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Album: ''Prymary'' (2002)
1. Common Ground
2. Tearing Through Weakness
3. Seclusion
4. Promise
5. Remember
6. Tanglebox
7. Running Into A Standstill
8. Roads Of Fire

The Tragedy Of Innocence

Album: ''The Tragedy Of Innocence'' (2006)
1. Dirty Room (Part 1)
2. In My Shell
3. Soul Deceiver
4. Oceans of Insolence
5. Miracle
6. Born Again
7. Only Love
8. What Little Girls Are For
9. Running Away
10. Dirty Room Part II
11. Ask the Angels
12. Choices



Prymary is a progressive rock/metal band from Southern California and was fully realized in 2000 with the ideals of having complete musical freedom. This has given the band a distinct chameleon quality allowing them to seamlessly fit in with acts from all genres. The sound created is a mesh of melodic prog metal/rock with an emphasis on musicianship, melody, and complex rhythms. The band consisting of Mike Di Sarro (Vocals), Sean Entrikin (Guitar), Smiley Sean (Keyboards), Chris Quirarte (Drums), and James Sherwood (Bass) has never been content to sit around and wait for things to happen and has always taken steps to further the bands momentum.

By 2002, the band began to develop a following around the local california area and set upon the task of recording a full length album. The self titled and independently financed Prymary was released in 2003 by the band and helped to promote the band's name. The group opened for such bands as Fates Warning, King's X, Quiet Riot, and Seven Witches. The group also got the opportunity to play the pre-party at ProgPower USA in Atlanta, Georgia. In April of 2005, Prymary was asked to play the Headway Festival in Amsterdam which marked the bands first performance in Europe.

Throughout 2004 and 2005, the group set out to write their most ambitious project in the band’s life with a concept album. The story is based on real events and tells the story of a young woman who must deal with abuse, and how those events steer her towards a chaotic adult life. Musically, it is some of the most adventurous music the band has ever composed. The music runs the range from heavy to light in order to capture the emotions of the story.

In 2005, Prymary parted ways with original bass player James Sherwood due to musical differences. A new bass player was needed and after many auditions the perfect bass player was found with Rob Young. The group signed to Prog Rock records in 2006 and officially released The Tragedy Of Innocence on Oct 10th. The album received rave reviews and was a quantum leap forward from the debut album. The band once again set out to promote and play the new album with a batch of new shows.

Progressive Metal

United States of America (Orange County, CA), formed in 2000



Mike Di Sarro - Vocals
Sean Entrikin - Guitar
James Sherwood - Bass (ex-Redemption)
Chris Quirarte - Drums (Redemption)
Smiley Sean - Keyboards


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