. Will to Rebuild
3. Haunting Me Endlessly
4. Seize the Calm
5. Carpal Tunnel
6. Going, Going, Gone
7. Deadworld
8. This Is My Own
9. December (Only Living Witness Cover)
10. Mark of the Squealer (Leeway Cover)
11. Teasin' Pleasin' (Dangerous Toys Cover)

Threads of Life

Album: ''Threads of Life'' (2007)
1. Redemption
2. Burning the Live
3. Stormwinds
4. Failure of the Devout
5. Venomous
6. Another Lost Hero
7. Final Call
8. Dread Uprising
9. The Great Collapse
10. Just Another Nightmare
11. Forevermore

Seeking The Way: The Greatest Hits

Album: ''Seeking The Way: The Greatest Hits'' (2007 Best of/Compilation)
1. Crushing Belial
2. Of One Blood
3. Fleshold
4. Deadworld
5. Stepping Outside The Circle
6. Thoughts Without Words
7. Destroyer Of Senses
8. The Idiot Box
9. The Light That Blinds
10. Enlightened By The Cold
11. What Drives The Weak
12. Inspiration On Demand
13. The Power Of I And I
14. In Effigy
15. Seize The Calm


Album: ''Redemption'' (2007 Single)
1. Redemption

shadows fall


Once described as "death metal on melody pills", Shadows Fall's sound mixes melodic elements with crushing riffs, double bass drum patterns, pinch harmonics and both screaming and clean vocals.

The sounds of Shadows Fall reflect both American and European influences. On the one hand, the band's use of "shredding", or fast guitar solos, draws upon the classic American thrash metal heritage of bands such as Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer. Equally, however, its complex single-note riffs and dual-guitar harmonies have their roots in the European metal sounds commonly associated with the Gothenburg scene and bands such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and At the Gates. Also they use some American death metal such as New York Death Metal (bands such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse) sounds and Florida Death Metal (bands such as Death, Morbid Angel, and Obituary) sounds.

Shadows Fall take an interestingly different approach to their lyrics, relying on themes from eastern philosophy and religion, primarily Buddhism, as opposed to the majority of metal bands today which choose to elaborate upon themes of western religion.

From The BNR Metal Pages (
"In the space of a few short years, Shadows Fall has risen from humble beginnings to being one of the most talked-about and respected metal bands on the scene. Formed by the guitarist pair of Jonathan Donais and Matthew Bachand, the band released a self-financed Somber Eye To The Sky that managed to get the name out, but it the signing to Century Media and 2000's Of One Blood that really got the band going, and they followed it up two years later with the even better The Art Of Balance. Shadows Fall's influences are many, and they are seemless interwoven together to form a potent, original sound. There's a clear Gothenburg (Swedish melodic death) element (much more prevalent on Blood, but still noticeable on Balance), metalcore vocals from Brian Fair as well as the two guitarists (indeed, the vocals from the trio range from hardcore shouts to death growls to a mid-range clean style), a healthy traditional metal influence due to plenty of harmonized guitar leads, all held together by tight musicianship and ample aggression. The future appears very bright indeed for Shadows Fall."

Melodic Death (early), Thrash/Metalcore (today)

Inner Struggles, Society, Positive, Unity

United States of America (Springfield, Massachusetts), formed in 1995

Century Media/Nuclear Blast


Matthew Bachand: Guitar, Vocals (ex-Perpetual Doom, Exhumed (US))
Jason Bittner: Drums (ex-Burning Human, ex-Crisis (US), ex-Stigmata, ex-Ever Dark (US))
Jonathan Donais: Guitar, Vocals (ex-Whiskey Whore), (ex- Aftershock)
Brian Fair: Vocals (Overcast (US), Transient, ex-Late Night Crue)
Paul Romanko: Bass

Phil Labonte (All That Remains, ex-Perpetual Doom)
Damien Mcpherson

David Germain
Derek Kerswill (Seemless, live for Unearth)


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