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Project Judgement

Album: ''Project Judgement'' (2000 Demo)
1. Plan 9 from Outer Space
2. Requiem Aeternam Deo
3. Project Judgement

Desperate Accuse Dimension

Album: ''Desperate Accuse Dimension'' (2002)
1. Attention Deficit Disorder
2. A Farewell to Nowhere
3. Pharmakon (Sulphur City)
4. Project Judgement
5. Anticipated Resurrection
6. Hybrid Tech Messiah
7. Desperate Accuse Dimension
8. Plan 9 from Outer Space
9. Strain

Near Life Experience

Album: ''Near Life Experience'' (2003)
1. Mindgames
2. Permanent Crackdown
3. Mass-Placebo
4. Antisense
5. eXisTenCe
6. Snow Crash
7. Playing God
8. Near Life Experience
9. No Man�s Land
10. Pitch-Black Insomnia


Shadowcast is an Austrian act with the aim to create highly atmospherical and unconventional music mixed with dark sounds. Shadowcast saw the light of night in 1999 by Clemens Mayr. In the beginning created as an processing of ideas unused in his other band AMORTIS Clemens soon found out that he could make something more with the songs than just to use it for private joy. Therefore he decided to devise conrete plans in which way he could arrange the songs to have another band come into existence. After a long time of hard work and experimenting with ideas, eventually the “CyberClassic Space Metal” was born, a mixture of Industrial, Metal and Pop.

Although the basics of Shadowcast already existed it still took some time until the PromoCD “Project Judgement” was recorded with Clemens’ two bandmates Roman and Simon. The 3 featured songs already represented the experimental and unique style that Shadowcast is all about.

Clemens got in touch with CCP-Records who offered to release the debut CD “Desperate Accuse Dimension”. Although every single note and letter has been composed and written by Clemens, session-musicians were engaged once more in order to get the best-possible conversion of the songs. Roman is in charge of most of the guitars once again, while AMORTIS-drummer Lukas has been playing the drums here. The tracks on “Desperate Accuse Dimension” reach from melodic Industrial songs over catchy Rock/Metal songs up to a semi-ballad and are embossed by various styles of singing such as spoken passages, screaming and clean vocals.

Gothic Metal

Austria (Vienna / Innsbruck), formed in 1999



Clemens Mayr - Synths, Guitar, Programming, Vocals (Amortis)
Lukas Lindenberger - Vocals (Amortis, Cephalic (Aut), ex-Abigor)
Simon Reinelt - Guitar (Steinvater)
Moritz Neuner - Drums (ex-Abigor, Darkwell, Korova, Korovakill, Angizia, ex-Enid, Atrocity (Ger), Siegfried (Aut), ex-Dornenreich, ex-Evenfall (Ita), Sternenstaub, ex-Graveworm, Leaves' Eyes, ex-Dark Embrace (Esp), Angry Angels, ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Samsas Traum)

Roman Lindenberger - Guitar (Amortis, Cephalic (Aut))
Simon Mayr - Guitar,
Stefan Fiori - Vocals ( live gigs ), (Graveworm, ex-Abigor)


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