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Final Command

Album: ''Final Command'' (1998)
1. Feel The Knife
2. Under The Gun
3. Eternal Life
4. Ashes
5. Warriors Of Ice
6. Fighting For The Earth (Warrior cover)
7. War Inside My Head
8. The Final Command
9. Eye For An Eye

Chalice of Steel

Album: ''Chalice of Steel'' (1999)
1. Awakening Of The Beast
2. Dragon's Flight
3. Legions Of Metal
4. Chalice Of Steel
5. Wheels Of Eternity
6. Desecrate
7. Dark Tale
8. Casting Shadows
9. Burn At The Stake
10. Journey Home
11. A.D. 2000
12. Violence And Force

Law of the Blade

Album: ''Law of the Blade'' (2002)
1. Abducted
2. Palace of Sin
3. Armies of the Tyrant
4. Law of the Blade
5. Across the Wastelands
6. Shadow World
7. Allied Forces
8. Empires Fall
9. The Journey's End
10. Back to Glory

The Dark Legacy

Album: ''The Dark Legacy'' (2003)
1. The Legacy
2. Mirror of Fate
3. Breaking Glass
4. Black Hole
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Maze of Dread
7. The Afterlife
8. Green Hell
9. Back from Hell


Album: ''Revenge'' (2005)
1. Intro / Impaler
2. Assassins
3. Traitor
4. Masters of the Seas
5. Revenge
6. Symphony of Pain
7. Beyond the Veil
8. The Battle Rages On
9. The Art of War
10. Empire of the Lost
11. The Gods Made Heavy Metal (Manowar cover)
12. Masters of the Seas (edited version)



There are at least 4 artists with the name Paragon:

1) The German Heavy Metal Band PARAGON was founded in 1990 by guitar player and main songwriter Martin Christian. In 1992, long before any “True Metal Hype” PARAGON recorded their first demo tape "MAELSTROM OF DECLINE" and played first live shows. 1994 the band released the "INTO THE BLACK" Mini CD and recieved good reviews in the Metal press all over Germany. At the end of 1994 Martin had written enough songs to record the first "official" release "WORLD OF SIN". Today Paragon is one of the leading bands within German metal.


* Andreas Babuschkin - Lead Vocals
* Martin Christian - Guitars, Backing Vocals
* Günny "Gunman" Kruse - Guitars
* Jan Bünning - Bass, Backing Vocals
* Christian Gripp - Drums

Former members

* Chris Barena (1990-1994)
* Kay Carstens (1994-1996)

* Frank Hellweg (1990-1991)
* Marcus Cremer (and Bass) (1991-1993)
* Wolfgang "Woko" Köhler (1993-1994)
* Tommy Eichstädt (1995-1996)
* Daniel Görner (1995-1996)
* Claudius Cremer (1996-2003)

* Dirk Sturzbecher (1990-1995)
* Uwe Wessel (1995-1996)
* Jan Bünning (1996 - 2007)

* Kay Neuse (1990-1996)
* Markus Corby (1996-2005)

2) Paragon is a Swedish rapper from Stockholm. He has recorded
these albums: Stadsbarn 2003, Ni Borde Älska Mig 2004 (Mixtape), Löftet 2005, Nästan Berömd Mixtape 2006 & Länge Leve Laget 2007 (Mixtape).
Signed to the label Hemmalaget.

3) Paragon is an alias used by Michael Kohlbecker (Eternal Basement, Fünf D, Magnat, Masun, S.M.I².L.E., Subscientists) between 1993 - 1997.

4) Paragon is also an alias used by a video game music remix composer.

5) Dearborn, Michigan based quartet - former school m ates at Divine Child having released a single album "Saladays".

Power/Speed metal

Fantasy, War, Metal, Death

Germany (Hamburg), formed in 1990

Massacre Records


Andreas Babuschkin - Lead Vocals (ex-Minotaur (Ger), ex-Vice Versa)
Martin Christian - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Günny Kruse - Guitars
Dirk Seifert - Bass
Christian Gripp - Drums (Torment (Ger))

Chris Barena - Vocals (1990-1994)
Kay Carstens - Vocals (1994-1996)

Frank Hellweg - Guitars (1990-1991) (Fright Night (Ger), Well of Souls (Ger))
Marcus Cremer - Guitars, Bass (1991-1993)
Wolfgang ``Woko`` Köhler - Guitars (1993-1994)
Tommy Eichstädt - Guitars (1995-1996)
Daniel Görner - Guitars (1995-1996) (ex-Bäd Influence)
Claudius Cremer - Guitars (1996-2003)

Dirk Sturzbecher - Bass (1990-1995)
Uwe Wessel - Bass (Gamma Ray, Axe La Chapelle, Gothic Fate, Rad Kick) (1995-1996)
Kay - Bass (1996-1997)
Jan Bünning - Bass, Backing Vocals (ex-Erosion (Ger))

Kay Neuse - Drums (1990-1996)
Markus Corby - Drums (1996-2005)


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