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Product Of Imagination

Album: ''Product Of Imagination'' (1987)
1. Opening Theme
2. Paradox
3. Death, Screaming And Pain
4. Product Of Imagination
5. Continuation Of Invasion
6. Mystery
7. Kill That Beast
8. Pray To The Godz Of Wrath
9. Beyond Space
10. Wotan II


Album: ''Heresy'' (1989)
1. Heresy
2. Search For Perfection
3. Killtime
4. Crusaders Revenge
5. The Burning
6. Massacre Of The Cathars
7. Serenity
8. 700 Years On
9. Castle In The Wind

Collision Course

Album: ''Collision Course'' (2000)
1. Decade of Sorrow
2. Collision Course
3. Rearrange the Past
4. Path of Denial
5. Saviour
6. Blamed For Nothing
7. Prostitution of Society
8. Shattered Illusions
9. Sadness
10. Overshadowed
11. Dynamite (Scorpions cover)



There are 16 artists with the name Paradox listed here:

1. An English alternative rock band, based in the South. Not yet signed the band gig as often as possible in venues such as the Pressure Point and Belishi's Bar in Brighton, The Bridge House in Copsale and The Drill Hall in Horsham. They are a huge favourite of the locals, and have been together for 7 years (the ages of band members range from 19 to 21.) They have two albums under their belt and have now changed their name to Zevicon and are releasing a new album this February (2007) It will be a double disk; one their regular rock beats and the second an ambient chillout selection of songs.

2. A german thrash metal band from Würzburg. It was founded by Charly Steinhauer and Axel Blaha. In 1986 the band signed at Roadrunner Records and released 2 albums in the 80s, which where very similar to early Metallica records.

* 1987: Product of Imagination
* 1989: Heresy
* 2000: Collision Course

3. A thai rock band.

4. UK drum and bass artist Dev Pandya, who also produces under the name Alaska.
Dev Pandya is a producer from the UK who has in recent years championed a new sub-genre of drum & bass known as drumfunk, which focuses on either finding obscure breakbeats or re-sampling much used drum & bass breakbeats from their original source and transforming them into a drum & bass tempo.
He also records as a duo with producer Nucleus. He also has regularly collaborated with artist Seba.
He runs two record labels: Paradox Productions and Outsider.
Paradox is currently involved in two collaborations with artists outside of drum and bass with The artists Herbie Hancock (who has heavily influenced much of his early work) and Carlos Santana.
There is also an uncoming album involving a up and coming singer Robert Manos from New York which he has written and produced with the artist Seba. It is to be released with the Warner Brothers label.
Official site

5. A german underground hiphop artist, which released his Album "Gefuehlsparasit" in 2005.

6. An early Israeli electro duo active in the late '80s and including Lior Perlmutter, later of Astral Projection fame.

7. A faroese Pop Punk band, who put their first record out in 2005. It´s called Falling In Love. The members are called Heine, Búgvi and Andreas.

8. A (now dead) American Alternative Rock/Grunge band, from Pensacola, Florida. Fronted by the talented Jon Deale.

9. A Hardcore/Gabber DJ.

10. An underground hip-hop artist from texas, He is on the Voicebox Records Label.

11. A lithuanian undergound classic rock band, from Rokiškis. Band released debut album called "Tevo gitara". Band webpage:

12. A Powerful Alternative Rock outfit hailing from Ireland who's music has gathered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic'!!The Irish Paradox were formed in 1996.
Circleof Growth - 2002
Sacred -2004

13. Christian unreleased hard rock band of the 80's with only one demo called Ruler

14. A jazz fusion trio consisting of Billy Cobham (drums), Wolfgang Schmid (bass) and Bill Bickford (guitars).

15. A new wave band from New Zealand

16. A punk band from Slovakia. Later become famoust with name Zona A.

17. Paradox was a polish jazz band in the 70s, releasing records on POLSKIE NAGRANIA.

Power/Thrash/Speed Metal

Death, War, Society

Germany (Würzburg), formed in 1986

AFM Records


Charly Steinhauer - Vocals, Guitar
Roland Keller - Bass
Kai Pasemann - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Cronos Titan, The Krauts, Declaration of Dependence)
Roland Jahoda - Drums (ex-Soul Demise)

Günter Niedermeyer
Peter Motschiedler
Stefan Haller
Michael "Mitch" Schmitt (Justice (Ger), ex-Seldom Refuse)

Detlef Kernwein
Earl Carter
Michael "Micky" Wehner (ex-Vendetta (Ger))
Andreas "Wuschi" Meyer
Jochen Glöggler
Markus Spyth (on ``Product of Imagination`` and ``Heresy``)
Werner Wilz
Dieter Roth
Joe Di Biase
Achim "Daxx" Hömerlein (Vendetta (Ger))
Martin Buchmann
Fabian Schwarz (ex-Stormwitch, Runamok, Ritual Spirit, Tyran' Pace)

Volker Hartmann
Rainer Langgut (R.I.P.)
Martin Stark
Brian Sorensen
Klaus Lohmeyer (Cronos Titan, The Krauts, Declaration of Dependence)
Klaus "Marshall" Albert
Armin Donderer (Hartmann, Freedom Call)
Roland Stahl (on ``Product of Imagination``)
Matthias "K.ter" Fries/Schmitt (on ``Heresy``)
Oliver Holzwarth (on Collision Course) (Sieges Even, Val'Paraiso, Blind Guardian (guest), ex-Demons & Wizards, Coldseed, Sodom)
Andi Siegl (Black Abyss, My Darkest Hate, Ear-Shot)

Udo Klein
Axel Blaha (on ``Product of Imagination`` and ``Heresy``)
Alex Holzwarth (on ``Collision Course``) (Rhapsody of Fire, Sieges Even, Val'Paraiso, ex-Blind Guardian (touring), Dol Ammad, Avantasia)
Stefan Schwarzmann (Krokus, ex-Helloween, ex-Running Wild, Accept, ex-U.D.O., ex-Voice, ex-Cronos Titan, ex-X-Wild)
Chris Weiss


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