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Demo 1987

Album: ''Demo 1987'' (1987 Demo)
1. War for Peace
2. Electric Axes
3. Turn the Power Up
4. Thunder
5. Makedonian Army
6. Before the Light
7. It's Your Time to Play
8. Another Love
9. Never Say No


Album: ''Sarissa'' (1994)
1. Intro - Immortal Souls
2. Survival
3. Macedonian Army
4. Marathon
5. Sarissa
6. Atheist
7. King Of All Kings
8. Intro - Strong Wings
9. Winner

Masters of Sins

Album: ''Masters of Sins'' (2004)
1. Bleed (Till the End)
2. To These Powers (I Swear)
3. The Ancient Land Falls
4. Masters of Sins
5. Envious Critics
6. Nemesis
7. Starvation
8. Deathdance
9. The Struggle
10. Hypocrisy Crusade



SARISSA formed at the end of 1985 as a classic heavy metal band. It was the beginning of a long journey that led them to be the cultest band in the Hellenic scene. The band released their debut album "1987" of the same year, an album that has been marked as the trademark of the band in their early days and remains as a classic so far. This album will almost sign the band to the famous NOISE records. 6 years later, the band will release their self title album making an impact and a breakthrough never seen before by a Hellenic band.In late 1995 the band will split up.

In 1999 the band will come around again with the same line up, except for the position of the lead vocalist.There were some concerts and demo tapes and the re-release of their 1987 CD in cooperation with the Hellenic Heavy Metal Magazine "Metal Invader" which sold about 12000 copies. They supported Fates Warning, December they played live at the Empire Club and March 2000 Sarissa headlined the Athens Power Metal Festival .

In 2002 the same old story was repeated when some of the members left the band and this time it seemed like it would be the end of Sarissa.But Jim A. D. Selalmazidis once again, continued working on and finishing the new material for another year, and with the help of B-wycked (drums) and Nick Igglezos (vocals) they recorded a 6 track promo demo CD that gave them the record deal with the Hellenic Greek Record label, Black Lotus Rec. In August 2004 they released their "Masters of sins" album.

SARISSA were back on their feet and in the early 2005 they welcomed Vasilis Topalidis and David Mano on the Bass and guitars accordingly.

The band forged their steel by giving lots of successful gigs and proving that SARISSA are worthy of their legendary name .

Replacing 2006 N.igglezos with Vasilis Topalidis on vocals and adding bassist Tassos Pananoudakis, the band continued their live performances with "Demon", "Ross the Boss" ,as well as with many local bands.

The band's aim for 2007 is to first record a "best of" album with remakes of old Sarissa tracks (recordings start in August 2007) and release it under a healthy record label (since Black lotus rec . no longer exists )and secondly to release new Sarissa material as soon as possible.

Power Metal

War,Ancient Greece

Greece (Thessaloniki), formed in 1985

Black Lotus Records


Nick Iglezos - vocals
Jimmy Selalmazidis - guitar, bass
Bill Kanakis - drums (Emerald Sun)
Vasilis Topalidis - bass, vocals (Escape (Grc))
David Mano - guitar

Sakis Kazakis - guitar
Chris Mamalitzidis - guitar
George Chatzisimeonidis - vocals
Fotis Kanistras - drums (Geyser)
Sotos Noukas - vocals
Stelios Petronellas - guitar
Drossos Drivas - guitar


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