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Paradise Lost

Album: ''Paradise Lost'' (1988 Demo)
1. Drown in Darkness
2. Internal Torment
3. Morbid Existence

Frozen Illusion

Album: ''Frozen Illusion'' (1989 Demo)
1. Paradise Lost
2. Internal Torment
3. Frozen Illusion

Plains of Desolation

Album: ''Plains of Desolation'' (1989 Demo)
1. Internal Torment
2. Our Saviour
3. Plains of Desolation
4. Drown in Darkness
5. Paradise Lost
6. Nuclear Abomination
7. Our Saviour (Encore)

Lost Paradise

Album: ''Lost Paradise'' (1990)
1. Intro
2. Deadly Inner Sense
3. Paradise Lost
4. Our Saviour
5. Rotting Misery
6. Frozen Illusion
7. Breeding Fear
8. Lost Paradise

In Dub

Album: ''In Dub'' (1990 Single)
1. Rotting Misery (doom dub)
2. Breeding Fear (demolition dub)

Live Death

Album: ''Live Death'' (1990 Video/VHS)
1. Deadly Inner Sense
2. Frozen Illusion
3. Breeding Fear
4. Paradise Lost
5. Our Savior
6. Rotting Misery
7. Internal Torment


Album: ''Gothic'' (1991)
1. Gothic
2. Dead Emotion
3. Shattered
4. Rapture
5. Eternal
6. Falling Forever
7. Angel Tears
8. Silent
9. The Painless
10. Desolate

Shades of God

Album: ''Shades of God'' (1992)
1. Mortals Watch the Day
2. Crying for Eternity
3. Embraced
4. Daylight Torn
5. Pity the Sadness
6. No Forgiveness
7. Your Hand in Mine
8. The Word Made Flesh
9. As I Die

Kerrang! Split EP

Album: ''Kerrang! Split EP'' (1992 Split)
1. No Forgiveness (Special Edit)
2. Ebony Throne


Album: ''Icon'' (1993)
1. Embers Fire
2. Remembrance
3. Forging Sympathy
4. Joys of the Emptiness
5. Dying Freedom
6. Widow
7. Colossal Rains
8. Weeping Words
9. Poison
10. True Belief
11. Shallow Seasons
12. Christendom
13. Deus Misereatur

As I Die

Album: ''As I Die'' (1993 Single)
1. As I Die
2. Rape Of Virtue
3. Death Walks Behind You
4. Eternal (live)

Seals The Sense

Album: ''Seals The Sense'' (1994 EP)
1. Embers Fire
2. Sweetness
3. True Belief
4. Your Hand In Mine (live)

Harmony Breaks

Album: ''Harmony Breaks'' (1994 Video/VHS)
1. Intro (Deus Misereatur)
2. Desolate
3. Mortals Watch The Day
4. Joys Of The Emptiness
5. Gothic
6. Your Hand In Mine
7. Widow
8. Pity The Sadness
9. As I Die
10. Eternal
11. Shallow Seasons
12. As I Die (promo)
13. Pity The Sadness (promo)
14. True Belief (promo)
15. Embers Fire (promo)
16. Outro (Sweetness)

Draconian Times

Album: ''Draconian Times'' (1995)
1. Enchantment
2. Hallowed Land
3. The Last Time
4. Forever Failure
5. Once Solemn
6. Shadowkings
7. Elusive Cure
8. Yearn for Change
9. Shades of God
10. Hands of Reason
11. I See Your Face
12. Jaded

Forever Failure

Album: ''Forever Failure'' (1995 Single)
1. Forever Failure
2. Another Desire
3. The Fear

The Last Time

Album: ''The Last Time'' (1995 Single)
1. The Last Time
2. Walk Away
3. Laid To Waste
4. Master Of Misrule

One Second

Album: ''One Second'' (1997)
1. One Second
2. Say Just Words
3. Lydia
4. Mercy
5. Soul Courageous
6. Another Day
7. The Sufferer
8. This Cold Life
9. Blood of Another
10. Disappear
11. Sane
12. Take Me Down
13. I Despair

The Singles Collection

Album: ''The Singles Collection'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. As I Die
2. Rape of Virtue
3. Death Walks Behind You
4. Eternal (live)
5. Embers Fire
6. Sweetness
7. True Belief
8. Your Hand in Mine (live)
9. The Last Time
10. Walk Away
11. Laid to Waste
12. Master of Misrule
13. Forever Failure
14. Another Desire
15. Fear
16. Say Just Words (edit)
17. Cruel One
18. Soul Courageous
19. Say Just Words (album version)

Say Just Words (I)

Album: ''Say Just Words (I)'' (1997 Single)
1. Say Just Words (edit)
2. Cruel One
3. Soul Courageous
4. Say Just Words (album version)

Say Just Words (II)

Album: ''Say Just Words (II)'' (1997 Single)
1. Say Just Words (Edit)
2. How Soon is Now? (The Smiths cover)
3. Albino Flogged in Black
4. Say Just Words (Album Version)

True Belief

Album: ''True Belief'' (1997 Single)
1. True Belief '97
2. How Soon is Now?
3. True Belief '97 (Instumental)
4. Interview w/ Nick Holmes
5. Interview w/ Gregor Makintosh


Album: ''Reflection'' (1998 Best of/Compilation)
1. Say Just Words
2. Hallowed Land
3. True Belief
4. Pity the Sadness
5. Eternal
6. Forever Failure (remix)
7. Gothic
8. One Second
9. Rotting Misery (In Dub)
10. The Last Time
11. Mercy
12. Widow
13. Embers Fire
14. As I Die
15. Soul Courageous (live)
16. Blood of Another (live)
17. As I Die (live)


Album: ''Host'' (1999)
1. So Much Is Lost
2. Nothing Sacred
3. In All Honesty
4. Harbour
5. Ordinary Days
6. It's Too Late
7. Permanent Solution
8. Behind the Grey
9. Wreck
10. Made the Same
11. Deep
12. Year of Summer
13. Host

Permanent Solution

Album: ''Permanent Solution'' (1999 Single)
1. Permanent Solution (Radio Mix)
2. Permanent Solution (G.Brimson Remix)
3. Permanent Solution (Album Version)
4. So Much is Lost (Sanbreeze CO2 Remix)
5. Nothing Sacred (Live)
6. Behind the Grey (Live)
7. Made the Same (Live)

So Much is Lost

Album: ''So Much is Lost'' (1999 Single)
1. So Much is Lost (Single Edit)
2. So Much is Lost (Rhys Fulber Mix)
3. So Much is Lost (Lost in Space Mix)
4. Languish
5. So Much is Lost (String Version)

So Much Is Lost (red cover)

Album: ''So Much Is Lost (red cover)'' (1999 Single)
1. So Much Is Lost [single edit]
2. So Much Is Lost [RhysFulber mix]
3. Languish
4. Nothing Sacred [live video]
5. Permanent solution [live video]
6. Made the Same [live video]

Believe In Nothing

Album: ''Believe In Nothing'' (2001)
1. I Am Nothing
2. Mouth
3. Fader
4. Look at Me Now
5. Illumination
6. Something Real
7. Divided
8. Sell It to the World
9. Never Again
10. Control
11. No Reason
12. World Pretending


Album: ''Fader'' (2001 Single)
1. Fader (Single Edit)
2. Leave This Alone
3. Waiting For God
4. Fader (Album Version)


Album: ''Mouth'' (2001 Single)
1. Mouth (album version)
2. Sway
3. Gone
4. Mouth (remix)

Symbol of Life

Album: ''Symbol of Life'' (2002)
1. Isolate
2. Erased
3. Two Worlds
4. Pray Nightfall
5. Primal
6. Perfect Mask
7. Mystify
8. No Celebration
9. Self Obsessed
10. Symbol of Life
11. Channel for the Pain
12. Xavier (Dead Can Dance cover)
13. Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat's cover)


Album: ''Evolve'' (2002 DVD)
1. Mortals Watch the Day (Live)
2. Joys of the Emptiness (Live)
3. Your Hand In Mine (Live)
4. Widow (Live)
5. Shallow Seasons (Live)
6. Pity the Sadness (Live)
7. As I Die (Live)
8. As I Die
9. Pity the Sadness
10. True Belief
11. Embers Fire
12. Widow
13. Say Just Words (Live)
14. Hallowed Land (Live)
15. Blood of Another (Live)
16. True Belief (Live)
17. Disappear (Live)
18. Lydia (Live)
19. Dying Freedom (Live)
20. Mercy (Live)
21. Shadowkings (Live)
22. The Sufferer (Live)
23. Remembrance (Live)
24. Forever Failure (Live)
25. Soul Courageous (Live)
26. One Second (Live)
27. This Cold Life (Live)
28. Embers Fire (Live)
29. As I Die (Live)
30. The Last Time (Live)
31. The Last Time
32. Forever Failure
33. Say Just Words
34. One Second


Album: ''Erased'' (2002 Single)
1. Erased
2. Two Worlds
3. I Can Hate You
4. Deus
5. Self Obsessed (Live)


Album: ''Isolate'' (2002 Single)
1. Isolate

BBC Sessions

Album: ''BBC Sessions'' (2003 Live album)
1. Pity the Sadness
2. The Word Made Flesh
3. Mortals Watch the Day
4. As I Die
5. Shadowkings
6. Once Solemn
7. Yearn for Change
8. Sweetness
9. Embers Fire
10. Remembrance
11. Gothic
12. Mortals Watch the Day
13. Widow
14. Eternal
15. The Joys of the Emptiness
16. As I Die
17. True Belief
18. Pity the Sadness

Forever After

Album: ''Forever After'' (2005 Single)
1. Forever After
2. Through the Silence
3. Sanctimonious You

In Requiem

Album: ''In Requiem'' (2007)
1. Never for the Damned
2. Ash & Debris
3. The Enemy
4. Praise Lamented Shade
5. Requiem
6. Unreachable
7. Prelude to Descent
8. Fallen Children
9. Beneath Black Skies
10. Sedative God
11. Your Own Reality

The Enemy

Album: ''The Enemy'' (2007 Single)
1. The Enemy
2. Beneath Black Skies
3. Godless (single bonus track)

paradise lost


Paradise Lost - initally one of the premier death/doom metal bands (along with former labelmates Anathema and My Dying Bride) that later incorporated electronic elements in their music. They formed in 1988 in Halifax, UK. Along with bands like Dream Death, Sempiternal Deathreign, Asphyx, Winter etc... they are also credited for helping develop the subgenre known as "gothic" metal.

Ironically, the band is almost unknown in their home country, but in mainland Europe they have been extremely popular for many years, especially in Greece and Germany, where they are regarded as mainstream rock stars. Although they have also been partially attributable for pioneering gothic metal[1], throughout their career the band have also confounded fans and critics alike with their perpetual taste for reinvention and experimentation, a desire to work with producers from other musical genres, and an oft-stated refusal to repeat themselves for fear of stagnation.

For instance, vocalist Nick Holmes used a muddy sounding grunt-style of singing in the band's early duration (Lost Paradise(1990), Gothic(1991)); Upon the release of Shades Of God (1992), Icon (1993) and Draconian Times (1995), he refined his voice to a cleaner tone almost akin to James Hetfield of Metallica; And on One Second (1997), which was distributed by hip hop label Jive Records, the band experimented with Depeche Mode-styled synth pop and electronica. Despite criticism from traditionalists, this bold approach has also garnered them many new fans along the way, and cemented the loyalty of progressive "old-timers."

Paradise Lost's line-up has remained remarkably consistent for a long-standing heavy metal band, consisting of singer Holmes, guitarists Greg Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy, and bassist Steve Edmonson. Holmes and Mackintosh are the principal composers, with almost all of the band's songs credited solely to them. Only the band's drumming position has changed, with original sticks man Matthew Archer leaving in 1994 to be replaced by ex-Marshall Law drummer Lee Morris. In March 2004, Morris also left the band. Drummer Jeff Singer was brought in as a session and live drummer for the "Paradise Lost" album, and is now a permanent member of the band.

Paradise Lost have currently released their 11th album "In Requiem" which takes heavier guitar sound and a more aggressive vocal direction than in their past records. Over the Madness, a documentary by Diran Noubar, displaying the impact Paradise Lost has had on Gothic Metal will be shown in 2007.

A single named "The Enemy" from the new album was released on April 13th.

Doom/Death Metal (old), Gothic Rock/Metal (new)

Death, Fear, Anti-God (old), Personal, Life (now)

United Kingdom (Yorkshire), formed in 1988

Century Media


Nick Holmes - Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh - Lead guitars, keyboards
Aaron Aedy - Rhythm guitars
Stephen Edmondson - Bass
Jeff Singer - Drums (ex-China Beach, ex-Kill II This, ex-Blaze (UK), City of God)

Matthew Archer - Drums (Up to "Icon")
Lee Morris - Drums ("Draconian Times" - March 2004) (ex-Marshall Law, Ten)

Guest Musicians:
Kay Field - Vocals


Sarah Marrion
Audrey Riley

Robert John Godfrey
Andrew Holdsworth
Chris Elliott
Rhys Fulber


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