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Album: ''Nightfall'' (1997 Demo)
1. Warchild
2. My Little Cow
3. Beyond Repent
4. Nightfall
5. Bleed My Soul Pt.1
6. Bleed My Soul Pt.2


Album: ''Bloodline'' (2005)
1. ...
2. Identity Theft
3. Beyond Repent
4. Bleeding Eye
5. Fallen Kind
6. Shallow
7. Eviscerated
8. C.O.W
9. Nightfall
10. Bleed My Soul (Pt. I)
11. Warchild
12. Tyranny of Hatred
13. ...



Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Pathogen is a five-piece who are dedicated to giving new life to the musical genre of metal. Intricate and epic melodies combined with powerful groove sections and laden with rich acoustic passages, Pathogen has developed a unique style previously explored by few.

Founded in 1995, Pathogen is a band that has become well renowned for providing an awesome live experience for their audiences. For the last seven years, Pathogen have been gigging consistently, playing some 80 shows, supporting international acts such as Opeth (Sweden) Fear Factory (USA), Mayhem (Norway) Entombed (Sweden), Shadows Fall (USA), Impaled Nazarene (Finland) and As I Lay Dying (USA).

Pathogen released their first recording, a demo entitled 'Tyranny of Hatred', in 1996. A second demo, entitled 'Nightfall', was released in1998. This demo received favourable reviews in many well known international publications, such as Nordic Vision, Terrorizer and S.O.D., which helped them establish a strong underground following.

In 2000, Pathogen recorded the 8-minute epic, 'Shallow'. This single was well received by the fans and enjoyed regular airplay on many local and national radio stations, including Triple J and 2RRR Sydney. 'Shallow' also featured on the 'Metal From the Bottom of the Earth' Perth metal compilation and 2RRR's 'Underearthed' Australian Metal Compilation.

Pathogen has just finished recording their first ful-length album 'Bloodline'. This release contains 13 songs, showcasing Pathogen's finest material and musical progression over the last seven years.

'Bloodline' will be instores nationally around may/june 2005, available through MGM Distribution.

The above is Taken from the Official Pathogen Website

Melodic Death Metal

Australia (Perth, WA), formed in 1995

Prime Cuts


Cain Cressal - Vocals
Aidan Barton - Guitar (1995-) (Malignant Monster)
Glenn Dyson - Guitar (2001-) (ex-Choke (Aus))
Dave Sandstrom - Bass, Guitar (1996-1998) (1999-2000) (Vespers Descent, ex-Enforce (Aus))
Mark Boeijen - Drums (Daybreak (Aus), Samain (Aus), Voyager (Aus), Vespers Descent)

Phil Norman - Bass (1995-1996)
Mark Rodregez - Bass (1996)
John Cuyperus - Guitar (1995)
Justin Norton - Vocals (1998)
Adam Ferguson - Guitar
Gavin Irving - Drums (1995-1999)
Mike Lenane - Vocals (Inter Alia)
Marc Henwood - Vocals
Louis Dunstan - Bass (1996-1998)
Floppy - Vocals
Mark de Vattimo - Guitar (Psychonaut, Voyager (Aus))
Louis Rando - Drums (Dybbuk (Aus), The Furor, Pagan (Aus)) (?-2006, Militant Mass)
Ben Mazzarol - Drums (Noctis (Aus), Vespers Descent, ex-Chaos Divine)


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