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Aromatica Germenexcitación en Orgías De Viscosa Y Amarga Putrefación

Album: ''Aromatica Germenexcitación en Orgías De Viscosa Y Amarga Putrefación'' (2007)
1. Zombies Sadomasoquistas Hacia La Linfatica Descomposici�n Esquitosomasis
2. Azoospermia (Rancid Penetration Inmunology In The Anfitheater)
3. Sarcastica Y Sofocante Micoplasma Neumonia Con Clamidias En La Monucleosis Infecciosa
4. Sean Bienvenidas A Nuestras Paradas, Duras Y Jugosas Vergas (er�tica Clitoridectomia Ataxxxia Hacia Una Intradermorreacion I Miosotis Con Osteolosis)
5. Coitoexamen Sexol�gico A Una Obesa Bisexual Fornicando Con Una Lesbiana Anor�xica. Ambas Con Vaginismo Org�smico Clitorideo Y Dispareuniavasocongesti�n Placentera
6. Arriba M�xico Porno Ensangrentados Mexicas
7. Truncaci�n De La Erecci�n Clitoral (Cunnilingus)
8. Er�tico Festejo Anal Por La Inmolada E Irreconocible Carne Femenil (Arom�tica Germenexcitaci�n En Org�as De Viscosa Y Amarga Putrefacci�n)



The band was founded in 1999 by Infection Cutane And Sensation Genital (vocals/guitars/bass) and Ginecologic Cryptococcidioidomicosis (vocals/drums) in a Mexican city called Queretaro. After releasing a couple demos, entitled Cunnilingus in 1999 and Lymphatic Descomposition Esquistosomiasis in 2001, it took them a bit of time to sign to the well-known American Line Productions and make up their debut full-length Satyriasis And Nymphomania, which was released a year after. In 2004, they released a split cd with Japan's Butcher ABC, which contained the tracks from Lynphatic Descomposition Esquistosomiasis , but remastered. There was an error in printing this disc, as stated on the bands official website:

"With this disc there is an error, the packaging says this is Cunnilings, but it is not, there was an error and both the title and song names are wrong (why there are more songs than song titles), here are the correct song titles and the correct release name.

The band itself is a raw kind of goregrind with lyrical themes varying from death, to torture, to porn, back to death and tempo changing from slow to fast speed, and vocals pitch-shifted.


Pathology, Disease, Gore, Porn

Mexico (Queretaro), formed in 1999

American Line Productions


Ginecólogo Necrolamedor Clitoral (Isaac) - Guitars, Vocals
Obstetra Penetrador Himeneal (Cristoph) - Bass, Vocals
Proctólogo Destructor de Esfínteres (Roberto) - Drums


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