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In the Garment of Lust

Album: ''In the Garment of Lust'' (2003)
1. Hallucinatory Mutilation
2. Decomposition
3. The Terrifying Jewel of Fear
4. In the Garment of Lust
5. Carnivorous Visions
6. Insane Angelic Suffering
7. Eyes of Primitivism Closed Forever
8. An Averted Collapse
9. Disillusioned (re-recorded version)

Words Like Poison

Album: ''Words Like Poison'' (2004)
1. The Foreplay
2. Hypnotic Blood
3. Words Like Poison
4. Seeds of Damnation
5. Disgust
6. Experience of Death
7. True Name for the Devil
8. Fury Within
9. Embodied Slavery

Beyond the Reach of Heaven

Album: ''Beyond the Reach of Heaven'' (2007)
1. Primitive Personal Blasphemy
2. Temple of the Worms
3. Anoint for the Devil
4. Gods for Us / ...Is Enthroned
5. Irresistible Destruction
6. Apocalypsis
7. Reach of Heaven
8. Legion of the Blessed
9. Scholars of Emptiness



The band was founded in October 1995 by Martin Marincak (vocals) and Jozef Kosc (guitar).The first two demos ( The Embarrassed-1997 , Personal-1999 ) opened the band the door to the underground scene. After some personal changes , in January 2001 the new creative line-up was formed: Martin (vocals), Jozef (guitar), Marek Stasak (drums), Dano Kochanik (guitar). In May 2001 the band was completed by bassist Martin Kukol.These five guys cooperated till June 2004 and managed to record two albums. At the beginning of 2003 the debut album “In The Garment Of Lust” was released by French label Perennial Quest Records.The material contains 8 new songs and 1 song “Disillusioned” (re-recorded) from the first demo. It is a brutal death metal stuff and it helped Perversity to get to the world UG. In November 2004 the second album “Words Like Poison” was released by Slovak label Forensick Music.The CD contains 33 min. of brutal technical death metal. And so far it has been the most important step in the history of the band. Since July 2004 the band has had a new drummer Martin Horgos and with a new vocalist Juraj Handzus the era of dark and brutal death metal has started. The band managed to support “gods” Suffocation and Vital Remains. In 2006 CD Demos & Rarities Collection was released with the help of Last Throne Prod. The CD contains remastered demos and a couple of live tracks. The new guitarist Robert Vanya (since July 2005) also helps with creating new songs and preparing the new stuff.

Brutal Death Metal

Death, War, Social Issues (old), Heresy (now)

Slovakia (Preov), formed in 1995

Grodhaisn Productions


Juraj Handzus - Vocals (The Bleeding (Svk), Fonops)
Jozef Kosc - Guitar
Robert Vanya - Guitar (Vaginalni Paraziti)
Martin Kukol - Bass
Martin Horgos - Drums (Braindamage, Nahy Obed, Fonops)

Martin Marincak - Vocals (Hnilobny Zakusok)
Daniel Doros - Drums (Cellearius, ex-Gagas)
Erich Gotz - Bass
Erik Mihelic - Guitar
Daniel Kochanik - Guitar
Henrich Koval - Bass
Jan Dudla - Guitar (The Bleeding (Svk))
Frenky - Guitar (ex-Infer, Killchain)
Radoslav Priputen - Drums (Gloom (Svk), Insepultus (Svk))


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