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A Coming Into Existence

Album: ''A Coming Into Existence'' (1998 Demo)
1. Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Cronicles)
2. Sociocide
3. Manimal Instincts
4. Inner Reflections


Album: ''Origin'' (2000)
1. Lethal Manipulation
2. Sociocide
3. Vomit You Out
4. Origin
5. Mental Torment
6. Manimal Instincts
7. Infliction
8. Disease Called Man
9. Inner Reflections

Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas

Album: ''Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas'' (2002)
1. Larvae Of The Lie
2. Inhuman
3. Awaken The Suffering
4. Perversion Of Hate
5. Portal
6. Meat For The Beast
7. Mental Torment
8. Insurrection
9. Implosion Of Eternity

Echoes of Decimation

Album: ''Echoes of Decimation'' (2005)
1. Reciprocal
2. Endless Cure
3. The Burner
4. Designed To Expire
5. Cloning The Stillborn
6. Staring From The Abyss
7. Amoeba
8. Debased Humanity
9. Echoes Of Decimation



There are two artists by the name 'Origin'.

1) is a drum & bass DJ,

2) Origin is an American technical death metal group, hailing from Topeka, Kansas that was formed in 1998 by guitarist/vocalists Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner. They were soon joined by Clint Appelhanz (bass), Mark Manning (vocals) and George Fluke (drums).

In 1998 the band recorded their first demo before securing an opening slot on the "Death Across America” Tour which included Nile, Cryptopsy, Oppressor and Gorguts.

In 1999 George Fluke was replaced by John Longstreth and Doug Williams replaced Clint Appelhanz and Origin signed to Relapse Records.

Origin was invited to take part in Contaminated 2000 (Exhumed and Cephalic Carnage) and the high profile Death Across America 2000 Tour - joining forces with Poland’s Vader and labelmates Cephalic Carnage and Dying Fetus. Soon after, Origin embarked on yet another tour, this time alongside Candiria, Cryptopsy and Poison the Well. Other tours included acts with Skinless, Impaled and Vader plus a headline tour of their own before work on the next CD.

Introducing two new members, James Lee on vocals and Mike Flores on bass, "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas." was faster, darker and more complex than their previous effort.

Immediately following the release of "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas," Origin hit the road as part of the largest metal tour of the summer; with Nile, Arch Enemy and Hate Eternal. Following the tour Jeremy Turner resigned from the band and Clinton Appelhanz (this time playing guitar instead of bass) returned to do a tour with Immolation, Vader, and The Berzerker followed by another tour with All That Remains, Scar Culture and Crematorium. More problems evolved and Origin had to cancel the tour with Nuclear Assault in January 2003 and shortly thereafter John Longstreth resigned from the band. The search was on for a new drummer and James King was chosen to fill the spot.

The band played its 1st show with the new lineup in September 2003 in Topeka, KS, where the "Portal" video was done. The band then proceeded to do a headlining tour in January 2004 with Uphill Battle up and down the West Coast and then in the summer Origin did another tour up and down the Midwest playing the Milwaukee Metalfest 2004, The Texas Death, and Grindfest with labelmates Soilent Green and Kill the Client.

In 2005, Origin returned to release "Echoes of Decimation".

Numerous U.S. tours immediately followed including headlining featured performances at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and Ohio Deathfest. The band then joined forces for a summer North American tour with Malevolent Creation and Animosity to sellout crowds in every venue along the tour trail. The tour for Origin was 52 days long with only 3 shows off due to cancellation.

As of 2006, James King and Clint Appelhanz have left Origin, and are now in death metal/grindcore group Unmerciful, along with Jeremy Turner and Tony Reust. John Longstreth has come back to Origin, and Paul Ryan will be playing all guitar parts in upcoming live Origin performances until further notice.

Technical Brutal Death Metal

Misanthropy, Death, Esoteric

United States of America (Topeka, Kansas), formed in 1997

Relapse Records


Mike Flores - Bass, Vocals (Gorgasm (US))
James Lee - Vocals (ex-Vile (US))
Paul Ryan - Guitar, Vocals
John Longstreth - Drums (ex-The Red Chord, ex-Skinless, Possession (US), Angelcorpse, ex-Exhumed (US), Dim Mak)
Jeremy Turner - Guitar (ex-Unmerciful , ex-Cannibal Corpse)

George Fluke - Drums
Jeremy Gregg - Drums (ex-Enter Self, AseraphymN, Murder Construct, Terminal Plan)
Mark Manning - Vocals (ex-Unmerciful)
Doug Williams - Bass (ex-Cephalic Carnage)
Clint Appelhanz - Guitar, Vocals (Unmerciful)
James King - Drums (Unmerciful, Viral Load (live))


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