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Granny Tranny Midget Fetish

Album: ''Granny Tranny Midget Fetish'' (2006 Single)
1. Granny Tranny Midget Fetish

Genitales From the Porno Potty

Album: ''Genitales From the Porno Potty'' (2007)
1. Botched Boob Job
2. Yeast Erection
3. Gloryhole Casserole
4. Colostomy Bag Condom
5. Colonel Angus
6. Camel Toe Rodeo
7. Menstrual Money Shot
8. Granny Tranny Midget Fetish
9. Paraplegic Pussy Pounder
10. Beef Curtain Call



Sexcrement was formed by Evan Duplessis, Mark Richards, Devon Hunt, Josh Staples and Adam Mason in November of 2005. Taking influence from bands such as Broken Hope, Gorguts, Scattered Remnants and Skinless, Sexcrement play death metal flooded with groove, seasoned with technicality and smothered in the perverse.

Within a year of conception, the band has quickly emerged at the top of the North Eastern Death Metal scene, being honored and priviledged to share the stage with several top Death Metal acts by the like of Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Dehumanized, Origin, Malignancy, Internal Suffering, Lividity, Anal Blast, Neuraxis, Goatwhore, Mutilated, Rompeprop, Cliteater, Wasteform, Mucopus, Fecal Corpse and Balls Deep.

In Febuary of 2006, the band recorded it's debut demo entitled "Whiskey Tits", recorded and engineered by Darren Cesca (Goratory, Burn In Silence, Pillory) and mastered by Colin Davis (Vile). More than 400 copies were distributed at shows in Massachusetts and New York while also being circulated heavily on the internet.

Mark Richards left the band in mid August of 2006 to pursue a career as an illustrator. On August 30th, 2006, Sexcrement recorded a single with Damaged Studios in preparation for their upcuming album. The song, Granny Tranny Midget Fetish, was released shortly after. Already within the first week, 150 copies were distributed by hand in Boston and throughout Europe while Adam Mason did a session tour of Europe along with good friends Mucopus, filling in for none other than Jason Keyser of Skinless. The band remains a four piece and is currently preparing to record their first full length album, set to be released in early 2007.

Death Metal

Sex, Perversion

United States of America (Framingham, MA.), formed in 2005



Evan Duplessis (Strappado (US), ex-Terminally Your Aborted Ghost) - Guitar
Devon Hunt (ex-Terminally Your Aborted Ghost) - Drums
Adam Mason (Goratory) - Vocals
Josh Staples (Ascendancy (US)}, ex-Abhorred (US), ex-Incinerate (US)) - Bass

Mark Richards (ex-Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, ex-Upon Crimson Wings, Strappado (US)) - Guitar


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