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As Darkness Reigns

Album: ''As Darkness Reigns'' (1993)
1. Prisoner (of your own soul)
2. Nightmares
3. No faith for the lair
4. As darkness reigns
5. Paradise (on the edge of the world)
6. Knights of the round table
7. The watcher
8. Prodigy
9. In the end


1.) '''Oracle''' was notable as a collaborative musical venture between Minimal Compact's Malka Spigel & Samy Birnbach and Wire's Colin Newman. The project spanned the years 1988-1993 and mostly took place in Brussels. Ony one album '''Tree''' was released retrospectively (in 1994) on Colin & Malka's Swim ~ label. The majority of the work remains unreleased.

There was another Florida band called Oracle who managed to release one album in the early nineties, solidly rooted in 80's American power metal in mold of Liege Lord or early Queensrÿche. Hardly a popular style of music at the time, particularly in the US (hence the release on a European label), As Darkness Reigns is a fine album for the genre.
Brothers Kent and Brent Smedley have recently resurrected Oracle and are playing again, now under the name Odyssey. Brent also plays for a band called Tempest Reign.

2.) Drum and Bass DJ / Murder in America (M.I.A)

3.) Oracle was a band originally formed in Cincinatti, OH by high school friends. After graduating from high school, the original members, Rich Lodge (lead vocals and original drummer), Kyle Lichey (rhythm guitar), and Brandon Etter (bass), went onto different colleges, but essentially relocating to Columbus, OH to attend The Ohio State University. While at OSU, they revamped their sound as well as their lineup and added Chuck Darling (lead guitar) and Kevin Brosch (drums).

The 3 original members released a demo album entitled "The Orange Couch" before moving to Columbus. In 2002, after adding the last 2 members, they released a 12 song EP entitled "Naked" with a few rewritten songs from "The Orange Couch."

Even after a couple of personel changes, the band continued to play shows and promote themselves. But with time becoming limited to practice and play, the band split up in 2005. Each has gone on to pursue different careers after receiving degrees from The Ohio State University.

4.) Another Floridian, now Alabaman, Scott Boss, named his one-man-project Oracle. His particular style of driving guitars and searching voice has garnered some attention from the local scenes in both states.

5) Biography:

Oracle were formed by Mike (Pony) Hewtson and Alex Petrosing from Milan, Italy in October 1998.
Mike was originally the keyboard player for Galahad back in the late 1980's, and following this several other very abstract progressive rock bands.
Alex had moved from Milan to England in 1996 after growing up busking in the streets of Milan, playing blues.

Recording sessions began in October of 1998, Mike and Alex having a big respect for Hawkwind, as the first Oracle recordings testify.
Mike's influences are obviously: Genesis, Yes, E.L.P, Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind and with some thrash metal injected into 'the mix' in the form of Obituary!
Alex was influenced by: heavy rock, blues and Hawkwind.

The first album-Segreto del Cosmos was released during 1999. A close friend of Alex, John Tarella, also Italian joined Oracle on guitar/vocals.
A second album 'Horizons' was recorded during Autumn/Winter 1999.

Horizons was finally released in late 2000-2001 and Vicky (Tori) C on flute joined the band, with Mike (Smoke) Eyears on rhythm guitar.
Recording sessions for the album 'Tides of Eternity' ran from April 2000 to summer 2001, the album finally being released in summer 2002.

On the 8th September 2001 Oracle first performed 'live' at a 'garden gig' in Somerford, Christchurch.
A selection of Oracle/Hawkwind songs were played in the one and a half hr set.

Into 2002 Pony decided to cover a lot more Hawkwind material and the band played another four local gigs in Bournmouth.
Many 'live' Oracle sessions were recorded in their studio (Toadstool).

In April 2002 a new guitarist Martin (Golly) Clayton (formerly of 'The Moonies') joined.
Alex had left to follow his dream of playing blues rock.

2003-Oracle recorded a Hawkwind cover album named 'SpaceHawks'.
Then more live appearances in Poole and Bournmouth and another Oracle studio album-'Globemaster', including a 26 minute epic-'Wings of the Dawn'.

2004-In this year Pony decided to spend a lot more time on composition, so no live Oracle gigs this year.
The album 'As Above So Below' was recorded and the music had really progressed with the new Oracle songs.
Included was a new version of 'Into the Deep' which was the first track off the 'Segreto' album penned by Hewetson/Petrosino.

2005-Another 'strong' and 'heavier' than before album 'Time of the Seeker' was released, including the Hawkwind classic 'The Psychedelic Warlords'.
One live performance was captured at 'The Gander on the Green' in Bournmouth on November 5th.

(Note from the webmaster:-the gig was as explosive as 'fawks' night and hopefully I'll be able to include a video clip here.)

2006-In January Oracle played another local venue-the green room, ('The Portman') playing a selection of songs from most of the albums. A live double album has been recorded in 2005/6 and will be released later in the year.

Mike (Pony) 17/07/06

Progressive Power Metal


United States of America (Jacksonville, Florida), formed in 1989

Massacre Records


William Wren - Vocals (also in Mystic Force)
Kent Smedley - Guitars
Kevin Reid - Bass
Brent Smedley - Drums (Iced Earth, Tempest Reign, guest for Silent Scream (Ger))

James MacDonough - Bass (ex-Iced Earth, ex-Megadeth, ex-Nevermore (Live), Brutal Assault, Invader, Delta 9, Mad Axe)


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