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The Pagan Winter

Album: ''The Pagan Winter'' (1995 Demo)
1. Ancient
2. The Pagan Winter
3. ...Where The Darkness Always Reigned
4. Twilight


Album: ''Phantoms'' (1996)
1. Winter Voices
2. Far Above The Trees
3. Aeons Of Desolation
4. 1100 Years Ago
5. As The Bliss Is Burning
6. Land Of The Phantoms
7. Beyond The Darkness
8. With Mournful Eyes

In The Shadow Of Another World

Album: ''In The Shadow Of Another World'' (1997 EP)
1. Ancient
2. Twilight
3. ...Where the Darkness Always Reigned
4. The Pagan Winter
5. In the Shadow of Another World

The Haunting

Album: ''The Haunting'' (1998)
1. Tunnels Of Vision
2. Hell Within
3. Land Of Silence
4. Unholy Dance
5. Soulless
6. The Haunting
7. Left In The Dark

Album: ''Rehearsal '99'' (1999 Demo)
1. Human Love
2. Pride Never Dies
3. Untitled
4. Souldive

Grand Destiny

Album: ''Grand Destiny'' (2000)
1. The Slowing Of Time
2. The World Beyond
3. Death In Torment
4. Arx Idolatriae
5. Labyrinth Of Pain
6. Hate Blade
7. Black Heart
8. God Man
9. Moments Of Falling
10. Infinitude

Forsaken Symphony

Album: ''Forsaken Symphony'' (2002)
1. Last Stand
2. My Journey To The Stars
3. She Will Return
4. The Vanishing
5. The Forsaken
6. When Death Comes
7. Eternal Battlefields
8. Enthralling Mystery
9. The Hour Of Burning


Album: ''Souldive'' (2002 EP)
1. Souldive
2. Moments of Falling

Glory and Perdition

Album: ''Glory and Perdition'' (2004)
1. Birth of Eternity
2. Reverie
3. Night Journey
4. Glory to Perdition
5. Two Worlds Collide
6. Ode to a Dying Star
7. Shores of Death
8. Dreams Spectre
9. Blood Serenade
10. Lacus Somniorum

Decade Of Perdition

Album: ''Decade Of Perdition'' (2005 DVD)
1. Arx Idolatriae
2. Far Above The Trees
3. My Journey To The Stars
4. Birth Of Eternity
5. Hell Within
6. Twilight
7. In The Shadow Of Another World
8. Ancient
9. The Pagan Winter
10. 1100 Years Ago

sear bliss


Formed by AndrĂ¡s Nagy in the autumn of 1993, the band tries to create an outright original music based on dark elements combined with deep visions presented with sheer brutality - and all enveloped in the softening sound of a trumpet and a synthetiser. Lyrically it is a ride in the afterworld and to places where the human body can not enter only the most seeking soul and persistent spirit. The band's first demo, entitled "The Pagan Winter", was released in April 1995. This four-track tape introduced the band to the underground scene and received great responses from all over the world. This demo resulted in their recording contract with Mascot/Two Moons Records and their debut album, entitled "Phantoms", was released in August 1996. "Phantoms" was the first black metal album to be elected "CD of the Month" in Dutch leader metal magazine Aardschok. Also in many other magazines and fanzines all over the world their debut album got great reviews. Early 1997 the band toured Europe supporting Tsatthogua and Marduk. The tour was a great success for the band. Just before the tour Two Moons released the four songs from "The Pagan Winter" demo plus a new 12 minutes long epic song entitled "In the Shadow of Another World" on a mini CD. In August 1997 the band travelled to Holland to record their new album, entitled "The Haunting", in the Beaufort Studio. Most of the material was recorded "live" as the band played together in the studio which gives an extra boost of power and atmosphere to their music. One of the most remarkable things about the album is the fact that the band came up with very strong songs and melodies yet also a lot of variety in spheres. "The Haunting" contains 7 masterpieces of dark and atmospheric yet brutal and melodic metal.

After these first three albums Sear Bliss released the magnificent 'Grand Destiny' in 2001, in 2002 the 'Forsaken Symphony' album and in 2004 the brilliant 'Glory And Perdition' album, all on the American label Red Stream.

The Sear Bliss albums 'Phantoms', 'The Pagan Winter + In the Shadow of Another World' and 'The Haunting' will all be re-released by Vic Records fall 2005 and winter 2005/2006.

Atmospheric Black Metal

Hatred, Evil, Melancholy, Cosmic Themes

Hungary (Szombathely), formed in 1993



András Nagy - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards (Forest Silence, ex-Cavum, Ywolf (guest))
István Neubrandt - Guitars
Péter Kovács - Guitars
Zoltán Pál - Trombone
Zoltán Schönberger - Drums (Forest Silence)

Zoltán Csejtei (1994-1995) (Extreme Deformity)

Csaba Tóth (1993-1994) (ex-Extreme Deformity)

János Barbarics (1993-1999) (Animosity (Hun))
Viktor Sheer (1997-1999)
András P. Horváth (1999-2001)
Csaba Csejtei (1993-96, 2002-2006) (ex-Extreme Deformity)
Krisztián Varga (Art of Butchery, Silent Agony (Hun), Monastery (Hun))

Winter (1994-1997) (Infernal, Nefarious (Hun), Arud, Forest Silence, Satanik Art)
Gergely Szûcs (1995) (1997-1999)
Olivér Ziskó (2000-2004) (Cavum)

Gergely Szûcs (1994-1999)

Norbert Keibinger (1993-1995) (Animosity (Hun))
Zoltán Csejtei (1995-1997)


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