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Bestial Devastation/Século XX

Album: ''Bestial Devastation/Século XX'' (1985 Split)
1. The Curse
2. Bestial Devastation
3. Antichrist
4. Necromancer
5. Warriors of Death
6. Anjos do Apocalipse
7. Filhos do Mundo
8. Século XX

Morbid Visions

Album: ''Morbid Visions'' (1986)
1. Morbid Visions
2. Mayhem
3. Troops of Doom
4. War
5. Crucifixion
6. Show Me the Wrath
7. Funeral Rites
8. Empire of the Damned


Album: ''Schizophrenia'' (1987)
1. Intro
2. From the Past Comes the Storms
3. To the Wall
4. Escape to the Void
5. Inquisition Symphony
6. Screams Behind the Shadows
7. Septic Schizo
8. The Abyss
9. R.I.P. (Rest in Pain)
10. Troops of Doom

Beneath the Remains

Album: ''Beneath the Remains'' (1989)
1. Beneath the Remains
2. Inner Self
3. Stronger Than Hate
4. Mass Hypnosis
5. Sarcastic Existence
6. Slaves of Pain
7. Lobotomy
8. Hungry
9. Primitive Future


Album: ''Arise'' (1991)
1. Arise
2. Dead Embryonic Cells
3. Desperate Cry
4. Murder
5. Subtraction
6. Altered State
7. Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
8. Meaningless Movements
9. Infected Voice

Dead Embryonic Cells

Album: ''Dead Embryonic Cells'' (1991 Single)
1. Dead Embryonic Cells
2. Orgasmatron
3. Troops of Doom

Album: ''Desperate Cry'' (1991 Single)
1. Desperate Cry
2. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover)
3. War

Under Siege (Regnum Irae)

Album: ''Under Siege (Regnum Irae)'' (1991 Single)
1. Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
2. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)
3. Troops of Doom

Third World Posse

Album: ''Third World Posse'' (1992 EP)
1. Dead Embryonic Cells
2. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys cover)
3. Inner Self (live)
4. Troops Of Doom (live)
5. Orgasmatron (live) (Motörhead cover)

Under Siege (Live at Barcelona)

Album: ''Under Siege (Live at Barcelona)'' (1992 Video/VHS)
1. Opening
2. Intro
3. Arise
4. Desperate Cry
5. Interview
6. Dead Embryonic Cells
7. Interview
8. Mass Hypnosis
9. Interview
10. Altered State
11. Interview
12. Inner Self
13. Interview
14. Escape To The Void
15. Troops Of Doom
16. Interview
17. Beneath The Remains
18. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)
19. Ending
20. Arise Video Clip

Chaos A.D.

Album: ''Chaos A.D.'' (1993)
1. Refuse/Resist
2. Territory
3. Slave New World
4. Amen
5. Kaiowas
6. Propaganda
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Nomad
9. We Who Are Not as Others
10. Manifest
11. The Hunt (New Model Army cover)
12. Clenched Fist


Album: ''Refuse/Resist'' (1993 EP)
1. Refuse/Resist
2. Inhuman Nature
3. Propaganda
4. Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Ratos de Porão Cover)
5. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys Cover)
6. Dead Embryonic Cells (Live)
7. Desperate Cry (Live)
8. Orgasmatron (Motörhead Cover) (Live)


Album: ''Territory'' (1993 Single)
1. Territory
2. Polícia (Titãs cover)
3. Biotech Is Godzilla

Slave New World

Album: ''Slave New World'' (1994 Single)
1. Slave New World
2. Crucificados Pelo Sistema
3. Drug Me
4. Orgasmatron (live)

Third World Chaos

Album: ''Third World Chaos'' (1995 Video/VHS)
1. Orgasmatron (Live)
2. Slave New World (Video clip)
3. Kaiowas (Live)
4. Refuse/Resist (Video clip)
5. Territory (Video clip)
6. Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Live)
7. Arise (Video clip)
8. Dead Embryonic Cells (Video clip)
9. Holiday In Cambodia (Live)
10. Inner Self (Video clip)
11. Policia (Live)


Album: ''Roots'' (1996)
1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Attitude
3. Cut-Throat
4. Ratamahatta
5. Breed Apart
6. Straighthate
7. Spit
8. Lookaway
9. Dusted
10. Born Stubborn
11. Jasco
12. Itsári
13. Ambush
14. Endangered Species
15. Dictatorshit
16. Canyon Jam

The Roots Of Sepultura

Album: ''The Roots Of Sepultura'' (1996 Best of/Compilation)
1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Attitude
3. Cut-Throat
4. Ratamahatta
5. Breed Apart
6. Straighthate
7. Spit
8. Lookaway
9. Dusted
10. Born Stubborn
11. Jasco
12. Itsári
13. Ambush
14. Endangered Species
15. Dictatorshit
16. Canyon Jam
17. Mass Hypnosis (Live)
18. Escape To The Void (Live)
19. Troops Of Doom (Live)
20. Altered State (Live)

Natural Born Blasters

Album: ''Natural Born Blasters'' (1996 EP)
1. Territory (Live)
2. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict cover)
3. Procreation (Of The Wicked) (Celtic Frost cover)
4. Polícia (Titãs cover)
5. Under Siege (Regnum Irae)


Album: ''Attitude'' (1996 Single)
1. Attitude
2. Lookaway (master vibe mix)
3. Mine (feat. Mike Patton)
4. Kaiowas (tribal jam)
5. Clenched Fist (live)
6. Biotach Is Godzilla (live)


Album: ''Ratamahatta'' (1996 Single)
1. Ratamahatta (edit)
2. War (Bob Marley cover)
3. Dusted (demo)
4. Roots Bloody Roots (demo)
5. Slave New World (live)
6. Amen / Inner Self (live)

Roots Bloody Roots

Album: ''Roots Bloody Roots'' (1996 Single)
1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Procreation (Of the Wicked)
3. Refuse/Resist (live)
4. Territory (live)
5. Propaganda (live)
6. Beneath the Remains / Escape to the Void (live)

We Are What We Are

Album: ''We Are What We Are'' (1996 Video/VHS)
1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Ratamahatta
3. Attitude


Album: ''B-Sides'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. Ratamahatta
2. Amen (live)
3. War
4. Inner Self (live)
5. Chaos B.C.
6. Kaiowas (Tribal Jam)
7. Mine
8. Clenched Fist (live)
9. Lookaway (Master Vibe Mix)
10. Biotech Is Godzilla (live)
11. Dusted (demo)
12. Roots Bloody Roots (demo)
13. Kaiowas (Tribal Jam)
14. Refuse/Resist (live)
15. Territory (live)
16. Slave New World (live)
17. Propaganda (live)
18. Beneath The Remains / Escape To The Void (live)


Album: ''Blood-Rooted'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. Procreation (of the Wicked) (Celtic Frost cover)
2. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict cover)
3. Polícia (Titãs cover)
4. War (Bob Marley cover)
5. Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Ratos de Porão cover)
6. Symptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath cover)
7. Mine
8. Lookaway (Master vibe mix)
9. Dusted (demo version)
10. Roots Bloody Roots (demo version)
11. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys cover)
12. Refuse/Resist (live)
13. Slave New World (live)
14. Propaganda (live)
15. Beneath the Remains/Escape to the Void (live)
16. Kaiowas (live)
17. Clenched Fist (live)
18. Biotech Is Godzilla (live)

Procreation of the Wicked

Album: ''Procreation of the Wicked'' (1997 EP)
1. Procreation of the Wicked [Celtic Frost Cover]
2. Ratamahatta
3. Symptom of the Universe [Black Sabbath Cover]


Album: ''Against'' (1998)
1. Against
2. Choke
3. Rumors
4. Old Earth
5. Floaters in Mud
6. Boycott
7. Tribus
8. Common Bonds
9. F.O.E.
10. Reza
11. Unconscious
12. Kamaitachi
13. Drowned Out
14. Hatred Aside
15. T3RCERMillennium


Album: ''Choke'' (1998 Single)
1. Choke
2. Gene Machine / Don't Bother Me
3. Against (demo)


Album: ''Tribus'' (1999 Single)
1. The Waste
2. Tribus (demo)
3. Common Bonds (alternate mix)
4. Unconscious (demo)
5. F.O.E. (extended mix)
6. Prenúncio


Album: ''Nation'' (2001)
1. Sepulnation
2. Revolt
3. Border Wars
4. One Man Army
5. Vox Populi
6. The Ways of Faith
7. Uma Cura
8. Who Must Die?
9. Saga
10. Tribe to a Nation
11. Politricks
12. Human Cause
13. Reject
14. Water
15. Valtio


Album: ''Revolusongs'' (2002 EP)
1. Messiah (Hellhammer)
2. Angel (Massive Attack)
3. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Public Enemy)
4. Mongoloid (Devo)
5. Mountain Song (Jane's Adiction)
6. Bullet The Blue Sky (U2)
7. Piranha (Exodus)

Under a Pale Grey Sky

Album: ''Under a Pale Grey Sky'' (2002 Live album)
1. Itsári (Intro)
2. Roots Bloody Roots
3. Spit
4. Territory
5. Monologo Ao Pé Do Ouvido
6. Breed Apart
7. Attitude
8. Cut-Throat
9. Troops of Doom
10. Beneath the Remains/Mass Hypnosis
11. Born Stubborn
12. Desperate Cry
13. Necromancer
14. Dusted


Album: ''Roorback'' (2003)
1. Come Back Alive
2. Godless
3. Apes of God
4. More of The Same
5. Urge
6. Corrupted
7. As It Is
8. Mind War
9. Leech
10. The Rift
11. Bottomed Out
12. Activist

Live in São Paulo

Album: ''Live in São Paulo'' (2005 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Apes of God
3. Slave New World
4. Propaganda
5. Attitude
6. Choke
7. Inner Self / Beneath the Remains
8. Escape to the Void
9. Mindwar
10. Troops of Doom
11. Necromancer



Sepultura is a Brazilian Thrash/death metal band, formed in 1984. Their name means "grave" in Portuguese, which they chose after Max Cavalera, one of the founding members, was translating the lyrics of the Motörhead song "Dancing on Your Grave".

Sepultura was formed in Belo Horizonte in 1982 by Max Cavalera (guitars and vocals), his younger brother Igor Cavalera (drums), Paulo Pinto (bass) and Jairo Guedes (guitars). Sepultura signed to Cogumelo Records after a few years of performing. Their first EP was Bestial Devastation, a split with Overdose's album on the flipside. Their first LP was Morbid Visions (1986), which included the moderate hit "Troops of Doom" that attracted the band some attention. After Morbid Visions, Jairo Guedes left the band for another death metal venture and Sao Paulo based guitarist Andreas Kisser replaced him. Their second full-length album was Schizophrenia, which was a critical success that led to a contract with Roadrunner Records.

With Roadrunner distributing Schizophrenia worldwide, Sepultura reached new audiences of metal fans, cemented by 1989's Beneath the Remains (1989), which was followed by a long European tour. By the time they released 1991's Arise (1991), Sepultura were located in Phoenix, Arizona and had become one of the most critically-praised metal bands of the 1990s, in spite of a lack of mainstream success. Chaos A.D. (1993) was another hit within metal communities, and also helped form the groove metal genre. They continued with this on 1996's Roots, in which the band further innovated by experimenting with elements from the music of Brazil's indigenous peoples and traditional thrash metal.

At the height of Sepultura's fame, however, a series of events broke the band apart. Just after the album "Roots" (1996), Sepultura decided to fire their manager, Gloria. Since she was Max's wife, he decided to quit too.

It was rumoured that there was some intra-band tension throughout the latter half of 1996, and at the end of a successful tour of Britain later that year, at Brixton Academy on 16th December 1996, the band told Max they would not renew Gloria's management contract. Max Cavalera left the band, and subsequently formed a new band, Soulfly. The others announced that they would continue under the Sepultura name and were searching for a replacement.

A recording of Max's last show with the band was later released as a live album, 2002's Under A Pale Grey Sky by their former record label Roadrunner Records, against the wishes of the band. Derrick Green from Cleveland wound up filling the frontman spot, and the band released Against in 1998. Against was commercially less successful than its two predecessors, as was the follow-up Nation. These releases saw Sepultura move away from their previous approach of the thrash metal sound - a process already in motion in such releases as Roots, and aided by Max's departure - and this led to widespread criticism from the band's original fanbase. Subsequent releases have had a positive effect in returning praise to the band, but opinion is divided on their new direction.

After recording Revolusongs, an EP full of covers in 2002, the band released the album Roorback in 2003, which garnered a lot of positive reviews.

In November 2005 the live Double-DVD and Double-CD Live in São Paulo was released. This was the first official live album from the band.

The release of 'Live In Sao Paulo' marked the first involvement of the new 'Sepularmy' street team in promotion of the bands music. The Sepularmy is unrelated to the bands record label SPV and its members are motivated purely by the desire to share the bands music with as many people as possible. The army is expected to be involved in the promotion of all the bands releases and endeavours for the foreseeable future and anyone is welcome to register and help out.

A new album, called Dante XXI was released on March 14, 2006. It based around Dante's The Divine Comedy. This album has been considered to be the band's best effort with Derrick Green and also carries some thrash influence. Although some areas of the media have criticized the album, fans have received it well.

In a recent interview, Igor stated that the band agreed to retire the Sepultura name at the conclusion of the band's current tour, but bassist Paulo Jr. has denied this report.

In 2007 Max and Igor formed a new band called The Cavalera Conspiracy.

Death/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Hardcore (later)

Satan & Evil (early), Political & Social Issues

Brazil (Belo Horizonte, MG), formed in 1984



Derrick Leon Green - Vocals, guitars (1997-) (ex-Outface)
Andreas Rudolf Kisser - Guitars (1987-) (Sexoturica, ex-Godswalllop, Asesino, Quarteto De Pinga)
Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. - Bass (1984-)
Jean Turrer Dolabella - Drums (2006-) (ex-Udora)

Max Cavalera - Vocals, guitars (1984-1996) (Nailbomb, Soulfly, The Cavalera Conspiracy)
Igor Cavalera - Drums (1984-2006) (The Cavalera Conspiracy)
Jairo ``Tormentor`` Guedz - Guitars (1985-1986) (Eminence (Bra), Overdose (Bra), The Mist (Bra))
Wagner ``Antichrist`` Lamounier - Vocals (1984-1985) (Sarcófago, Cirrhosis (Bra))
Roy Mayorga - Live Drums (2006) (Soulfly, Stone Sour)


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