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Burning Shadows

Album: ''Burning Shadows'' (1996 EP)
1. Monody (Sing With Me)
2. Sasha d'Ark
3. Meltin Nite
4. Silent
5. Till Windows Light (I Dance With The Ghost)

The River Of Lost

Album: ''The River Of Lost'' (2002)
1. Hopeless (Dark Bridges)
2. Hopeless (All We'll Ever Know)
3. Awaking Inside
4. Dawn
5. Snowdance (Warm Inside)
6. Blue Flame Fire Song (The Suicide World)
7. The River of Lost
8. Last Dance (Into Death)
9. Like Never Before
10. Farewell



The roots of SHADOWDANCES reach the year of 1991. Previously known as CONSCIOUS ROT, the band was quite known in the worlds underground streams, mostly for their cassette album The Soil, which featured extreme, technical, yet melodic and original death metal, released through Spanish FIGHT ZONE PROD. in 1994. In autumn of 1995 a huge change took place and turned it all into a whole new dimension. The music has gotten darker and more emotional and became as personal as never before. And thats when SHADOWDANCES was actually born. Juodas, the drumming vocalist, actually the only one member left from the original line up, was desperate to find a new name, and this one seemed to stick best to the new musical and lyrical content of the band, which featured not only growling, but also singing vocals, a slower, more mid tempo music (but still with a death metal influence) and personal dark lyrics. A Mini CD Burning Swodahs was released in 96 through Spanish ABSTRACT EMOTIONS REC. Then an almost two year break had to take place because of some of the members personal reasons and desperate try to work their way into some more meaningful existence. Juodas spent those two years in United States, working hard and trying to save some money to finally buy some decent equipment. He met Laima there, - another Lithuanian musician desperate to earn some more money and finally buy herself a decent keyboard. She was from another town, the band called PROSECUTOR (r.i.p.). On August 18th 1998 the two returned home and, as incredible as it may sound, on November 14th the 8th Death Comes thundered with SHADOWDANCES already announcing of their return. Laima had joined on keyboard and took over the emotional, beautiful and atmospheric part of the bands music. Speaking about the musical purpose, the main its goal is to be as sensual as possible and true to the real felt emotions. The same goes for the lyrical content of the music. Its the feelings, depression or joy, darker sides of human race, shallowness, painful experiences, loneliness. In January 2001 SHADOWDANCES finally entered the studio to record all this. It took a hell lot of time in the studio, comparing to whats been done in Lithuanian underground before, to record this material. After four long months of waiting and re-entering the studio once or twice a week, in May the record was finally mixed and mastered. The CD is called The River of Lost. 13 songs were recorded and only 10 of them made into the final CD, out through Lithuanian Dangus Prod. During the session of The River of Lost the band recorded an old track called The Beauty And The Beast (written in 1995 by Juodas. Ugnius Lioge (Dangus Prod., Notanga) contributed to the lyrical side of the story back then), which style wise is very different from what the band is all about now, but yet Juodas wanted to release that song somehow, to pay his respect in some way to one of the biggest past influences TYPE O NEGATIVE. This song is pretty much inspired by these dark rockers. And it happened. Though not properly released and found only at bands webpages downloads section (link - Soundshades), people finally have a chance to listen to this almost 28 min. monster, which was recorded during The River of Lost session and fully mixed and mastered (some things were also re-recorded) at home by Juodas. On 17 12 2005 the band played at the "Green Christmas" festival in Estonia, alongside Anathema (UK), Die Krupps (Ger), Pedigree (Est), Loits (Est) and lots of others. It was a tremendous experience! Then, on 1st of july 2006 another fest followed - "Hard Rock Laager 2006", again in Estonia, with Tiamat (Swe), Satyricon (Nor), Pedigree (Est), Horricane (Est), Manatark (Est) and lots of others participating. For the past 2 years the band was preparing some new tracks and recording them. Our plans are to try to finish the recording as soon as possible and to release it probably sometime during this fall. So labels please get in touch for our promo pack!

Doom/Atmospheric Death Metal

Sadness, despair, darkness

Lithuania (Vilnius), formed in 1995


On hold

Juodas - vocals, drums (Conscious Rot, Dead Beauty)
Lady Amial - keyboards (Prosecutor (Ltu))

Raima - guitars (Conscious Rot, Dissection (Ltu))
Giedrius Gudaitis - guitars (Outshine (Ltu))
Aidas - bass (ex-Strangers in Avalon, Žalvarinis, Sin.Tec.Sistem, Renewal, Linoja)
Lokys - guitars (ex-Burying Place)
Robertas - guitars (also in Žalvarinis, Ugnëlakis, ex-Moonrise (Ltu), Letarg)
Tadas - bass (ex-Burying Place)
Vytautas Diskevicius - keyboards (ex-Ruination, Dream Catcher, Imperium (Ltu), Fata Morgana (Ltu), Soul Brothers, ex-SBS)


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