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Absence of Faith

Album: ''Absence of Faith'' (2000 Demo)
1. Ofrenda
2. Where are the God's

Five Reasons for Not to Believe

Album: ''Five Reasons for Not to Believe'' (2001 EP)
1. Where are the Gods
2. Dances Night
3. Abomination
4. Feel the Darkness
5. Ofrenda
6. Sarkus


Saruks is a chilean blackened dark/doom metal band.
Sarkus was born in 1999, created by Moundres and Draco, with the idea of creating songs based on the darkness and strength that both of them wanted to project. Driven by the idea of working in a project somewhat rooted in Doom Metal, they began writing the first songs.

The essential idea in the beginning was to express in the lyrics the repudiation for Christianity and the abuses of the Catholic Church throughout the years. Later on, this subject was changing, giving the same importance to the feelings the human being can express, dreams and the occult.

In the music composition, styles such as Black Metal, Dark and Doom express and identify the feeling that moves all of us.

The band has played not only in the capital city, but also outside it: Osorno, Valparaíso several times, etc. Besides, back in 2003, the band travelled to Argentina, representing Chile in a metal festival named "Infernal Blood Fest", where also participated Argentinian bands, and a Brazilian one.

In matters of discography, Sarkus has two releases. In year 2000, the demo CD "Absence Of Faith" recorded at Radiográfica Studio; and in year 2002 the EP "Five Reasons For Not To Believe" is recorded at Sade Studio.

Throughout these years different bandmembers have passed, and all of them, with no doubt, have left their grain of sand regarding their contribution to the band. Among them there are: Fenrir, Warlock, Shang-Tsung, Winterheart, Jaime García, Gonzalo Pavez, and Rodrigo Segura.

By late year 2003, bass guitar player Shadow Gazer, who has his musical roots in black metal, joins the band in a permanent way. The last musicians that joined the band were Seven Angel and Locke, keyboard and guitar player for Sarkus, respectively.

At the present time, after a time of recess, Sarkus are about to begin working on new songs and recording their new album, that should be finished during this year 2006.

Sarkus currently are: Moundres (guitar and vocals), Draco (drums), Shadow Gazer (bass guitar), Seven Angel (keyboards), and Locke (guitar). Arrangements by Sarkus.

Dark/Doom Metal


Chile (Maipú, Santiago), formed in 1999



Moundrés (Mauricio Vivallo) - guitars, vocals (ex-Aseidad)
Sebastián Prieto - keyboards
Draco (Claudia Celis) - drums (ex-Venus (Chl))
Alberto Cavero - backing vocals, bass (Nirnaeth (Chl))

Shang-Tsung - keyboards (Vera Efigies Instrumentis Oscurum)
Warlock - bass
Fenrir (aka FZ, Fenriswulff) - guitars (Kythrone)
Magnus - bass
Winterheart - keyboards


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