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Metal Magic

Album: ''Metal Magic'' (1983)
1. Ride My Rocket
2. I'll Be Alright
3. Tell Me if You Want It
4. Latest Lover
5. Biggest Part of Me
6. Metal Magic
7. Widowmaker
8. Nothin' On (But the Radio)
9. Sad Lover
10. Rock Out

Projects in the Jungle

Album: ''Projects in the Jungle'' (1984)
1. All Over Tonight
2. Out for Blood
3. Blue Light Turnin' Red
4. Like Fire
5. In Over My Head
6. Projects in the Jungle
7. Heavy Metal Rules
8. Only a Heartbeat Away
9. Killers
10. Takin' My Life

I Am the Night

Album: ''I Am the Night'' (1985)
1. Hot and Heavy
2. I am the Night
3. Onward We Rock
4. D*G*T*T*M
5. Daughters of the Queen
6. Down Below
7. Come-On Eyes
8. Right on the Edge
9. Valhalla
10. Forever Tonight

The Hot

Album: ''The Hot 'n Heavy Home Vid'' (1985 Video/VHS)
1. All Over Tonight
2. Come On Eyes
3. Heavy Metal Rules

Power Metal

Album: ''Power Metal'' (1988)
1. Rock the World
2. Power Metal
3. We'll Meet Again
4. Over and Out
5. Proud to Be Loud
6. Down Below
7. Death Trap
8. Hard Ride
9. Burnnn
10. P.S.T. '88

Album: ''Cowboys From Hell demos'' (1989 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Shattered
3. Cowboys From Hell
4. Heresy (Alternate Lyrics)
5. Cemetery Gates
6. Psycho Holiday (Alternate Lyrics)
7. Medicine Man (Alternate Lyrics)
8. Message in Blood (Alternate Lyrics)
9. Domination
10. The Sleep
11. Art Of Shredding

Cowboys from Hell

Album: ''Cowboys from Hell'' (1990)
1. Cowboys From Hell
2. Primal Concrete Sledge
3. Psycho Holiday
4. Heresy
5. Cemetery Gates
6. Domination
7. Shattered
8. Clash With Reality
9. Medicine Man
10. Message in Blood
11. The Sleep
12. The Art of Shredding

Album: ''Cemetery Gates'' (1990 Single)
1. Cemetery Gates

Vulgar Display of Power

Album: ''Vulgar Display of Power'' (1992)
1. Mouth for War
2. A New Level
3. Walk
4. Fucking Hostile
5. This Love
6. Rise
7. No Good (Attack the Radical)
8. Live in a Hole
9. Regular People (Conceit)
10. By Demons Be Driven
11. Hollow


Album: ''Hollow'' (1992 Single)
1. Hollow (radio edit)
2. By Demons Be Driven
3. Mouth For War

Hostile Mixes

Album: ''Hostile Mixes'' (1992 Single)
1. Fucking Hostile
2. Fucking Hostile (Biochemical Mix)
3. By Demons Be Driven (Biochemical Mix)
4. Walk (Decranial Mix)

Mouth For War

Album: ''Mouth For War'' (1992 Single)
1. Mouth For War
2. Rise
3. Cowboys From Hell (live)
4. Heresy (live)


Album: ''Biomechanical'' (1993 EP)
1. Walk (album version)
2. No Good (Attack the Radical)
3. Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical mix)
4. By Demons Be Driven (Biomechanical mix)


Album: ''Walk'' (1993 Single)
1. Walk (Cervical Edit)
2. Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical Mix)
3. By Demons Be Driven (Biomechanical Mix)
4. Walk (Cervical Dub Extended)
5. Cowboys From Hell (live)
6. Heresy (live)

Far Beyond Driven

Album: ''Far Beyond Driven'' (1994)
1. Strength Beyond Strength
2. Becoming
3. 5 Minutes Alone
4. I'm Broken
5. Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills
6. Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
7. Slaughtered
8. 25 Years
9. Shedding Skin
10. Use My Third Arm
11. Throes of Rejection
12. Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath cover)

Alive and Hostile E.P.

Album: ''Alive and Hostile E.P.'' (1994 EP)
1. Domination
2. Primal Concrete Sledge
3. Cowboys From Hell
4. Heresy
5. Psycho Holiday

Hostile Moments

Album: ''Hostile Moments'' (1994 EP)
1. I'm Broken
2. Mouth For War
3. Walk (Cervical mix)
4. Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical mix)

5 Minutes Alone

Album: ''5 Minutes Alone'' (1994 Single)
1. 5 Minutes Alone


Album: ''I'm Broken/Slaughtered'' (1994 Single)
1. I'm Broken
2. Slaughtered
3. Domination (live from Moscow)
4. Primal Concrete Sledge (live from Moscow)


Album: ''I'm Broken/Slaughtered part 2'' (1994 Single)
1. I'm Broken
2. Slaughtered
3. Cowboys From Hell (live in Moscow)
4. Psycho Holiday (live in Moscow)

Planet Caravan

Album: ''Planet Caravan'' (1994 Single)
1. Planet Caravan
2. The Badge
3. A New Level (live)
4. Becoming (live)

Planet Caravan : Part 2

Album: ''Planet Caravan : Part 2'' (1994 Single)
1. Planet Caravan
2. The Badge
3. Domination (live)
4. Hollow (live)

Shedding Skin

Album: ''Shedding Skin'' (1994 Single)
1. Shedding Skin

The Great Southern Trendkill

Album: ''The Great Southern Trendkill'' (1996)
1. The Great Southern Trendkill
2. War Nerve
3. Drag the Waters
4. 10's
5. 13 Steps to Nowhere
6. Suicide Note, Pt. 1
7. Suicide Note, Pt. 2
8. Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)
9. Floods
10. The Underground in America
11. Sandblasted Skin (Reprise)


Album: ''Becoming'' (1996 EP)
1. Becoming
2. Domination
3. Hollow
4. A New Level
5. Psycho Holiday
6. Primal Concrete Sledge

Official Live: 101 Proof

Album: ''Official Live: 101 Proof'' (1997 Live album)
1. A New Level
2. Walk
3. Becoming
4. 5 Minutes Alone
5. Sandblasted Skin
6. Suicide Note Pt. 2
7. War Nerve
8. Strength Beyond Strength
9. Domination / Hollow
10. This Love
11. I'm Broken
12. Cowboys From Hell
13. Cemetery Gates
14. Fucking Hostile
15. Where You Come From
16. I Can't Hide

Unofficial Hits (CD Sampler)

Album: ''Unofficial Hits (CD Sampler)'' (1998 EP)
1. Hole In The Sky (Black Sabbath cover)
2. Cemetary Gates
3. This Love
4. I'm Broken
5. Drag The Waters
6. Cowboys From Hell (Live)

Reinventing the Steel

Album: ''Reinventing the Steel'' (2000)
1. Hell Bound
2. Goddamn Electric
3. Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
4. You've Got To Belong to It
5. Revolution Is My Name
6. Death Rattle
7. We'll Grind That Axe for a Long Time
8. Uplift
9. It Makes Them Disappear
10. I'll Cast a Shadow

3 Vulgar Videos From Hell

Album: ''3 Vulgar Videos From Hell'' (2000 DVD)
1. Cowboys from Hell (video)
2. Psycho Holiday (video)
3. Cemetary Gates (video)
4. Mouth for War (video)
5. This Love (video)
6. Walk (video)
7. 5 Minutes Alone (video)
8. I'm Broken (video)
9. Planet Caravan (video)
10. Drag the Waters (video)

Album: ''Hole in the Sky'' (2000 Single)
1. Hole in the Sky (Black Sabbath cover)

Extreme Steel Plus

Album: ''Extreme Steel Plus'' (2001 EP)
1. Revolution Is My Name
2. Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent cover)
3. Hollow
4. Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath cover)
5. Hole In The Sky (Black Sabbath cover)
6. Walk (Live Version)
7. Fucking Hostile (Live Version)

Revolution is My Name

Album: ''Revolution is My Name'' (2001 Single)
1. Revolution Is My Name (radio edit)
2. Hole in the Sky (Black Sabbath cover)
3. Immortally Insane
4. Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent cover)

Reinventing Hell

Album: ''Reinventing Hell'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Cowboys From Hell
2. Domination
3. Cemetery Gates
4. Mouth For War
5. Walk
6. This Love
7. Fucking Hostile
8. Becoming
9. I�m Broken
10. 5 Minutes Alone
11. Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath cover)
12. Drag The Waters
13. Where You Come From
14. Revolution Is My Name
15. Immortally Insane
16. The Badge

The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits

Album: ''The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Cowboys From Hell (CFH)
2. Cemetary Gates (CFH)
3. Walk (VDOP)
4. Mouth for War (VDOP)
5. This Love (VDOP)
6. I'm Broken (FBD)
7. Becoming (FBD)
8. 5 Minutes Alone (FBD)
9. Planet Caravan (FBD) (Black Sabbath Cover)
10. Drag The Waters (TGSTK)
11. Where You Come From (L101P)
12. Cat Scratch Fever (Detroit Rock City) (Ted Nugent Cover)
13. I'll Cast A Shadow (RTS)
14. Goddamn Electric (RTS)
15. Revolution is My Name (RTS)
16. Hole in The Sky (From The Extreme Steel Plus Promo Single) (Black Sabbath cover)



Pantera was a popular metal band from Arlington, Texas that formed in 1981. Specifically, some fans consider them power metal, groove metal (post-thrash), or an amalgamation of both (so called "power groove", a term the band devised themselves). Emerging alongside influential classic thrash metal acts such as Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax, Pantera was a key formulator of the post-thrash subgenre of heavy metal music.

At the start of the career the style of Pantera's image and sound was heavily influenced by bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Van Halen. At certain stages, specifcally fashionably, Pantera drew more on the popular LA glam scene. The extent to how far Pantera took the glam image is one of many disputes among fans of heavy metal and those who discredit the band's popularity to the 90s; however most of the material on the albums themselves were a contrast to typical glam metal formula. They released three albums during this stage before acquiring Razor White vocalist, Philip Anselmo from New Orleans. As soon as Anselmo joined the band the group took a noticable change in style and image with their Power Metal. The album shifted away from most of the glam image and focused mostly on the more respectable speed metal genre. This style would continue evolving for two years as Pantera drew on many more sources of influence within the metal scene.

As they began their transformation into post-thrash/groove metal they began to absorb a lot more from the underground extreme metal scene of the late 80s which included bands such as Slayer, Sepultura, Cro-Mags, and Exhorder. The later band to this day causes much controversy and dispute between fans despite the fact that Exhorder lead singer Kyle Thomas himself stated that many of these claims are over-exaderated and unfair for a band that "worked a hell-of-alot harder" than Exhorder did to get where they did.

On VH1's list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, Pantera ranked forty-fifth. Legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott has won numerous awards from Metal Edge, Hit Parader, Circus, Kerrang, Guitar One, Guitar World, & Guitar For The Practicing Musician magazines for his brutal, lighting fast solos, and unmatchable grooves.

Pantera played a major role in the "resurrection" of American Metal in the 90's and influence can be seen to this day in a broad range of metal bands. Glam was rapidly dying out, and grunge was taking over. In February and July 1992, Pantera then Megadeth both released albums, Vulgar Display of Power, and Countdown to Extinction, the latter reaching #2 on the billboard album charts. Together, the two albums began a resurgence in American metal music. In 1994 Pantera's third major label album Far Beyond Driven debuted on the charts at number one, astonishing those is the music industry who were unaware of the band's growing legion of fans. This proved to be the bands commercial peak. In 1996 Pantera released The Great Southern Trendkill. The album debuted at number four on the charts. The band toured in the summer of 1996 with White Zombie and the Deftones. In 1997 the band coheadlined the USA Ozzfest with Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson. Soon after the band released their first and only live album, Official Live: 101 Proof. The album debuted at number four on the billboard album charts. The band toured alongside Anthrax, Coal Chamber, and Machine Head to support the album. In 2000 the band released their final album, Reinventing the Steel. The band headlined Ozzfest 2000 then toured overseas before coming back to the USA to headline the Extreme Steel Tour, playing after the legendary Slayer and Soulfly, Static-X, and Morbid Angel.

Pantera also acquired an official drink, called Black Tooth Grin after the lyrics in the song Sweating Bullets by Megadeth.

Pantera had all of their major label albums and home videos sell to either gold or platinum status with virtually no support from MTV or radio.

In 2002 vocalist Philip Anselmo focused on his side projects Down and Superjoint Ritual. After no communication between the Abbott brothers and Anselmo, the band officially broke up in 2003. The Abbott brothers formed Damageplan in 2003 and released the album New Found Power. While touring for the album, deranged fan Nathan Gale shot and killed legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott on stage on December 8th, 2004, along with 3 other people.

Even though Pantera's fans are still distraught over the tragic murder of Dimebag Darrell, they have finally heard music from often talked about Rebel Meets Rebel project featuring Pantera members Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown and outlaw country artist David Allan Coe. A DVD entitled DIMEvision was released by Vinnie Paul's record label, Big Vin Records. Rebel Meets Rebel's self titled album was released on May 2nd, 2006, and entered the billboard charts at number 39. The DIMEvision DVD, released the same day as Rebel Meets Rebel, entered the billboard DVD charts at number one and has already sold enough copies to be certified gold. VH1 also produced a Behind The Music episode for Pantera, which resulted in many fans getting the answers they wanted regarding the final days of the band straight from the band and their friends and associates.

Drummer Vinnie Paul can now be heard in the metal supergroup "Hellyeah".

Glam/'80s Metal, Groove/Half-Thrash Metal

Love, Metal, Personal Issues, Life, Violence

United States of America (Dallas, Texas), formed in 1981

Elektra Records


Phil Anselmo - Vocals (ex-Viking Crown, ex-Enoch (US), ex-Superjoint Ritual, ex-Necrophagia, Down, ex-Christ Inversion, ex-Southern Isolation, ex-Razor White, Eibon (US), Body And Blood, Arson Anthem)

Darrell Lance Abbott (aka Diamond Darrell, Dimebag Darrell) (R.I.P. 12/8/2004 - Shot to death) - Guitars (ex-Damageplan, Tres Diablos, Gasoline, David Allan Coe/Rebel Meets Rebel, guest in Anthrax)

Rex Robert Brown (aka Rex, Rexx Rocker, T-Rex) - Bass (Down, Crowbar, Tres Diablos, David Allan Coe/Rebel Meets Rebel)

Vincent Paul Abbott (aka Vinnie Paul) - Drums (Damageplan, Tres Diablos, Gasoline, David Allan Coe/Rebel Meets Rebel, Hellyeah)

Donnie Hart (1981-1982) (Boss Tweed)
Terry Glaze (Terrence Lee) (1982-1986), Guitars (1981-1982) (Lord Tracy)
Matt L’Amour (1986) (Lick, Diamond (US))
David Peacock (1986)
Rick Mythiasin (1986) (ex-Steel Prophet, New Eden, Taraxacum, Redemption)

Tommy Bradford (1981-1982)


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