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Album: ''Thy Divinity'' (2003 Demo)
1. Maiden's Monody
2. False Messiah
3. Dark Tranquility
4. Servant's Tale

Of Descent And Betrayal

Album: ''Of Descent And Betrayal'' (2004 Demo)
1. The Deception
2. Goddess Reborn
3. Into Salvation



The band originally formed in Joensuu, Finland by Damriel(Guitars and vocals) and Khaon(Drums)in the spring 2000 and the music was in different form than today. They were inspired by Iron Maiden and called themselves Pharaoh. But after couple of months they got bored and the band was put in ice. It took about a half year before some new material were composed. This time the style was more darker than before but still there were only two members (Damriel on drums and vocals, Khaon everything else) and this project called Children of Apocalypse died soon.

Then in the beginning of the year 2001 Khaon made new song and the band was put up again. They began to plan new songs and their style was found, inspired by Cradle of Filth. Band was called Sacred Realm. Then it was changed to Black Orchid, then to SoulSorrow and then back to Sacred Realm. At that same year they got a new member, Radek, who first played keyboards. In the fall another member made his first appearance. Carnath was included into the band. He was also playing keyboards so Radek began to play drums because Damriel didn't have the influence of playing drums. The name of the band weren't good enough so they had to find a new one. After few weeks Khaon, Carnath and Damriel were planning the name. From few alternatives Serpenthia sounded best, so they decided to take it.

Early that year Adunachor joined the band as a bass player. They recorded their first song "Maidens' monody" at Pielisjoki's school under guidance of Jukka "Juki" Lehikoinen. On that autumn Mortum joined Serpenthia as a supporting guitarist. Late year 2002 Serpenthia began to plan a full-length-three-song demo. And Radek changed his name to Tregal for some reasons not that important.

The demo titled "Debris of Sanctity" was supposed to see the daylight on spring but because of financial problems the recording had to cancel. However, Serpenthia played their first gig that very spring and the gig was recorded and released as a live demo, entitled "Thy Divinity." During summer Khaon composed new songs and since then these songs have been on a setlist. Songs were called "In Times of Morbidity", "Reflexion of Insanity" and "Where Angels Cry" . Later on that autumn Khaon made four songs and Carnath one and Serpenthia played two gigs. Because of these new song an idea for a new demo rouse and Serpenthia began to plan a demo, which would be recorded and released on spring or early summer 2004.

Serpenthia began to record demo titled "Of Descent and Betrayal" with the guidance of Vellu "Ogre" Kuronen in March. In march a gig at Scream and in april a gig in Niinivaara High. Mortum ended his career in Serpenthia. Some new material was composed during spring. A well-deserved summer holiday passed recording and mixing demo. New member came to replace Mortum's gap and demo "Of Descent..." was released in september. Serpenthia played one gig at scream during the autumn. And the rest the year went by writing new material for forthcoming demo.

Black Metal

Finland (Joensuu), formed in 2000



Damriel - Vocals (Blasphemaeon, SSik, Artificial Angel)
Khaon - Guitars (Pi Mezon, SSik)
Morgarath - Guitars (Lethargy, SSik)

Mortum - Guitars (Dec 2002 - May 2004)
Adunachor - Bass (Jan 2002 - Dec 2006)
Carnath - Keyboards (Jan 2002 - Dec 2006)
Tregal - Drums (Jan 2002 - Dec 2006)


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