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Dark Romanticism... Sorrow

Album: ''Dark Romanticism... Sorrow's Bitter Harvest...'' (1993 Demo)
1. To Enter Pagan
2. The Darkest Flame
3. Among the Lazarai
4. To the Ends of the Earth


Album: ''Imrama'' (1995)
1. Fuil Ársa
2. Infernal Summer
3. Here I Am King
4. The Darkest Fire
5. The Fires...
6. Mealltach
7. Let the Sun Set on Life Forever
8. To the Ends of the Earth
9. Beneath a Bronze Sky
10. Awaiting the Dawn...

Primordial / Katatonia

Album: ''Primordial / Katatonia'' (1996 Split)
1. To Enter Pagan
2. Scarlet Heavens

A Journey

Album: ''A Journey's End'' (1998)
1. Graven Idol
2. Dark Song
3. Autumn's Ablaze
4. Journey's End
5. Solitary Mourner
6. Bitter Harvest
7. On Aistear Deirneach

The Burning Season

Album: ''The Burning Season'' (1999 EP)
1. The Calling
2. Among the Lazarae
3. The Burning Season
4. ...and the Sun Set on Life Forever

Spirit The Earth Aflame

Album: ''Spirit The Earth Aflame'' (2000)
1. Spirit the Earth Aflame
2. Gods to the Godless
3. The Soul Must Sleep
4. The Burning Season
5. Glorious Dawn
6. The Cruel Sea
7. Children of the Harvest

Storm Before Calm

Album: ''Storm Before Calm'' (2002)
1. The Heretics Age
2. Fallen to Ruin
3. Cast to the Pyre
4. What Sleeps Within
5. Suns First Rays
6. Sons of the Morrigan
7. Hosting of the Sidhe

The Gathering Wilderness

Album: ''The Gathering Wilderness'' (2005)
1. The Golden Spiral
2. The Gathering Wilderness
3. The Song of the Tomb
4. End of All Times (Martyrs Fire)
5. The Coffin Ships
6. Tragedy's Birth
7. Cities Carved in Stone



Primordial is an Irish band founded in the late 1980's. They play a unique style of heavy metal, which can best be described as a blend of black and folk metal with strong influences from their Irish roots. Their music and lyrics deal with cultural heritage, struggle, melancholy and anger.

Primordial started out as a black metal band with some folk influences with their 1993 demo Dark Romanticism and 1995 debut album Imrama. With the 1998 album A Journey's End, Primordial underwent a strong stylistic change and delivered an album that was more original, personal and dark than anything they had done before. The different musical influences become more intertwined than ever before.

The trademark Primordial style become most apparent on The Burning Season (1999 10") and Spirit the Earth Aflame, their third full length album. This line was continued in the somewhat harsher album Storm Before Calm from 2002.

The fifth album, The Gathering Wilderness was released in January 2005 and was highly regarded by critics around the globe. This album shows further musical progression and a return in pessimistic feeling to A Journey's End.

The band recently finished recordings on its sixth full length album, To the Nameless Dead, which is scheduled for release at the end of November 2007.

So far, Primordial has never gotten the attention of the larger metal public, but they regularly play live in places around Europe, headed by charismatic singer and frontman Alan Averill Nemtheanga.

Celtic/Folk/Black Metal

Pagan, history, Celtic mythology

Ireland (Dublin), formed in 1987

Metal Blade Records


Pól MacAmlaigh - Bass
Ciáran MacUiliam - Guitars
Alan Averill ("Naihmass Nemtheanga") - Vocals (ex-Void of Silence, Plagued)
Michael O'Floinn - Guitars (ex-Carnun)
Simon O'Laoghaire - Drums (Geasa)

Derek MacAmlaigh - Drums
Feargal Flannery - Guitar (Arcane Sun)


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