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Tribulated Bells

Album: ''Tribulated Bells'' (1992)
1. Tribulated Bells
2. Transcanalizated
3. Days of Tribulation
4. Trascending to the Immortal Life
5. Into the Covenant
6. Burning Inside
7. Like a Sacrilege
8. Perdition of Souls
9. From the Perpetual Dark...


Album: ''Darkside'' (1993 EP)
1. When the evil dominates our souls
2. Inhumation
3. Darkside

Deadline Sequences

Album: ''Deadline Sequences'' (1997)
1. The Collapse
2. Those Human Thresholds
3. Paralized
4. Sequels
5. Carring Out the Secret Parts
6. When the Evil Dominates our Souls
7. Over Sliding-Place
8. Darkest
9. Like a Sacrilege

A Dwelling of Gods

Album: ''A Dwelling of Gods'' (1999)
1. The forgotten one
2. Cycles
3. Dungeon's gallery
4. Beyond the gates
5. The art of petrification
6. Northern dark souls
7. The setting sun
8. A dwelling of gods



Sadism was formed in 1988. the main idea was to play the most brutal music for those days ( death – metal ) , but a few musicians were capacited to do that. at the beginning the founder members ( j.p. donoso and r. roberts ) started under the name of ‘’black vomit ‘’, being replaced to ‘’ sadist ‘’ and finally as ‘’ sadism ‘’. months later they find the people that the band needed, at last sadism was completed.

the first works as a band were the rehersals for its debut demo tape called ‘’ perdition of souls ‘’ , which included four songs, this was recorded on october 1989. this record sold more than 3.000 copies in chile as well as abroad. after that, the name and reputation of the band reached a high popularity into national scene. one year after sadism got into the studios to its second work, ‘’ from the perpetual dark ‘’ ( demo tape with three songs ).

as the time goes by there were opportunities from different lavels and producers to record a professional work, the debut lp ‘’ tribulated bells ‘’, the result of that was a contract with a chilean lavel ‘’ toxic records ‘’ . the album was made in 1992, it included nine songs and it was the first death - metal album in chile. the promotion was with many shows around the country as abroad.

as soon as possible sadism began to work the four record, now as a professional band and of course, in a different way, ‘’dark - side ‘’ was a very well - realized record , because its sound was raw, dark and stronger than any other band. as a result of years of hard work the members of the band decided to take apart for a while, thing that was longer than a little while. 1994 will be the end of the first part of this story.

1996 was the time to reborn, now the maturity, professionalism and perseverance would rule everything, a new lead guitar ( e. zuñiga - who came from ‘’ atomic aggressor ‘’ ) gave the touch of technique that the band needed, so it began again the way to get the time which had been lost. now the band had changed its lavel to ‘’ artaria recors’’ ( another chilean one ) , april, may and june were the months of arrangements , rehersals and practises to carry out the second album, the chosen name was ‘’ deadline sequences ‘’, 9 songs which reflected the new band step. ‘’deadline sequences ‘’ had a big promotion playing with cannibal corpse in santiago in front of an audience about 7.000 persons, it was a proud to chile the band’s performance. later came another shows with famous bands such as ; sodom, kreator and broken hope.

a new member on bass ( j. e. moore ) was the only change for the new record, the third one on its trajectory , ‘’ a dwelling of gods ‘’ was the consolidation abroad, the lp is considered the more professional and the best one. this record includes eight songs, one of them the first cover that sadism has played ever, ‘’ beyond the gates ‘’ of ‘’ possessed’’ ( one of the biggest influence of the band ) .

nowadays sadism is working on its last production that will call ‘’ s u m m o n ‘’, with ten songs to the old death – metal style. this work will has a new member on guitar ( j. menares ) , the old guitar player ( r. salinas ) had to leave the band by personal problems.

----Taken from the official Myspace site of Sadism.

Death Metal

Hate, Human Fears, Mental Decline, Terror

Chile (Santiago), formed in 1988

Toxic Records


Juan Pablo Donoso - drums (Thornafire, ex- Steelrage live drums)
Javier Menares - guitars (Caravan 1973)
Juan Edo Moore - bass
Ricardo Roberts - vocals
Enrique Zúñiga - guitars (ex-Atomic Aggressor)

Pablo Pino - guitars
Raúl Salinas - guitars
Joan Navarro - bass, guitars
Ricardo Reyes - guitars
Perro - guitars


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