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The Isle of Disenchantment

Album: ''The Isle of Disenchantment'' (2001)
1. Carnival of Vulgarity
2. The Sword of Uncreation
3. Condemned by Discontent
4. Netherworld Reality
5. The Isle of Disenchantment
6. Of Dull Eyes Borne
7. Psycroptipath
8. Beneath the Ground We Dwell
9. The Labyrinth

The Scepter Of The Ancients

Album: ''The Scepter Of The Ancients'' (2003)
1. The Colour of Sleep
2. Battling the Misery of Organon
3. Lacertine Forest
4. Psycrology
5. Skin Coffin
6. Cruelty Incarnate
7. The Valley of Winds Breath and Dragons Fire
8. A Planetary Discipline
9. The Scepter of Jaar-Gilon

Symbols of Failure

Album: ''Symbols of Failure'' (2006)
1. Alpha Breed
2. Missionaries of a Future to Come
3. Merchants of Deceit
4. Minions: The Fallen
5. Repairing the Dimensional Cluster
6. Epoch of the Gods
7. Our Evolutionary Architecture
8. An Experiment in Transience
9. Cleansing a Misguided Path



Psycroptic is a technical death metal band from Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. They formed in 1999 and have so far released 3 full length albums: 'The Isle of Disenchantment', 'The Scepter Of The Ancients' and their most recent work 'Symbols Of Failure' released in Febuary 2006.

Psycroptic signed to Unique Leader Records in 2003 after the release of their second album. A the time of their signing, band members included Matthew Chalk (vocals), Joe Haley (guitar), Cameron Grant (bass) and Dave Haley (drums). However, recently, Matthew "Chalky" Chalk has left, being replaced by Jason Peppiat.

Vocalist Matthew Chalk is known to execute everything from black metal screams to death metal growls, and grindcore style rap bursts.

Guitarist Joe Haley is known among the guitar community for his fluent technique while executing razor sharp palm muted runs. Interestingly, all but one song by the band feature no solos (Not typical of the genre). Psycroptic have become more technical over the 3 albums, as their popularity has increased world-wide. Joe Haley's playing style has been compared to that of Muhammed SuiƧmez.

Technical Death Metal

Fantasy, Political, Metaphysical Anomalies, Death

Australia (West Hobart, TAS), formed in 1999

Neurotic Records


Jason Peppiatt - Vocals (ex-Born Headless, ex-M.S.I.)
Joe Haley - Guitars (Ruins (Aus), The Amenta, ex-Disseminate)
Cameron Grant - Bass
David Haley - Drums (Ruins (Aus), The Amenta, Nervecell, ex-Disseminate, ex-Aborted)

Matthew 'Chalky' Chalk - Vocals (1999-2005) (M.S.I., Space Raven, Goreverk, Ice Eater, Born Headless, Mephistopheles (Aus), (Iciclan))


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