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To Know God... and Make Him Known

Album: ''To Know God... and Make Him Known'' (2001 Demo)
1. The Way
2. Power
3. Here I Am

The Second Floor

Album: ''The Second Floor'' (2002)
1. The Second Floor
2. Breathless Years
3. Revelation
4. Deceiving Time
5. The Wisdom of His Majesty
6. Purify
7. Mask of Sadness
8. Here I Am
9. From Hills and Woods

Faceless Man

Album: ''Faceless Man'' (2005)
1. A Handful of Sand
2. Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon
3. Nothing besides Dust
4. Walking over all the Seas
5. Faceless Man
6. Unseen Truth
7. Daydream
8. Nobody wants to Live alone
9. From now to Eternity

seven angels


By the end of the year 2000, the guitarist Karim Serri and the vocalist
Debora Serri came up with the dream of a band which would sound just like the music style they were so passionate about. The project slowly began to take shape and the other members joined them along the year 2001. The first one was Eliezer (drummer) by the end of May 2001, and then the band factually started rehearsing. This line-up remained for about three months; some songs came out and gained arrangements. The band had already decided to record a demo even before Ricardo was recruited on bass in September 2001, for they wondered what their music would sound like in a studio. They barely had a week so that the new member could catch up with the songs before the recording. Both the backwash of the demo and the concerts had been great, which can be checked out on the band's website at the review section. So much so that the band was invited to have gigs in the city of Curitiba, in other cities in the state of Paraná, in São Paulo, and cities in the state of Santa Catarina. In May 2002, as the band was working on the composition of "The Second Floor", the need to insert more keyboard elements emerged, and thus the selection process for a new member began. The band got in touch with Rafael Friesen (ex-Vulgata), and a few weeks later, they started their rehearsing and compositions of the songs which would be on the album. Between June and July 2002, the band was invited by Megahard Records to be joining their band list, and as soon as deals were made, they went into studio to record their debut album. Since its release in December 2002, the band has earned critical acclaim from the press alike and from those who have listened to the cd. Seven Angel's music has got a bit of the power metal bands in the limelight ,with some elements of Traditional Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal and even reaches back to the Thrash scene of the 80's, which is the band's school, and not to mention the differentiated female vocals full of personality that perfectly fits the purpose of the band.2003 was entirely dedicated to the release of "the Second Floor" and the band had several gigs through many Brazilian cities and states, as well as interviews and reports in newspaper and magazines from all over the country and also from abroad. The cd received rave reviews in countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan and others. In September 2003, Seven Angels were invited to hook up as an opening act with Helloween, one of the greatest and most important metal bands around the world, at Via Funchal, in São Paulo, in such a show which gathered about 7000 people. By the end of the same year, new stuff was being composed for the next cd. The band was chosen that year as the second best revelation in the national scene by Rock Brigade Magazine, and came seventh in Road Crew Magazine. In the beginning of 2004 the band interrupted their compositions for their second album to go on their first international tour kicking off in Campo Grande (Brazil), hitting Santa Cruz de la Sierra and La Paz (Bolivia), Lima (Peru), and stopping off in Arica, Santiago and Graneros (Chile). That was a forty-day promo tour. In August the pre-productions for the recording of the new album began, entitled "The Faceless Man", at NICO's Studio in Curitiba, tentatively due out 2005. The cd was mixed by experienced Silas de Godoy from Mosh Studio in São Paulo, who has already worked with bands like Ratos de Porão and Dr. Sin. Mastering by also experienced Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio.

Seven Angels is:
Debora Serri – Vocals
Karim Serri – Guitars
Regis Lafayette – Guitars
Gustavo Martins – Bass
Eliezer Leite – Drums

To Know God – Demo cd 2001
The Second Floor – 2002
Faceless man – 2005
A Tribute to Primal Fear ( Die Hard Records ) TBA

Power Metal


Brazil (Curitiba, PR), formed in 2000

Encor Records


Debora Serri: Vocals
Eliezer Leite: Drums
Karim Serri: Guitars
Régis Lafayette: Guitars
Gustavo Martins: Bass

Rafael Friesen: Guitar
Ricardo Bagatelli: Bass

Osias Colluci: Vocals (Serenade in Darkness)


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