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Unholy Darkness

Album: ''Unholy Darkness'' (2004 Demo)
1. Aeterno Opacus
2. Caedes Libidinosus
3. Denicalis Caliginosus

Through The Clear Is Thy Despair

Album: ''Through The Clear Is Thy Despair'' (2005 EP)
1. War Hymns
2. Into The Unholy Darkness
3. On The Forgotten Shores
4. The Clear Is Thy Despair
5. The Call Of Ancient Blood
6. A Forgotten Tomb


Opacus is a black metal project created by Thorn in early 2004. Opacus was primarily a solo effort due to a lack of interest in the genre by others around. The 3 track demo ‘Unholy Darkness’ was self released in mid 2004, limited to only 50 copies. During the recording of this demo Mort was introduced to fill in on drums, however this didn’t last long. No real effort was displayed by Mort over the month’s between the completion of ‘Unholy Darkness’ and the start on what was the next EP entitled ‘Through The Clear Is Thy Despair’ (taken from Burzum – Key To The Gate). Taking control Thorn started the work on the EP as a solo effort again.

Once the EP was completed it was set to be released on Unholy Decay Productions. Unfortunately this did not happen in the end. Due to problems with pressing and the cost of releasing the EP. Once again it was self released this time limited to 150 copies and distributed by Unholy Decay, Basilisks Productions and Rusty Axe Records.

Trying to bring Opacus too the stage, many members have been added and lost over such a short time. By early 2005 Mort was back in the band and showing more dedication then before. One gig was played with session musicians, this encouraged both members to try harder to get the band live. After several months of playing the EP and demo together, bassist Morgorloff was added to Opacus to complete the line-up for now. Once rehearsing enough Opacus eventually took to the stage again, unfortunately this was short lived. Svartsjel was added too the band on rhythm guitar and Morghein took over on bass for a short amount of time. This line-up did not last long, and by early-mid 2006 Opacus was back to being just a solo project.

Only in recent months have things started getting better for the band. Joining the ranks are Nybras on bass and Agarwaen on second guitar. Opacus now has enough songs to continue gigging and plans for a full length album in 2007, recorded with a full line-up once a suitable drummer has been found.

Black Metal

Individualism, Metamorphoses, Mental Imagery

United Kingdom (Gravesend,Kent (early), Brighton (now)), formed in 2004



Thorn - Vocals, Guitar (Nyogtha, Vomit Slit, ex-Traurigkeit, Nigress/Amaurosis)
Nybras - Bass (Vehement (UK))
Raum - Guitar
Andras - Drums (Vehement (UK))

Mort - Drums
Morghein - Bass
Hagalaz - Bass


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