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Album: ''Demo '90'' (1990 Demo)
1. Blackfeather Shake
2. Spider Desire
3. Pile O'Bones


Album: ''Epidemic'' (1991)
1. Blackfeather Shake
2. High Strung
3. Hypochondriac
4. Spider Desire
5. Morbid Curiosities
6. Hellfire Club
7. 911
8. Devil's Night Out
9. I Stole Your Love (with Steve Souza)
10. Pile O' Bones


Album: ''Fact'' (1993)
1. Die Tryin'
2. Close My Eyes and Jump
3. Burn One
4. Nonchalance
5. Two Things (XYZ)
6. Hit and Dragged
7. Rotator
8. Gone Bad
9. Hell No Fuck Yes
10. Think About It



1)In 2000, Panic formed in Boston featuring members of bands such as the Trouble, In My Eyes, American Nightmare, and the Explosion. They released two EPs for Bridge 9 Records. They had a period of inactivity for a couple of years, until resurfacing in early 2006 to play a few shows on the east coast. They soon embarked on a European tour promoting their new EP, "Circles," released on Reflection Records in spring of 2006. Both Bridge 9 EPs are collected on the "Strength in Solitude" discography.

2) a korean band :

Lee Jeok
Real name : Lee Dong-joon
Physique : 176cm, 64kg
Blood type : B
Hobbies : Writing short stories, drama, graffiti, drawing cartoons
Talents : Computer programming
Motto : Hit the rock with an egg.
Favorite food : Korean style food

Kim Jin-pyo
Physique : 181cm, 75kg
Nickname : Alien, JP
Blood type : A
Religion : Christianity
Hobby : Driving
Talents : Playing saxophone, basketball, skiing
Favorite food : Anything except for seafood
Favorite color : Light sky blue
Habit : Biting fingernails

On the base of rock music, Panic has been called “a power” whose musical world encompasses modern rock, alternative, techno sound and even black music. Lee Jeok was a student at the Department of Social Studies at Seoul National University and Kim Jin-pyo was a senior at Sangmoon High School when the duo was first created. As the name of the duo implies, Panic wanted to sing in their unique color and voice about the society which seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. While Lee Jeok made some demo tapes and sent them to several record companies, he was acquainted to Choi Sung-won, a former member of the band “Deulgookhwa.” Through that encounter, Panic could release their debut album. With “Not Anyone,” the title song of their debut album, Panic couldn’t gain great popularity, but as the songs “Snail” and “Left-handed” gained good response among computer communication users, Panic began to see themselves in the middle of focus. Unlike most pop songs that sing about beautiful love stories, Panic’s songs were different in that they use words and melodies that penetrate deeply inside the hearts of listeners. In 1996, Panic released their second album that clearly displayed their unique color. The music in the second album was filled with melancholy, blunt expressions and experiments. In particular, the lyrics of the song “Insect” had been an object for controversy due to the blunt expressions that criticize teachers. Since the release of their second album, the two members of the duo began to perform on their own. Lee Jeok started emceeing for a radio show on MBC and Kim Jin-pyo released his first rap album gaining good response. Lee Jeok also joined with Kim Dong-ryul to form a project band called “Carnival.” In 1998, Lee Jeok and Kim Jin-pyo got together again to release Panic’s 3rd album. The duo announced a temporary breakup in October of 1998, and each member continued their careers in the pop music scene as song-writers, singer and rapper. In 2005, Panic got together after 7 years of hiatus and released their 4th album.

Their Discography :
Nobody (Panic 1st album, 1995) : Snail, Left-handed, Nobody
Bottom (Panic 2nd album, 1996) : UFO, About the Three Sons of the Clown, Bug
Exception (1st solo album, 1998) : I Love You and Think About You, Rock Paper Scissors, Anyone Who
Sea Within (Panic 3rd album, 1998) : The Sea in My Old Drawer, Clockwork Dolphin, Picture Puzzle
Panic 04 (Panic 4th album, 2005) : Crack, Typhoon, As the Snow Melts, Spiral Steps, Paper Butterfly, Rosinante

3.) Brazilian Thrash/Death metal band

4.) Thrash act from Seattle

Thrash Metal


United States of America (Seattle, Washington)

Metal Blade Records


Jeff Braimes - Vocals
Martin Chandler - Guitar
Jack Coy - Drums
Jorge Hernandez - Bass


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