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Album: ''Járvány'' (2000 Demo)
1. Járvány
2. Örült gyilkos

Album: ''A pokol ivadékai'' (2001 EP)
1. A pokol ivadékai
2. Totem
3. Ahová nem jut el a fény
4. Hamis szavak
5. A végitélet napja
6. Eladtam a lelkemet az ördögnek



Roots and all the making of the band started already about end of the year 1993. It's founders are Robert Kovačič (drums) and Martin Pečar (guitar). When they bought all the necessary instruments and equipment, made some redactions of other songs, another two guys joined the band. At first David Terček (bass) and a little later in the beginning of 1994 Ivan Kljun (guitar). Those members played together for very short time. Martin and Robi played and had practicing, meanwhile they did some auditions for new members. First serious one who joined, after a long period in the summer 1994, was Robies classmate from grade school Matjaž Korošec (bass).

Through the practice he was quickly initiate. They were playing repertoire of songs from other bands. Soon was approaching the first live act for them in October and they were still missing two members. One day before concert Matjaž called his cousin Damir Marušič (guitar) for help. The act turned out grate although Damir jumped in at the last time and all the singing was done by Martin and Matjaž. After that concert they decided to take Damir in to the band. The band in almost full shape should have name they consider. So they named their selves OFENZIVA, but the name didn't last. The band was very successful in playing others songs, but they weren't creative in doing their own songs. They had many auditions for vocalist, but for a long time they were singing and that didn't turned so great. They recorded demo tape with others songs and two proper songs. The band had another concert in 1995. The same year came to audition Aleš Drolc (vocals). After that they made a decision to take him in. In that time they moved from old rehearsal place to a new one, which was closer to Alešes home and far from rest of the band. He conquered all repertoire and so they become completed five members band. In about half a year they decided to name the band. After 150 suggestions they choose SCAFFOLD (...the place where people are killed in masses ).

Guys took it seriously and practiced 2-3 times a week about 2 and a half years. In that time they played some of old songs and time to time they did some of new ones, but for their own songs they didn't catch the right power and energy. Nothing has changed in that two years and the conditions of rehearsals were unbearable (that was school). The band, except Aleš, was driving there for an hour every time they had rehearsals, and some other things ...long unimportant story. And soon the manager of the place threatened with the loss of the place. Before he kicked them out they find another place, closer to others of the band in the capital city Ljubljana, where they stood till today. Rehearsals there weren`t so active any more and the style of music they were playing become more DEATH Metal. After a month the band eliminated Matjaž (bass) and Damir (guitar). Meanwhile they were about to play death metal thy meat guitarist Gorazd Maček, who was practicing in next-door place and was literally in love with death metal. And he was also searching for that kind of band. He joined SCAFFOLD. He was very creative and he knew what he's doing. He came with lots of ideas he did before, which were very useful. From than on they started to do their own music. But still with a little brake, Martin has been with his soul and concentration everywhere else than with playing death metal. For playing any kind of music or doing any kind of stuff you have to be in it for 100%, so he was more rock and classic guitarist. Because of that replaced him Peter Carič (guitar) who was more thrash directed. After a few done songs became to the first live acts of SCAFFOLD. The first one was in 1998 - Metelkova (Ljubljana), when they were playing as after-band in front of lords CANNIBAL CORPSE and KRABATHOR with another Slovene band Mortality (now NECROSED). From than on, appearances on stage turn up lasting on and on more often. With that they were geting more experiences and ideas for new material. They also needed a bass player, without who they were playing on a few concerts. On one of the concerts they were playing, they meat future bassist Sebastijan Skupek (bass) as an organizer of event. Soon became to disagreements with Peter who left the band after a year. Like one member loss they were continuing playing live and doing their stuff. But the band without all members isn't right band. Soon Maček brought in to the band his old friend Aljoša Orlovič (guitar), who is the youngest member of SCAFFOLD. Aljoša quickly came into the flow of SCAFFOLD and the band was playing, and still is around Slovenia and neighbor country Croatia. By the time of live shows they recorded live demo tape named "...live6661" in 1999. After all the concerts they gathered money and in August 2000 went to studio for recording their first studio demo. Recording was done in studio Metelkova in Ljubljana.

Those recordings will be brought out on CDR format. Demo CDR will contain 5 chosen songs from their repertoir and the title is "Evil empire - Morbid world". In the future they look forward to new live acts and new material they have in plan.

Death Metal

Hungary (Tatabánya), formed in 1999



Ferenc "Fecó" Gurály - drums
Gábor "Gabi" Harcsa - guitar
Ferenc "Fecó" Illés - vocals
Attila "Kokó" Kollárdi - guitar

Nagy Gábor - Bass (Infection (Hun))


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