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Foul Taste of Freedom

Album: ''Foul Taste of Freedom'' (1992)
1. Foul Taste of Freedom
2. Death on the Dance Floor
3. Murder 101
4. Pound for Pound
5. Every Good Boy Does Fine
6. Death Goes On
7. Rawhead
8. The Stench of Piss
9. Picture This
10. Iraqnophobia
11. Johnny Black
12. Lesson Learned
13. God Only Knows

The Truth Hurts

Album: ''The Truth Hurts'' (1994)
1. Make War (Not Love)
2. Bad Blood
3. The Truth Hurts
4. Put the Lights Out
5. Denial
6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
7. One Man Army
8. Down in the Dumps
9. The Beast Is Back
10. Switchblade Knife

Contents Under Pressure

Album: ''Contents Under Pressure'' (1996)
1. Crush
2. Shine
3. State Of Mind
4. Gunya Down
5. The Mercy Killings
6. Contents Under Pressure
7. Against The Grain
8. Box City
9. Odd Man Out
10. Political Suicide

Gunya Down

Album: ''Gunya Down'' (1996 Single)
1. Gunya Down

Pro Pain

Album: ''Pro Pain'' (1998)
1. Get Real
2. Time
3. No Love Lost
4. Don't Kill Yourself to Live
5. Love / H8
6. Life's Hard
7. Mark My Words
8. My Time Will Come
9. Smokin' Gun
10. Godsize
11. Blood Red

Best of Pro-Pain

Album: ''Best of Pro-Pain'' (1998 Best of/Compilation)
1. Take It Back (The Lost Track)
2. Make War (Not Love)
3. Foul Taste Of Freedom
4. The Truth Hurts
5. Death On The Dance Floor
6. Switchblade Knife
7. Murder 101
8. Put The Lights Out
9. Johnny Black
10. Denial
11. Pound For Pound
12. State Of Mind (live)
13. Shine (live)
14. Crush (live)

Act of God

Album: ''Act of God'' (1999)
1. Stand Tall
2. In For The Kill
3. Act of God
4. On Parade
5. I Remain
6. Time Will Tell
7. Pride
8. Love and War
9. Hopeless?
10. Burn
11. All Fall Down

Round 6

Album: ''Round 6'' (2000)
1. Fed Up
2. Desensitize
3. Substance
4. All Or None
5. Status Quo
6. Fuck It
7. Psywar
8. Take It Personal
9. Make Some Noise
10. Let Live
11. Thou Shalt Not
12. Draw Blood
13. Down In Flames

Road Rage

Album: ''Road Rage'' (2001 Live album)
1. Stand Tall
2. I Remain
3. Life's Hard
4. Get Real
5. Act of God
6. Smokin' Gun
7. In For The Kill
8. Don't Kill Yourself To Live
9. Foul Taste of Freedom
10. Crush
11. Shine
12. Make War (Not Love)
13. State of Mind
14. The Stench of Piss
15. Bad Blood
16. Iraqnophobia
17. Pound For Pound

Shreds of Dignity

Album: ''Shreds of Dignity'' (2002)
1. The Shape of Things To Come
2. Gone Fishin'
3. Down For The Cause
4. No Way Out
5. Shreds of Dignity
6. Walk Away
7. F.O.A.D.
8. Lock n'Load
9. Casualties of War
10. 24/7
11. Justice Must Be Done
12. Kill or Be Killed

Run For Cover

Album: ''Run For Cover'' (2003)
1. Never Again (Discharge)
2. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost)
3. The Crowd (Operation Ivy)
4. Refuse / Resist (Sepultura)
5. Iron Fist (Motörhead)
6. 100% (The Spudmonsters)
7. Terpentin (Böhse Onkelz)
8. Nothing (Negative Approach)
9. Weeds (Life of Agony)
10. Just Sit There (Crumbsuckers)
11. Damaged II (Black Flag)
12. Your Mistake (Agnostic Front)
13. Knife Edge (GBH)
14. South of Heaven (Slayer)

Fistful of Hate

Album: ''Fistful of Hate'' (2004)
1. Can You Feel It?
2. Left For Dead
3. Godspeed
4. Implode
5. American Dreams
6. Cut Throat
7. Aftermath
8. Save Face
9. The Better Half of Forever
10. Freedom Rings
11. Lost Horizons
12. Fistful of Hate

Prophets of Doom

Album: ''Prophets of Doom'' (2005)
1. Neocon
2. Un-American
3. Hates Marches On
4. One World Ain't Enough
5. Getting Over
6. Operation Blood For Oil
7. Torn
8. Death Toll Rises
9. The Prisoner
10. Days Of Shame

Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade

Album: ''Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade'' (2007)
1. The New Reality
2. All For King George
3. Pigs In Clover
4. Beyond The Pale
5. Three Minutes Hate
6. Heads Will Rock
7. Company Jerk
8. Impeach Indict Imprision
9. Leveler
10. Iraqnam
11. Live Free (Or Die Trying)



Formed by vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil (ex-Crumbsuckers), New York-based PRO-PAIN have over the years benefitted from substantial support from an ever-growing and loyal fan base, the Metal Press, Hard Rock Radio, and MTV's HeadbangerÂ’s Ball. In 2004, the band returned to MTV programming, clocking in regular and repeated rotation with Can You Feel It. With guitarists Tom Klimchuck, Eric Klinger (ex-Spudmonsters) and drummer JC Dwyer (ex-Paingod), the bandÂ’s worldwide catalog sales nears one million units. Advance plans have the band set to tour the US and Europe extensively in support of "Age Of Tyranny / The Tenth Crusade."

For more info. log onto and/or

Hardcore, Groove Metal, Thrash

Rebellion, Society, Hate

United States of America (New York City, New York), formed in 1992



Gary Meskil - Vocals/Bass (Crumbsuckers, Fa-Q)
Tom Klimchuck - Guitars (M.O.D., Crumbsuckers)
Marshall Stephens - Guitars (Gonemad, Shrill)
J.C. Dwyer - Drums (Raped Ape)

Dave Chavarri 1997-1998 Drums (Lääz Rockit, M.O.D., Gothic Slam, Ill Nino, Merauder)
Dan Richardson 1991-1997 Drums (Crumbsuckers, Life of Agony, Medication, Stereomud)
Mike Hanzel - Drums (1998) (Nightcrawler)
Eric Matthews - Drums (Red Giant)

Nick St. Denis 1994-1995 Guitars (Skinlab, Systematic, Bizarro)
Rob Moschetti 1996-1998 Guitars (Mutilation (US), M.O.D., Undivided)
Mike Hollman 1994-1995 Guitars (Possessed, Bizarro)
Eric Klinger - Guitars (Bullworth, Built Upon Frustration, The Spudmonsters)


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