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Mystic Places of Dawn

Album: ''Mystic Places of Dawn'' (1994)
1. Mystic Places of Dawn
2. Pale Beauty of the Past
3. Return to Carthage
4. Crescent Moon
5. Chasing the Chimera
6. The Underwater Garden
7. Behind the Iron Mask
8. (Morpheus) the Dreamlord
9. Mythos - Part I: Elegy - Part II: Time Unbounded


Album: ''Esoptron'' (1995)
1. Breaking the Inner Seal
2. Esoptron
3. Burning Phoenix
4. Astral Sea
5. Rain
6. Ice Castle
7. Celebration
8. Succubus Priestess
9. So Clean, So Empty
10. The Eyes of Set
11. Narcissism

Ophidian Wheel

Album: ''Ophidian Wheel'' (1997)
1. The Future Belongs to the Brave
2. The Ophidian Wheel
3. Phallic Litanies
4. Razor Blades of Guilt
5. Tartarus
6. On the Topmost Step of the Earth
7. Microcosmos
8. Geometry in Static
9. Shamanic Rite
10. Heaven Below
11. Enchantment

A Fallen Temple

Album: ''A Fallen Temple'' (1998)
1. The New Order - Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights
2. The Eldest Cosmonaut
3. Marble Smiling Face
4. Underworld (Act 1)
5. Testimonial - Temple of the Lost Race
6. The Crypt
7. Setting of the Two Suns
8. Erebus
9. End of the Circle - Underworld (Act 2)
10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Version)

The Eldest Cosmonaut

Album: ''The Eldest Cosmonaut'' (1998 EP)
1. The Eldest Cosmonaut (video remix)
2. Underworld Act III
3. Finale
4. Woman of the Rings (new remix)

Revolution DNA

Album: ''Revolution DNA'' (1999)
1. Science
2. Chaostar
3. Radioactive
4. Little Music Box
5. Revolution
6. Nephilim Sons
7. DNA
8. Telescope
9. Last Stop to Nowhere
10. Dictatorship of the Mediocre
11. Android
12. Arctic Circle
13. Age of a New Messiahs

Sumerian Daemons

Album: ''Sumerian Daemons'' (2003)
1. Behold… The Land of Promise
2. Unbeliever
3. Virtues of the Beast
4. Faust
5. When All is None
6. Red Code Cult
7. Dark River
8. Magic Loves Infinity
9. Sumerian Daemon
10. Mechanical Babylon
11. Infernal Sun
12. The Watchers
13. Shapeshifter

septic flesh


News: It is officially confirmed on the Season of Mist (their new label) website that Septic Flesh is re-united, and not just for a one-time reunion show as stated before. Big plans are made for their sixth full-length album (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

Hailing from Greece, Septic Flesh was founded in 1990. The band's sound is considered to be comparable to Death Metal mixed with Doom Metal elements. The band has often been compared to other bands of the similair style, like Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride or Nightfall. In 2003 the band disbanded for several reasons.

Forgotten Path (1991, demo tape)
Temple Of Lost Race (1991, LP)
Mystic Places Of Dawn (1994, CD/Pic-LP on Holy Rec.)
Esoptron (1995, CD on Holy Rec.)
Ophidian Wheel (1997, CD on Holy Rec.)
A Fallen Temple (1998, CD on Holy Rec.)
Forgotten Paths (1999, CD collecting their early works on Holy Rec.)
Revolution DNA (1999, CD on Holy Rec.)
Sumerian Demons (2003, CD on Hammerheart Rec.)

Death / Atmospheric Metal

fantasy, mythology, occultism, personal thoughts

Greece (Athens), formed in 1990

Season Of Mist


Spiros Antoniou - Vocals, bass (now in Chaostar, TheDevilWorx)
Sotiris Vayenas - Vocals, guitars (Danse Macabre (Bel), ex-Raism, ex-Chaostar)
Chris Antoniou - Guitars, samples (now in Chaostar, TheDevilWorx)
Babis Bob Katsionis - Keyboards (Nightfall (Grc), Imaginery, Casus Belli (Grc), Overlord's Perpetual, Star Queen, ex-Skyward (Grc), ex-Fatal Morgana, Zion (Grc), Mirage (Grc), Firewind)
Fotis Giannakopoulos - Drums (Overlord's Perpetual, ex-Nightrage, ex-Bob Katsionis, ex-InnerWish, ex-Double Square)

Akis Kapranos - Drums (Thou Art Lord, Horrified (Grc), Mournblade (Grc))
George Zaharopoulos - Keyboards (Necromantia, ex-Diabolos Rising, ex-Raism, Necromancy (Grc), ex-Rotting Christ, Iron Youth, Thou Art Lord, Mortify (Grc), N.A.O.S., Wampyre Shadow Wolf)
Lethe - Drums (Nocternity, Order of the Ebon Hand, ex-Naer Mataron)
Natalie Rassoulis - Vocals (Chaostar)
Kostas Savvidis - Drums (Nightfall (Grc))


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