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Putrefactive and Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism

Album: ''Putrefactive and Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism'' (1992)
1. Malignant Introduction
2. Open The Dissection Ward
3. Reek With Suppuration
4. Cadaveric Metamorphoses
5. Genital Pathological Perversity
6. Tumorous Defects And Diseases
7. Anatomical Necropsy
8. Progression Of Putrefaction (Part 2)
9. Decomposition Of Corpses
10. Carcass Dismemberment
11. Vomitory Corporal Dysfunction
12. Rotten Outroduction

Grinding Opus of Forensic Medical Problems

Album: ''Grinding Opus of Forensic Medical Problems'' (1994)
1. Paroxysmal Prelude (Intro)
2. Cannibalistic Disfigurement
3. Putrescence
4. Cadavers In Medical Jurisprudence
5. Uterogestation To Abortion
6. Exhumed Dead Body
7. Infectious Agonizing Parasitism
8. Gynaecological Sickness
9. Secretion Of Ejaculate



PATHOLOGIST is the name of the most diseased grind/death combo coming from Czech Republic. The early days of the current PATHOLOGIST line-up go as far back as to 1987 when all of them played in different musical outfits, namely FUCKING DEATH and SARKOM. Eventually, PATHOLOGIST was founded by the growler in January 1990 and their first two attempts survived demoed on "Sexual Cadaveric Mysophilia" and "Medical Jurisprudence" diplaying their liking for extreme noisecore.

However, at present, PATHOLOGIST's music could be described as grindcore with some death metal elements. All the band's philosophy and lyrical approach is encapsulated in their original name PATHOLOGIST. The explicit terminology-laden lyrics discourse upon the most unpleasant sides of life and death.

The demo "Forensic Medicine and Pathology" recorded in March 1992 helped the group land a contract for their first release and the 12-track debut recorded in August 1992 is called "Putrefactive and Cadaverous Odes about Necroticism". This album was released in December 1992, first re-released in November 1993 on M.A.B. Records and second re-released and re-mastered in December 1994 on Radiation Records, a division of Nuclear Blast Records.

PATHOLOGIST have received a lot of airplay as well as coverage in the musical press, especially in mags and fanzines. Some of tape compilations include PATHOLOGIST's songs, too. Also filling the support slot for English PARADISE LOST, Swedish TIAMAT, Austrian CADAVEROUS CONDITION, Czech KRABATHOR and ROOT brought them the deserved attention of the underground scene and fans.

PATHOLOGIST's second effort entitled "Grinding Opus of Forensic Medical Problems" was recorded in November 1993. This 9-track album was released on German Radiation Records in December 1994. Excellent home video "Grinding Putrefactive Spectacular" was released in June 1995. If you give a damn, unearth what the unearthly PATHOLOGIST have in store for you - we wish you a high quality putrid listen.


Medical, Gore, Sickness, Autopsy, Defilement

Czech Republic (Ostrava), formed in 1990

Leviathan Records


Martin "Cyklo" Cvilink - Vocals
Daniel "Hary" Harok - Guitars
Tom K. Miller - Bass
Stanislav "Stanley" Mazur - Drums


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