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Album: ''Morph'' (1993 Demo)
1. Veils of Blood
2. Deceiver
3. Cancer
4. In The Garden of Eden


Album: ''Druid'' (1994 Demo)
1. Odyssey
2. Requiem
3. Druid
4. Victim Of Fear


Album: ''Oblivion'' (1995)
1. Chameleon
2. Weltschmerz
3. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
4. In The Garden of Eden
5. Journey Into The Unknown
6. Druid
7. Veils of Blood
8. Sea of Dreams
9. The Collector
10. Victim of Fear

By Time alone

Album: ''By Time alone'' (1996)
1. At The Mountains of Madness
2. Five Crystals
3. The Dark Side
4. Deceiver
5. Cliffs of Moher
6. By Time Alone
7. Ancient Rhymes
8. Odyssey
9. Requiem
10. Leafless
11. Deliverance

At the Mountains of Madness

Album: ''At the Mountains of Madness'' (1997 Single)
1. At the Mountains of Madness [Single video version]
2. Five Crystals [Oscar remix]
3. The Crumbling [Live from Holland]
4. Veils of Blood [Live from Holland]
5. Sea of Dreams [Live from Holland]


Album: ''Inside'' (2000)
1. Inside
2. The Stain Remains
3. Grip
4. Twisted Games
5. Pain
6. Deal With The Real
7. Behold
8. Weakness of Flesh
9. Kick
10. Drag You Down
11. From The Cradle to The Grave

The Sign Tour EP

Album: ''The Sign Tour EP'' (2003 EP)
1. The Sign
2. In den bergen des Irrsinns
3. Inside


Album: ''Driven'' (2004)
1. The Sign
2. Black Magic Mirror
3. Cold
4. Prophecies Of Fame
5. Dead Ground
6. My Master's Master
7. Black Gate
8. In Slavery
9. Truth Or Lies?
10. Driven
11. Infinity
12. Addiction
13. Beyond The Fall
14. Ender's Game



Orphanage was a Dutch metal band, which existed from 1994 till 2005. They were one of the first Dutch metal band who mixed death metal grunts with clean female vocals. By mixing very different musical styles they have created their own unique sound.

Line-up :
George Oosthoek : Grunts and screams
Rosan Van Der Aa : Vocals
Sureel : Drums and clay pot
Remko Van Der Spek : Bass guitar and guitars
Lasse Dellbr├╝gge : Synths and sound design
Guus Eikens : Guitars, keyboards and vocals

Former members:
Martine van Loon: Vocals
Lex Vogelaar: Guitars and vocals
Eric Hoogendoorn: Bass
Jules Vleugels: Drums
Erwin Polderman: Drums

Mid October 2005, after 11 years, the band split up. The official announcement stated: "From recent internal discussions it appeared that there was too much irritation and a lack of mutual trust, to be able to make a new Orphanage product, by the high quality standards that the band has been known for throughout the years.".

Death/Gothic Metal

Netherlands (Utrecht), formed in 1987

Nuclear Blast


George Oosthoek - Vocals (Kutschurft, Pleurisy, Within Temptation (Guest), Delain (Guest))
Rosan Van Der Aa - Female Vocals
Theo Holheimer - Guitar
Marcel Verdurmen - Guitar (Altar (Hol), Mandator, Mysto Dysto, ex-Vault (Hol))
Guus Eikens - Guitar/Keyboards (guest in Within Temptation, ex-Delain)
Remco Van Der Spek - Bass
Sureel - Drums

Eric Hoogendoorn (Silicon Head) - Bass
Jason Kohnen (Bluuurgh..., Celestial Season)
Erwin Polderman (Silicon Head, ex-Halcyon (Hol), La-Ventura) - Drums
Martine Van Loon (ex-The Gathering, ex-Lords of the Stone) - Vocals
Jules Vleugels - Drums
Lex Vogelaar - Guitar (ex-Target (Bel), Within Temptation (Guest), ex-Celestial Season (Session))
Lasse Dellbrügge - Keyboards, Vocals
Sharon Den Adel - guest vocals (Within Temptation, Voyage (Guest), Delain (Guest), Avantasia (Guest))


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