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Album: ''Projecto'' (1998)
1. Death In Dreamland
2. Freedom
3. Alone In A Mirror
4. Fade Away
5. Achemy
6. Childhood Dreams
7. Pantomine
8. Battletime
9. Projecto
10. Doomsday Fight
11. Evilness
12. Believe In Love

Crown Of Ages

Album: ''Crown Of Ages'' (2000)
1. Heart And Steel
2. Guardian Soldiers
3. Warrior Soul
4. Innocent Eyes
5. Black Sorcerer
6. Thunder Of Love
7. Fight In The Sky
8. The Samain Tourment
9. Blood And Faith
10. Crown Of Ages
11. Final Alliance



Projecto recorded its first demo-tape in April 1994: it emphasizes the tecnical skills of the guitarist Vic Mazzoni, supported by the precise rhytmic section of Fabio Zunino on bass creating power-metal sonorities.

In April 1995 the band recorded its second demo-tape, whose tracks are enriched by the keyboards sounds by P.J. Abba.

From mid 1996 Projecto started developing its current sound, and with the new singer (Robert) and new drummer (Luca) it had the opportunity to realize its ideas at a competitive level.

In January '97 it recorded its last demo-tape to be represented at important meetings of record companies such as MIDEM and POP-KOMM. Thanks to very good reviews published on specialized heavy metal magazines, in November '97 Projecto signed a contract with the indipendent label Underground Symphony. The debut CD Projecto, produced by Frank Andiver of Labyrinth (now Shadows of Steel and Wonderland), has fully confirmed and made the most of the composition style of the band: power-speed metal with progressive influences.

The reviews about the debut album have been very good: the Italian metal magazines gave marks such as 4/5 METAL SHOCK, 5/6 METAL HAMMER, 97/100 FLASH. In foreign magazines like Burrn! the grade was 75/100 and the comments on Rock Hard were enthusiastic. The band received a very good support from Fanzines, Internet Web Pages, Distributors Catalogues such as Hellion (Germany) and Arise (Spain).

Since August 1998 Vic and P.J. started writing new material for the second album and the whole band worked to develope a concept for the lyrics.

The second album was recorded at Zenith Recordings and mixed at Octagonal Paris Studio. The result is a more power-oriented music, completed by the massive presence of classical phrases (by guitars and keyboards) mixed with high melodic vocal lines. The mastering sessions will take place at Finnvox Studios (Finland) and the front cover will be by Louis Royo. Out in September 2001, Crown of Ages will confirm Projecto's personal way to write power-speed-metal music.

progressive metal

Medieval - Fantasy - Love

Italy (Savona), formed in 1992

Underground Symhpony


Vocals : Robert Bruccoleri (ex-Ivory (Ita))
Guitars : Vic Mazzoni (Wonderland)
Bass : Fabio Zunino
Drums : Luca Grosso
Keyboards : P.J. Abba


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