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Attack Against Gnomes

Album: ''Attack Against Gnomes'' (1989)
1. Intro / It's Over
2. Force of My Hate
3. Dead by Drugs
4. Attack Against Gnomes
5. Rotten Angel
6. Gods
7. Punishment
8. Brain Outburst
9. Rabb-it
10. Angels Cry
11. This World

Selling The Salvation

Album: ''Selling The Salvation'' (1990)
1. Intro (instrumental)
2. Species to Pieces
3. Maggots
4. Help the Science
5. I Don't Wanna Play with Teddy
6. Selling the Salvation
7. Prestige
8. Bed Time Story
9. Miserable Life
10. Sexual Education
11. Naughty Granny
12. Violence (Makes No Sense)

Parasites In Paradise

Album: ''Parasites In Paradise'' (1992)
1. Parasites in Paradise (intro)
2. Will This Ever End?
3. Crack Children
4. Sniff
5. Barbarella
6. Offender
7. That Makes Me Sick
8. Too Greedy
9. From the Cradle to the Grave
10. Hop 2, 3, 4
11. Break the Ice
12. Thursday the 12th
13. Lack of Sanity
14. I Ain't the One



Formed in 1987, PRESTIGE was one of the leading Speed / Thrash metal bands in Finland and one of the first to get signed by a major label. They released three full lenghts: "Attack Against Gnomes" in 1989, "Selling The Salvation" in 1990 and "Parasites In Paradise" 1992. Besides these they also released the 12" maxi-single "Priest" in 1991 and the "Veijo" - EP in 1989. In 2007 a best of compilation "Decades Of Decay 1987-2007" was released and there has been rumours that the guys would release also some new material.

Line up:
Aku Kytölä (vocals)
Jan "Örkki" Yrlund (guitars)
Ari Karppinen (guitars)
Tero Karppinen (drums)

Thrash Metal

Death, crime, humour, politics

Finland (Tampere), formed in 1987

Poko Rekords

On hold

Aku Kytölä - Vocals, bass
Ari Karppinen - Guitar
Jan "Örkki" Yrlund - Guitar (ex-Ancient Rites, Angel (Hol), ex-Delain, Imperia, Satyrian, Lacrimosa, Two Witches)
Tero Karppinen - Drums


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