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Album: ''Pluto'' (1992 EP)
1. Fra X Til Døden
2. Mono Doomen
3. Korstoget
4. Skjebnen
5. Syndefloden


Album: ''Ameneon'' (1993)
1. Simone
2. Monsun
3. Negativ
4. Plutonium
5. Ameneon
6. Korsfarer
7. Mesusah
8. Ikon


Album: ''Monsun'' (1993 Single)
1. Monsun
2. Peter Parker Theme (instrumental)


Album: ''Total'' (1994)
1. Colosseum
2. Ohm
3. In Limbo
4. Döderlein
5. Sort Tulipan
6. Lament
7. Fortell
8. Nephilia
9. Monument
10. Pantheon

Hjernen Er Alene

Album: ''Hjernen Er Alene'' (1994 EP)
1. Hjernen Er Alene
2. Korstoget (live)
3. Monoloog (by Subgud)
4. Mesusah (live)
5. Manifest (by Subgud)


Album: ''Döderlein'' (1994 Single)
1. Döderlein (edit)
2. Mytho I (instrumental)
3. Dekadans
4. Akustisk Döderlein
5. Mytho II (instrumental)


Album: ''Metropolis'' (1995)
1. Metropolis
2. Regn
3. Slaver Av Solen
4. Rød Himmel
5. Epilog (instrumental)
6. Bayon
7. Circus (instrumental)
8. Sort Disippel
9. Juvel
10. Nihil
11. Nemesis


Album: ''Lament'' (1995 Single)
1. Lament
2. Pacem (instrumental)
3. Pantheon (mental overdrive mix)

Slaver Av Solen

Album: ''Slaver Av Solen'' (1996 EP)
1. Slaver Av Solen
2. Dråben
3. Mesusah (accoustic)
4. Sort Disippel (rearranged version)
5. Agenda


Album: ''Radiowaves'' (1997)
1. Performance Alpha
2. The World Revolves Around You
3. Universal
4. The Modern End
5. Bloodprint
6. Neon Sun
7. Guilt
8. Trampoline
9. Mercurial
10. Performance Bravo

Opera For The Crying Machinery

Album: ''Opera For The Crying Machinery'' (1997 EP)
1. Give (remix)
2. P-Machinery
3. Octopus
4. Toys
5. In Oblivion

Mřrkets Řy

Album: ''Mørkets Øy'' (1997 Single)
1. Mørkets Øy
2. Mørkets Øy Film Suite I
3. Mørkets Øy Film Suite II

The First Wave

Album: ''The First Wave'' (1997 Single)
1. Universal
2. P-Machinery
3. Toys

The Next Wave

Album: ''The Next Wave'' (1997 Single)
1. The Modern End
2. The Odyssey: In Vacuo
3. Like Porcelain



Seigmen was an alternative-rock Norwegian band in the 1990s. The band's name is derived from a Norwegian brand of man-shaped jelly candies (Seigmenn). Although hard to categorize, their music varies from album to album. Their first EP Ikon and album, Pluto, were very grunge oriented. Total was the album which caught Norway's ears. Some of the songs such as Sort Tulipan were very gloomy and had a gothic-like atmosphere. Metropolis is their most well-known album to this date. Radiowaves is the album that shows a significant change on their style. The keyboardist/programmer Eric Ljungren (who later would join Kim, Alex and Noralf in Zeromancer) is more present and the songs are similar to New order and Depeche Mode. They'd split in 1999 after a farewell tour. Seigmen reunited during the UKA-festival in Trondheim, Norway on October 20, 2005, and decided in November 2005 to do even more reunion-gigs in Norway - 6 shows in February 2006 and played on several festivals in norway such as the Slottsfjell festival in Tønsberg.

Kim Ljung (bass)
Alex Møklebust (vocal)
Noralf Ronthi (percussion)
Marius Roth (guitar)
Sverre Økshoff (guitar)

Møklebust, Ljung and Ronthi later formed the band Zeromancer (2000).
In addition, Kim Ljung has a solo project under the name Ljungblut.

It all started in Tønsberg, Norway 1989. Sverre Økshoff and Alex Møklebust started a band with the name Klisne Seigmenn having their first gig at the “Christmas rock” event (julerock) in Tønsberg, December 27, 1989 . The next year Marius Roth, Kim Ljung and Noralf Ronthi joined the band…



Pluto (1992)
Ameneon (1993)
Total (1994)
Metropolis (1995)
Metropolis - The Grandmaster Recordings 1995 (english version) (1995)
Radiowaves (1997)
Monument (greatest hits compilation) (1999)
Rockefeller (2006)


Monsun (1993)
Hjernen er Alene (1994)
DĂśderlein (1994)
Lament (1994)
Metropolis (1995)
Slaver av Solen (1995)
The First Wave (1997)
The Next Wave (1997)
The Opera For The Crying Machinery (1997)
Mørkets Øy (1997)
DĂśderlein (2006)


Det Finnes Alltid En Utveg (1990)


Fra X Til Døden (2006) [Concert dvd recorded at UKA-2005, Dødens Dal in Trondheim]

Start: Gothic Metal, end: Dark Melancholic Rock

Norway (Tønsberg), formed in 1989



Sverre Økshoff - Guitar
Noralf Ronthi - Drums
Alex Møklebust - Vocals
Marius Roth - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Kim Ljung - Bass


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