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Septic Death

Album: ''Septic Death'' (2002 Demo)
1. Gomorrah
2. Confidence In Me
3. Headmosher

No Love Like Hate

Album: ''No Love Like Hate'' (2004 EP)
1. Failed To Feel
2. Nefas
3. Black Painted Order
4. Envy Me

Evolution of Fake

Album: ''Evolution of Fake'' (2006)
1. Livin’ Lifeless
2. Left Alone
3. Chez Si Beaux
4. Prediction: Fake
5. 4h Eve
6. Inner Fear
7. Sean Brodie
8. One Way To
9. Pain
10. Caleidoscope
11. See Me Grow
12. Eye Can’t Trust I’s



2001 Ulm´s SEPCYS took its first steps as a four piece in which Andi, Möx and Bobbes already did the parts they still do. The band was completed by Lisa on bass. With this line-up the first EP "Septic Death" was recorded in early 2002 at 3..4..Studios Ulm with Producer Joki Schaller. With Radu joining the Band in early June 2002, the first Gig and Lisa leaving the Band at the end of June 2002 things became changing.
The search for a new bassist took time until early 2003; from June 2002 to 2003 various people did a great job on bass (thank you!) so the band was able to do several shows. Everybody was very glad when Benni decided to join the band as permanent bass-man at the beginning of 2003. Now complete with five guys dedicated to almost all kinds of metal things went faster.
In May 2003 Producer Achim Lindermeir (Keilerkopf, Die Happy, Itchy Poopzkid) offered SEPCYS the opportunity to record their second EP at Schaltraum Recording Studio Erbach. This second piece of silver was called "No Love Like Hate". After reaching the state final in Europe´s biggest band contest "Emergenza" the band got signed to new label "tunelow records" in late 2003.
In January of 2004 SEPCYS won the first place at Ulm´s Newcomer Contest "Szene Star" and with that the preliminary round for the state-wide contest "Play Live".
At the 12th of March 2004 "No Love Like Hate" was released on "tunelow records". The release was celebrated with an amazing show at completely sold-out Club Schilli, Ulm. After that "Play Live 2004" ended up with a very good third place in April 2004.
After the release of two EPs and many Gigs SEPCYS and Achim Lindermeir decided that time had come to record the first full length album. Recordings started in October 2004 at Piranha Studios Karlsdorf and continued a month later at Schaltraum.
Over the year 2005 SEPCYS worked hard on the perfection of the recordings, played their first gig in front of over 1,000 people and looked back on and forward to many successful concerts with such great bands as Crosscut, Ektomorf, Emil Bulls, Maroon, Semtex, The Anti-Doctrine, Itchy Poopzkid, etc.
More is still to come ... check shows!

Metalcore/Thrash Metal

Germany (Ulm, Baden-Württemberg), formed in 2001



Andi - Vocals
Bobbes - Guitar
Radu Todoran - Guitar, Vocals
Ben - Bass
Möx - Drums

Lisa - Bass (2001-2002)


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