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Album: ''Demo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. DIY
2. King Hiss (Instrumental)
3. The Death Watch

Album: ''Demo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. Flying Machine (The Second Flame)
2. Bat Ladder
3. To The Water

Album: ''The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat'' (2003)
1. untitled
2. Soundproof Mask
3. Bethlehem Steel
4. Deathwatch

Album: ''Demo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. Split Condom Blues
2. King Hiss


Sextodecimo is a five piece band formed in Oxford, UK, 2001. They play heavy, noisy, slow, feedback-laden rock music. Gigs are sporadic and rare, though when they do happen they are impressively powerful and cacophonous. Their consistency in creating such a "bloody racket" on stage gained them notoriety on the local underground scene, and firmly established them as one of the most uncompromising bands to arise from the city of Oxford. Having said this, their recorded output reflects an earlier and more restrained (and indeed orthodox) style of music which has long since disappeared from their live shows. A debut EP, "The Banshee Screams For Buffalo Meat" was released in 2004, which featured 3 tracks sprawling 34 minutes (longer than Reign In Blood - not bad for an EP!). A second EP was released in 2005 as a split with 3 other bands (Holiday Stabbings, Gunnbunny and Deguello) from the Oxford underground punk/noise scene. Both were released via Hanging Out With The Cool Kids Records/Plastic Head Distribution.

Sludgecore/Grind/Stoner Metal

United Kingdom (Oxford)

Hanging Out With The Cool Kids


Steve - Vocals
Roo - Guitar
Oli - Guitar
Humphrey - Bass
Tommy - Drums


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