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Stillbirth Machine

Album: ''Stillbirth Machine'' (1993)
1. The Edge of Forever
2. Power Elite
3. Iconoclasm Conquest
4. Forsake Me This Mortal Coil
5. Stillbirth Machine
6. Blood And Thunder
7. As The Body Falls Away

Jericho Trumpet

Album: ''Jericho Trumpet'' (1994 EP)
1. Webs of Perdition (New Version)
2. War And Pain (VOIVOD cover)

Live: Into Distant Fears

Album: ''Live: Into Distant Fears'' (1994 EP)
1. Stillbirth Machine
2. Plateau of Invincibility

Plateau Of Invincibility

Album: ''Plateau Of Invincibility'' (1994 EP)
1. Plateau Of Invincibility
2. Nuctemeron
3. Dead Of The Night / Senile Decay
4. Stillbirth Machine (Live)
5. Plateau Of Invincibility (Live)

Dawn Bringer

Album: ''Dawn Bringer'' (1995)
1. Labyrinthine Whispers
2. Ophiuchus Rex (He Who Plays With The Serpents)
3. War And Pain
4. Tenebrae / The Sign Draconis
5. Raise The Banner
6. Webs Of Perdition

And I Saw Eternity

Album: ''And I Saw Eternity'' (1996 EP)
1. The Edge Of Forever
2. Webs Of Perdition
3. Imperium
4. De Stella Nova

An Ending in Fire

Album: ''An Ending in Fire'' (1998)
1. Dawn Bringer Invictus
2. Tenebrae
3. The Sign Draconis
4. Plateau of Invincibility
5. The Angry Red Planet
6. There Lies Your Lord, Father of Victories
7. Nucleosynthesis
8. De Stella Nova
9. An Ending in Fire

Imperium, The Apocalyptic Visions

Album: ''Imperium, The Apocalyptic Visions'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Victimized
2. Apocalyptic Visions
3. Golgotha (Second Death)
4. The Scourge
5. Of Death And Dying
6. Webs of Perdition
7. Crimes Against The State
8. Golgotha (Second Death)
9. Quietus
10. Apocalyptic Visions
11. Victimized
12. Blood And Thunder
13. Plateau of Invincibility
14. Ophiuchus Rex (He Who Plays With The Serpents)
15. Nuctemeron
16. An Ending In Fire

order from chaos


Order From Chaos was formed in late 1987 by Chuck Keller (guitars), Pete Helmkamp (bass / vocals) and Mike Miller (drums). The band recorded three demos: "Demo I" (January 1988), "Inhumanities" (July 1988) and "Crushed Infamy" (July 1989). The last, "Crushed Infamy", sold 1000 copies and gained the attention of Putrefaction Records, resulting in the "Will To Power" 7"EP, which was pressed in 1100 copies. Their first full length "Stillbirth Machine" was finally released by Wild Rags Records in 1993, and on vinyl by Decapitated Records (now Unisound) from Greece. More releases include the "Plateau Of Invincibility" 10" / CD (on Shivadarshana Records from Holland), followed by the "Jericho Trumpet" 7"EP and the second full length "Dawn Bringer" (also for Shivadarshana). In 1994 the band recorded a live EP ("Live: Into Distant Fears") for Eternal Darkness Creations. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Order From Chaos played a few shows in their own city. Their reputation for fire breathing and bone throwing coupled with the ferocity of their stage presence all but banned Order From Chaos from every club in their area. Numerous gigs occured abroad though, including places such as Milwaukee, Omaha, Fort Wayne, Manassas, New Haven and New York. The New York gig in 1994 (known as Deathstock) was the pure chaos and mayhem that truly represents what Order From Chaos was all about. The show is already legendary among those who witnessed it. Their music brings to mind the conviction and dedication of the early 80s European tradition of Black / Death Metal bands like Bathory, Sodom, Venom, Celtic Frost and Australia's Slaughter Lord. According to their masterplan, adopted at the bands' inception, Order From Chaos split up in spring 1995 after the recording of their third full length "An Ending in Fire" and the mini CD "And I Saw Eternity" (a joint release between Ground Zero Entertainment and Shivadarshana Records). Rather than even run the risk of disappointing their oldest fans with a mediocre release as all their forefathers have now done, Order From Chaos consciously chose to end their career at its peak. "An Ending In Fire" is the climax of their manifestation, a fitting epitaph for a band that has become a cult. The end of an era, the beginning of a legend...

Taken from the website of "Voices From The Darkside"

Black/Death Metal

War, Occult, Death

United States of America (Kansas City, Missouri), formed in 1987

Osmose Productions


Pete Helmkamp - Bass, Vocals (Angelcorpse, Terror Organ, Revenge (Can), Feldgrau)
Chuck Keller - Guitar (Ares Kingdom, Vulpecula (US))
Mike Miller - Drums (Ares Kingdom)


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