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Album: ''Bestial Devastation/Século XX'' (1985 Split)
1. The Curse
2. Bestial Devastation
3. Antichrist
4. Necromancer
5. Warriors of Death
6. Anjos do Apocalipse
7. Filhos do Mundo
8. Século XX


Album: ''Conscience'' (1987)
1. God Save The Metal
2. Messengers Of Death
3. Children Of The War
4. Save Our Hearts
5. Peace
6. Última Estrela
7. Kharma
8. The Day After
9. Rebellion
10. Prison Of The Conscience


Album: ''You're Really Big!'' (1989)
1. Over The Sky / Stone Land
2. Nuclear Winter
3. Big As The Universe
4. Loneliness / Let's Fly
5. United We'll Be One
6. Age Of Aquarius
7. Fight For Our Dreams

Addicted To Reality

Album: ''Addicted To Reality'' (1990)
1. Sweet Reality
2. Night Child
3. White Clouds
4. Pain
5. Your Way
6. Strangers In Our Own Land
7. Winds Of Change
8. A Great Dream

SÚculo XX

Album: ''Século XX'' (1990 Best of/Compilation)
1. Anjos Do Apocalipse
2. Filhos Do Mundo
3. Século XX
4. Children Of War
5. Peace
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Forca Crescente

Circus of Death

Album: ''Circus of Death'' (1992)
1. Violence
2. The Zombie Factory
3. Dead Clowns
4. A Good Day to Die
5. Profit
6. Powerwish
7. The Healer
8. Beyond My Bad Dreams

Progress Of Decadence

Album: ''Progress Of Decadence'' (1993)
1. Rio, Samba E Porrada No Morro
2. Street Law
3. Straight To The Point
4. Progress Of Decadence
5. Capitalist Way
6. Deep In Your Mind
7. Noise From Brazil
8. Aluquisarrera
9. Favela
10. No Truce
11. Faithful Death
12. Stupid Generation
13. Zombie Factory


Album: ''Scars'' (1995)
1. The Front
2. My Rage
3. Manipulated Reality
4. How to Pray
5. Scars
6. Still Primitive
7. Just Another Day
8. School
9. Last Words
10. Postcard from Hell
11. Who's Guilty??
12. Out of Control - A Fairy Tale
13. Nu Dus Otro É Refresco



Overdose is a metal pioneer band from the Brazilian region of Minas Gerais. Progress of Decadence, their most famous effort and also their most exotic album was released in 1993 through the U.S. label Futurist. At those times the band developed a consistent mixture between Brazilian folkloric drums, whistles and thrash metal. His lyrics were based upon social problems and desolated landscapes of poverty into the Capitalistic societies.

Soon afterwards, the band headed for a world tour, achieving huge success specially in the US. That success leaded the recording of Scars in 1995, more focused in thrash metal mastery than their earlier album.

In 1985, the very beginnings of the band, they divided with Sepultura the most famous split album of Brazilian metal, also the first LP released by the label Cogumelo Records. "Século XX" assured countrywide recognition to the band. Though their first LP was Conscience in 1987, followed for the album You Re Really Big released in 1989 and featuring a melodic Heavy Metal sound which became of wide acceptance. In 1990 Overdose recorded Addicted to Reality conceiving their Thrash Metal sound. At 1992 the band released Circus of Death which was the base of various later recordings.

There is another Overdose band from Atlanta U.S.A., a hardcore band in the vein of Murder Weapon, Integrity, Life of Agony, Buried Alive, Cro-Mags, Carry On.

Power/Thrash, Groove Metal


Brazil (Belo Horizonte, MG), formed in 1983

Cogumelo Records


Pedro Amorim "Bozó" - Vocals (1985-)
Cláudio David - Guitars (1985-)
Jairo Guedz - Guitars (2002-) (Sepultura, Eminence (Bra), The Mist (Bra))
André Márcio - Drums (1987-) (Eminence (Bra))

Fernando Pazzini - Bass (1985-1992)
Helio Eduardo - Drums (1985-1987)
Ricardo Souza - Guitars (1985-1986)
Sérgio Cichovicz - Guitars (1992-2002)
Eddie Weber - Bass (1993-2002)
Gustavo Monsanto - Bass (2002) (Adagio (Fra))


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