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Album: ''God's Grief'' (2006 Demo)
1. Last Bride
2. Lords of the Heights

Live in Zenica

Album: ''Live in Zenica'' (2006 Demo)
1. (S)he
2. Black Sun
3. Lord of the Heights
4. Alone
5. Last Bride



ORMUS was formed by the end of 2003, under the working title ''Tales''. Forming a band was an idea of Zoran (Zormus) and Svjetlana (Sion) Todorovic, and, in the band's beginning, Zoran Mladen-Zena, joined the team. Back then, musical arrangments were done by Zormus, lyrics and vocals arrangements were done by Sion , and Zena was the vocalist for the band. Still discovering and brushing their unique style, they were searching for people, equipment and space to turn the ideas into the music. In the beginning od 2005., the first lineup of ''Ormus'' is gathered. Sion decides to change the band name from ''Tales'' to ''ORMUS'', and in January 2005, the band starts to rehersal. At the end of February 2005., the first and complete lineup of the band started rehersaling. This lineup consisted of: Svjetlana (Sion) Todorovic – lyrics, vocal Zoran (Zena) Mladen – vocal Sladan (Nemo) Avlijaš – lead guitar, musical arrangements Zoran (Zormus) Todorovic – rhythm guitar, musical arrangements, lyrics Saša (Sasha) Draškovic – bass Arnel (Iced flame) Lutvic – drums First lineup consisted of people with different music taste, so the first phase of the band was covering popular songs of bands like Metallica, Iced Earth, Arch Enemy, 6FU, Pantera, Sepultura, which was leaving Ormus little time for writing their own songs, but it helped the bandmembers to brush up their playing skills and to play more perfectly together, as a band. Ormus had its first gig on Bosnian Metal Fest in May 2005, where the crowd accepted them very well, and they left an impression of the band that will grow bigger and bigger. More gigs came along the way, and Zormus and Sion worked together on material destined to be on their first demo release. In autumn 2005. Sion takes the place of a lead vocalist and Zena leaves the band, because he started showing lack of interest. He was replaced by Alisa Ceric as a back vocalist, but she was in the band for a very short time. After Alisa's leaving, Sion takes full-time job as lead vocalist, and the band continues their work as 5 piece. Beginning of November 2005. brought the world Ormus first demo release, which was self-produced. It contained 5 songs. Different critics and reviews were made based on this release, but generally, most of them were positive, and being like that, they were inspiration for more serious work. Till the end of 2005, and in the first part of Anno 2006, band continues to play in numerous gigs, and their tracklist is changing. Cover songs are easily replaced by new band songs, which are taking primary place in their repertoaire. Iced Flame left the band in March 2006, and band tried to find a new drummer which will be able to play Ormus original songs. After few unsuccessful attempts of recruiting drummer that is able to play Ormus songs, band recruited temporary drummer, Stefan Komljenovic, who's also drumming in bands Silent Kingdom and Kursk. With his help, Ormus composed few more original songs and finally defined their unique sound. July of 2006 also brought another change in lineup, Sasha left Ormus, and he was replaced by Milenko (Joe) Jokic. Ormus current lineup is consisting of: Sion – vocalist, lyrics Nemo – lead guitar, arrangements Zormus – compositor, rhythm guitar, arrangements Milenko (Joe) Jokic – bass Srdan Duletic – drums It is not easy to define the style of music Ormus is playing, but the closest definition is that Ormus plays death-thrash metal with female scream/growl vocals. Actually, the best way is for you to download some Ormus songs and judge for yourself. Ormus debut full-lenght album is finished and expected to be released in 2007.

Melodic Thrash/Death Metal

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), formed in 2005

Rage Records


Sion - Vocals
Nemo - Lead Guitar
Zormus - Rhythm Guitar
Milenko (Joe) Jokic - Bass
Srdan Duletic - Drums

Alice - Vocals
Iced - Drums


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