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Let Us Lead

Album: ''Let Us Lead'' (1996)
1. Burn The Earth
2. Control
3. To Reap The Bitter Crops Of Hate
4. Behold The Valiant Misanthropist
5. Dance In The Sulphur Garden
6. March Of The Puissant
7. Global Deathrape
8. Whirlpool Of Flames

Back In Control

Album: ''Back In Control'' (1998)
1. Actinium
2. Evolution
3. Love Incinerate
4. Bloodwed
5. Command and Conquer
6. Artificial Sun
7. Stagnate and Perish
8. Totalitarian Hearts

Mother of Disease

Album: ''Mother of Disease'' (1999)
1. Light of a Dead Sun
2. Reign of Dying Angels
3. Mother of Disease
4. In Shining Armour
5. Post Ruin Symphony
6. Core of Revelation
7. Human Error
8. The Voice of Chaos

War On

Album: ''War On'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Control
2. Eriangen
3. Totalitarian Hearts
4. For The Days of Pestilence
5. Burn The Earth
6. In Shining Armour
7. Light of a Dead Sun
8. Command and Conquer

Total Cleansing

Album: ''Total Cleansing'' (2001)
1. A Call to Arms
2. Gloria
3. Speak My Voice
4. Release the World
5. Regression
6. Hail the Mushroom Cloud
7. Genocide
8. Dreams of Desolation

State Collapse

Album: ''State Collapse'' (2004)
1. Trace Elements
2. Raining Vengeance
3. State Collapse
4. No Enemy
5. Bringer of Closure
6. Self Degradation
7. Resorting to War
8. Chemical

Grace of God

Album: ''Grace of God'' (2007)
1. Grace Of God
2. Stance
3. Wall Of Freedom
4. Warzone
5. In Death
6. Conspiracy
7. Brittle
8. Loreto



Puissance is a Swedish neoclassical martial act, formed in 1993. The band is made up of members Henry Möller {also of Arditi) and Frederik Söderlund.

Due to their aesthetic approach and member associations, Puissance are often associated with black metal. However, they do not make any use of guitars and rely on electronic instrumentation such as synthesizers and samplers, resulting in an approach heavily influenced by industrial music, but the music is described as heavy neoclassical ambient marches. The recurring theme among most of the song lyrics is extreme misanthropy and nihilism. Nuclear holocaust is also a commonly explored theme. While influenced by fascism and totalitarian dictatorship, they are not fascists themselves; they merely employ these themes as a way to oppress their listeners.

Neoclassical/Industrial Music

Extermination, Politics, Religion

Sweden (Linköping), formed in 1993

Equilibrium Music


Henry Möller (Arditi)
Frederik Söderlund (ex-Algaion, Carinou, ex-Dismal (Swe), ex-Murderplan, ex-Octinomos, ex-(Parnassus, ex-Terracide, ex-Worshipper)


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