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Gospels for the Sick

Album: ''Gospels for the Sick'' (2005)
1. Protest Life
2. Gospels for the Sick
3. Throw Up on You
4. Night of A 1000 Deaths
5. Truth Won't Be Sold
6. Hate the Sane
7. Deathpunkscumfuck
8. Road to Sufferage
9. Backstabbers Go to Heaven
10. The Perfect Mistake



There are at least four bands which have or had this name:

Back in 2005 some members from terribly different bands like Emperor, MindGrinder, Zyklon, Turbonegro and Amen joined to record Gospels for the Sick, an album consisting on 10 songs with a Slayer-meets-the-Sex-Pistols feeling to it. Their CD was recorded in one single session in 2004, and they have only had one live performance, at a Norwegian festival (Øya festivalen) in the summer of 2005.


Casey Chaos: vocals
Samoth: guitar
Cosmocrator: guitar
Happy-Tom: bass
Faust: drums

An Italian metal band. This band is the result of years of effort and hard work, carefully choosing members, and finding their own sound. Leonardo Priori came with previous experience from another band, but there nothing was working properly. There were too many differences in musical tastes between the members, which stopped them getting anything done. Stefano Mascioli joined them after a couple of years, replacing the previous lead guitarist, and gave the band new support and a very important influence in composition. At the beginning of 1999 the drummer also left the band, and was replaced by Valerio Brescia. So it began. After a few months the first Demo 'Scum ' was released, and thanks to that Cd, they were soon popular with the crowds, getting a fantastic response at every gig. ' Demotour 2000' was recorded just a few months later, and received good reviews on internet. Then, however, the bassist quit, leaving the other members in the shit. So ' Extreme Ratio' was recorded without a bassist, (Stefano played) and for the next 2 years, the band searched for a new bass player, without any luck! Even on 'Welcome' they were still only a three-piece. They were recorded in Milan and Paganico (GR) and producted by Fabio Magistrali. In 2003, finally ' Welcome' was released, and after a few weeks was Top Demo on Metalitalia. In the winter of 2004, Antonello Capone joined the band, and made a very fundamental contribution to the song-writing process. And so started a new and long-deserved era for Scum. They played many gig's, some of them very important, such as the support to Extrema, Mortuary Drape, Subliminal Crusher and Eyeconoclast. Scum has played a lot of shows all over Italy, winning a few competitions along the way, and opening for many important local festivals. They're now working on the new album, which will showcase the bands new sound. Each song has been worked on in minute detail, in order to fully exploit their talent and prove their potential. The album is aimed for release at the end of this year/begin on next year.

Finnish Death Metal band that released two full-lenght albums; Mother Nature (1994) and Purple Dreams And Magic Poems (1995). Band also recorded third full-lenght album, Garden Of Shadows, but it was never released, mostly cause bands split-up. Bands other releases were "Extreme Analcore Torment" Demo (1992) and "Voyage In The Depths Of Sanity/Macabre Moors Of Morgoth" 7" single (1993).

P.T. Askola - Vocals
Jani Riikonen - Lead Guitar (Now in Spirit Disease)
Jussi Haakana - Rhytm Guitar, Keyboards
Micky Jaatinen - Bass
Tony Peiju - Drums

Former members:
Aki Jalkanen - Guitar
Mika Venhovaara - Bass

This is the former name of the melodic death metal band Amon Amarth

Punkish Black Metal

Norway (Oslo), formed in 2002

DogJob Records


Casey Chaos - Vocals (Amen)
Samoth (Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen)- Guitars (Zyklon, ex-Thou Shalt Suffer, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Satyricon, Zyklon-B (Nor), ex-Ildjarn (session), ex-session for Burzum, ex-Arcturus (Nor), Xerasia, Embryonic, Emperor)
Faust (Bard Eithun) - Drums (ex-Emperor, ex-Thorns (Nor), Zyklon (lyrics), Impostor, Aborym (Ita), Blood Tsunami, Death Fuck, Decomposed Cunt, Stigma Diabolicum (Nor), session in Hesperus Dimension)
Cosmocrator - Guitars (Windir, Source of Tide, Mindgrinder)
Happy Tom - Bass (Turbonegro)


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