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Dreamland Manor

Album: ''Dreamland Manor'' (2005)
1. Evil Eyes
2. Between The Devil And The Seas
3. Waltz Of The Demon
4. Tomorrowland
5. It - The Gathering
6. Beyond Reality
7. When Hell Awakes
8. Ghost Story
9. Born Again By The Night

Evil Eyes / Ghost Story (Promo)

Album: ''Evil Eyes / Ghost Story (Promo)'' (2005 Demo)
1. Evil Eyes
2. Ghost Story

Live In Atlanta

Album: ''Live In Atlanta'' (2007 DVD)
1. Tomorrowland
2. Evil Eyes
3. Waltz Of The Demon
4. It - The Gathering
5. Between The Devil And The Seas
6. Beyond Reality
7. Ghost Story
8. When Hell Awakes
9. Born Again By The Night
10. Ca Plane Pour Moi

savage circus


The idea behind this German power metal band was spawned by Thomen Stauch as he was having trouble seeing his new compositions fit into the direction his former band Blind Guardian was taking. Discussing this with old friend Piet Sielck of Iron Savior, Thomen introduced the idea of forming a band following the style these new songs had: dynamic, melodic and intricate arrangements topped off with soaring vocals. The only problem was with whom he should team up with to realize this new band. Having heard Thomen's songs, Piet suggested he should check out Persuader as he had produced their sophomore album Evolution Purgatory. Thomen instantly felt the connection between his new compositions and the songwriting style found on the Persuader album. Piet supplied Thomen with the contacts for Emil and Jens who really liked the idea to work with Thomen on this project. Having known Piet for a long time as a great guitarist and an experienced producer, he asked him to be a part of this new band as well - of course, he was delighted to.

Still, there were some practical problems to be solved with these young Swedes being quite far away. However, the Internet came to the rescue. The possibility of having access to Piet's studio during the songwriting sessions made this quite an easy mission. Sending mp3 files back and forth and discussing song structures and sounds through e-mails and phone conversations became a natural way to work for Savage Circus. Then, as soon as everybody was available, they met up in Hamburg at Piet's studio to record stuff and have a beer or two, iced tea if you happen to be Thomen. After this get-together two songs were finished, "Evil Eyes" and "IT - The Gathering". Excited by the fast progress everybody returned home and continued their songwriting and mp3-sending until there was nine Savage Circus original songs finished.

In February 2005, Thomen began laying down the final drum tracks for the debut album at Hammer studios (formerly known as Karo Studios) with Piet. Following the drum recordings Piet recorded the final rhythm guitars and bass tracks. Shortly after, Emil and Jens headed to Hamburg again to record their respective guitar and vocal parts. Just before mixing the album, Thomen made the decision to leave Blind Guardian due to reasons only he and his band know. This made Savage Circus his main band. As this was only meant to be a side project from the beginning it suddenly became significantly more serious. Piet, together with Rolf Köhler (also from Blind Guardian), delivered the backing vocals for the album, and after this an extensive mixing and finalizing session took place.

On August 29th, 2005, their debut album Dreamland Manor was released.

In August 2007, the band decided to release founding member Thomen Stauch from all duties.

Power Metal


Germany, formed in 2004

Dockyard 1 Records


Jens Carlsson - Vocals (Dark Empire (US), Persuader)
Emil Norberg - Lead Guitar (Persuader)
Piet Sielck - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (Iron Savior, ex-Iron Fist (Ger))
Yenz Leonhardt - Bass (Iron Savior, Stormwarrior, ex-Brats, Geisha, Lacrimosa)
Mike Terrana - Drums (Artension, Empire (Ger), Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Rage (Ger), Roland Grapow, ex-Squealer (Ger), Victor Smolski, ex-Metalium (Ger), ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Kiko Loureiro, ex-John West, Tony MacAlpine, ex-Gamma Ray, Masterplan, Hanover Fist, ex session for Not Fragile)

Thomen Stauch - Drums (ex-Blind Guardian, ex-Iron Savior, ex-Heavenward, Coldseed)


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