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A Pale Debilitating Autumn

Album: ''A Pale Debilitating Autumn'' (1994)
1. A Pale Debilitating Autumn
2. Total Warrior
3. Corpses
4. Careworn
5. Pavor
6. Imperator Of An Ashen Bane
7. Fucked By Darkness
8. Symbols Of Depravity


Album: ''Furioso'' (2003)
1. Inflictor Of Grimness
2. Perplexer: Perdition Projectile
3. Wroth Volcanic Vent
4. Furioso
5. A Schizoid Uglifier
6. Crucified Hopes
7. Inconsistent ClayBlood Totemist
8. Dilettante's Dilemma



PAVOR was founded in 1987 near Bonn, Germany by guitarists Armin Rave and Holger Seebens. Constant improvement and increasing professionality led to three changes in the early line-up: Successively, Michael Pelkowsky (drums), Rainer Landfermann (bass) and Claudius Schwartz (vocals) replaced their predecessors.

PAVORs uncompromisingly high demand of quality in all concerns resulted in the delay of a first official release. Finally, during winter 1992/93, 28 minutes of "bemauling dark virtuosic underground music, insane blackness and brutality on a towering technical level" were recorded and released some months later as an untitled tape EP, which was sold out soon and is no longer available today.

Shortly after the release of "A Pale Debilitating Autumn", guitarist Holger Seebens had to leave the band because of him not being able to follow suit with the other musicians' strong technical development. PAVOR decided to continue as a four-piece.

During the years 1995 and 1996, PAVOR promoted the globally praised album with a huge amount of interviews and gigs and started preparing for the next album.

Organizational problems resulting from the jobs of some members, as well as a general state of being bored with the lameness and unoriginality of the scene led to a partial withdrawal from public relations work and the public in general during the following years; only being interrupted by Germany's biggest metal magazine RockHard featuring PAVOR with an interview and the track "Perplexer: Perdition Projectile" on its annual "best unsigned acts" compilation "Unerhört!" in February 2000, and by PAVOR winning the underground-contest held by Heavy Oder Was?!-magazine in June 2000, playing on the opening gig of the renowned BANG YOUR HEAD-festival in Balingen, Germany as a result.

However, PAVOR did not rest but took the time to work hard on the new songs and maximize the perfection of their material to an unsurpassable amount.

Now in the year 2003, PAVOR have finished the recordings of their inconceivably virtuoso and violent second album! Produced by Rainer Landfermann and Armin Rave, "FURIOSO" is an offensive exhibition of superiority - a perfect optimum of nonstop aggressive grimness and superlative virtuosic finesse!!

"FURIOSO" contains eight masterly compositions with a total length of 52 minutes, featuring
...deep and insanely brutal, slime-dripping fucked-up ugly vocals full of character & personality
...intelligent, profound and intriguingly baleful lyrics
...extravagant, thrilling, furiously virtuoso guitar riffs and leads
...the fastest and most original basswork ever recorded on a metal album
...ingeniously intricate high-speed power-drumming.

Among the eight songs is a re-recorded version of the PAVOR classic "Crucified Hopes", which was composed in 1989.

The lyrics of the track "Dilettante's Dilemma" hint at an axiom that is - as mentioned in the CD booklet - actually encoded in the music of the song, highlighting the general close link between music and lyrics on the album and inviting the recipient to "decode" and find out what the dilemma really is...

In fact this is just one single example of the immense amount of detail both in the music and the lyrics of the whole album, so insert the CD, take your time and prepare to be perplexed!!

Technical Death Metal

Germany (Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia), formed in 1987



Rainer Landfermann - Bass (ex-Bethlehem (Ger))
Michael Pelkowsky - Drums (Beyond North)
Armin Rave - Guitar
Claudius Schwartz - Vocals

Holger Seebens - Guitar


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