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Ignis Creatio

Album: ''Ignis Creatio'' (1992 EP)
1. Still Burn In Fire
2. Like Tears (In the Dust)
3. On Soulwings
4. Underneath Orion's Sword
5. Ignis Creatio

Rise of the Unholy

Album: ''Rise of the Unholy'' (1992 Single)
1. Intro
2. Rise of the unholy
3. Path Below the Skull

Sweet X-Rated Nothings

Album: ''Sweet X-Rated Nothings'' (1994)
1. Intro
2. Fade Away
3. Sweet X-Rated Nothings
4. It's On Me
5. I'll Search
6. Skykiss
7. These Roads
8. Golden Sins
9. Masquerade
10. Through the Flames
11. Extasis

Waves of Erotasia

Album: ''Waves of Erotasia'' (1994 EP)
1. Through The Flames
2. In The End
3. Down
4. Lost In Revery


Album: ''Twinaleblood'' (1995)
1. Undead
2. Twinaleblood
3. Weeping Sun
4. Every Single Day
5. Abstract Lie
6. Empty Space
7. Sinfeast
8. Those Churning Seas
9. Snakehole
10. Addiction Pole
11. God Complex
12. Supervenus
13. Bar Infernale
14. I'm Coming
15. Mutz Umst Erben (digipack bonus)

Love Nation Sugarhead

Album: ''Love Nation Sugarhead'' (1996 EP)
1. Silver Experience
2. Love Nation Sugarhead
3. Female Drugthing (feat. Martin Walkier)
4. So Called Sensation
5. The Zentury
6. Clones


Album: ''Unpop'' (1997)
1. Blue Smiley's Plan
2. Get Up
3. Love Nation Sugarhead
4. Alternative Girl
5. Rhapsodie In E
6. Junkie On a Cloud
7. To Me
8. Cheapo Speakers
9. All the Pills
10. Silver Experience
11. My Style
12. Ton-Recycling
13. XXL-Ego-King
14. Lower All Your High Standards
15. Sehnsucht (Purple Schulz cover)

Mono ... Or Will It Ever Be The Way It Used To Be

Album: ''Mono ... Or Will It Ever Be The Way It Used To Be'' (1998)
1. Fake It
2. Drive Me Down
3. She's the Bomb
4. You Push Me
5. Will It Ever Be
6. I Thought
7. Just Ironic
8. Would You Take
9. The Needs
10. My Saline Eyes
11. I Remember
12. In Spite of It
13. Africa
14. It´s OK (digipack bonus)


Album: ''P'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Empty Space
2. Every Single Day
3. These Roads
4. I Remember
5. Blue Smiley's Plan
6. Rhapsodie In E
7. Just Ironic
8. Will It Ever Be
9. Silver Experience
10. Twinaleblood And Steel
11. Fade Away
12. Would You Take Me (DAB)
13. Would You Take (March 1999)
14. Son of Fate
15. Love Nation Sugarhead

She Makes Me Wish I had A Gun

Album: ''She Makes Me Wish I had A Gun'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. I Don´t Know
3. Don´t You Say Maybe
4. I Feel Sexy
5. Separate The Boys From Men
6. Everyday
7. She Cries
8. Lunacy
9. Punk Rock Is her Life
10. The Pain Of Heartache
11. Sleep All Day - Rock The Night
12. Empathy
13. As You Wish
14. A Cross To Wear (DIGI Bonus track)

I Feel Sexy

Album: ''I Feel Sexy'' (2002 EP)
1. I Feel Sexy
2. Everyday
3. Angels Welcome Us
4. You And Your Band
5. Punk Rock Is her Life [unplugged]



Pyogenesis is a Punk/Pop/Alternative-rock band from Hamburg, Germany.
They started off as a Death Metal band in Stuttgart when they released their first demo "Ode to the churning seas of Nar-Mataru" in 1991. After releasing two EPs "Rise of the unholy" and "Sacrificious profanity" their first selftitled mini-album was released in 1992 on Osmose Records. On this album, which is commonly known as "Ignis creatio" (named after the last track of the album), Pyogenesis combines their Death Metal roots with Doom and Gothic influences. The combination of Tim Eiermann's deep voice and growls and Flo V. Schwarz' clean vocals became a trademark of Pyogenesis until the album "Mono...".
Their next EP "Waves of erotasia" was released on Nuclear Blast Records in 1994 and continued the developing to a more melodic and Gothic Death Metal. On the album "Sweet x-rated nothings", an underground success, melodies became more and more important to the song structure and brought the band their first hit "Fade away". The subsequent "Twinaleblood" from 1995 mixed the bands Death Metal background with Punk and Alternative-Rock influences. In 1996 Pyogenesis' fourth release on Nuclear Blast "Love nation sugarhead ep" started the new aera of the band. The sound changed to Alternative-Rock with heavy influences of Punk and Pop which also dominated the sound of the album "Unpop" from 1997.
After the release of "Mono...or will it ever be the way it used to be" in 1999, vocalist/guitarist Tim Eiermann and drummer Wolle Maier left the band to focus on the one-hit wonder "Liquido" which had given them the hit "Narcotic". With Flo V. Schwarz as the only founding band member left Pyogenesis released with "P...or different songs in different sounds" in 2000 their last album on Nuclear Blast Records. "P" is a best of-album containing old songs of the band which were re-recorded and rearranged and two previously unreleased tracks.
With their latest releases on Flo V. Schwarz' label Hamburg Records, the EP "I feel sexy everyday" and the album "She makes me wish I had a gun" in 2002, the band continued their musical development to a more Punk-Rock influenced sound.
Since bandleader and songwriter Flo V. Schwarz has recently concentrated on his label and on managing and producing other bands like ZSK or Montreal, Pyogenesis are currently not planning on releasing a new album.

Current line up:
Flo V. Schwarz - Vocals/Guitar (since 1991)
Sophie du Coudray - Guitar (since 1999)
Malte Brauer - Bass (since 2006)
Briefmarke - Drums (since 2002)

Former band members:
Pit Muley - Drums (1991-1992)
Joe Proell - Bass (1992-1995)
Roman Schönsee - Bass (1995-1997)
Wolle Maier - Drums (1994-1998)
Tim Eiermann - Vocals/Guitar (1991-1998)
Tobias Morell - Drums (1998-2001)
Mirza Kapidzic - Bass (2001-2005)

Ode to the churning sea of Nar-Mataru - 1991
Rise of the unholy - 1992
Sacrificious profanity - 1992
Pyogenesis - 1992
Waves of erotasia - 1994
Sweet x-rated nothings - 1995
Underneath - 1995
Twinaleblood - 1995
Love nation sugarhead ep - 1996
Unpop - 1997
Love nation sugarhead remixes - 1997
Sweet x-rated nothings/waves of erotasia (re-release) - 1997
Mono...or will it ever be the way it used to be - 1999
P...or different songs in different sounds - 2000
I feel sexy everyday - 2002
She makes me wish I had a gun - 2002

Death / Doom (old), Alternative rock / pop punk (new)

Sorrow, Death (early) / Partying, Dating (now)

Germany (Neckarbischofsheim (origin) / Hamburg (present)), formed in 1990

Hamburg Records


Peter Rutard - Guitars (ex-Pangea (punk band))
Flo Schwarz - Vocals, Guitars (Pangea, punk), ex- Act of Grace)
Tobias ``Briefmarke`` Morrell - Drums
Malte - Bass

Tim Eiermann (Asmodeus) - Vocals, Guitars (Immortal Hate, ex-Agoraphobia, ex-Act of Grace, Gut, ex-Dystrophy)
Joe Proell (Azazel) - Bass (Immortal Hate, Gut, Nunwhore Commando 666)
Pit Muley - Drums (Immortal Hate)
Roman Schonsee - Bass (ex-Dystrophy, The Bloodline, Satyrian)
Mirza Kapidzic - Bass
Wolle Maier - Drums


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