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Zdes Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega

Album: ''Zdes Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega'' (1997 Demo)
1. Unholy Norland Fire
2. Voiny T'my (Воины Тьмы)
3. Bogi Glyadyaschiye Vniz (Боги Глядящие Вниз)
4. Vechnyi Strannik Zimnikh Nochey (Вечный Странник З&#1080%
5. Zdes' Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega (Здесь Никогда Не С&%
6. V Preddverii Moroznykh Gor (В Преддверии Мороз&
7. Strazha Ledyanogo Korolevstva (Стража Ледяного Ко%2
8. Kholodnye Skorbi Blednoy Luny (Холодные Скорби Бл


Album: ''Skvoz' Khaos K Vechnoj Zime (Through the Chaos to Eternal Winter)'' (1999 Demo)
1. Face Of Madness
2. Dead Eyes Of The Dark
3. Through The Chaos Of Violence To An Eternal Winter
4. In My Own Ice Hell...

Religion Of Spiritual Violence

Album: ''Religion Of Spiritual Violence'' (2001)
1. Thrown Down And Crushed
2. The One "Holy" Dead
3. Flaming One
4. Portals Of Winter Holocaust
5. Religion Of Spiritual Violence
6. Unholy Nordic Metal
7. The Apogee Of Prosperity
8. Until The Immortals Dream

Where The Snows Are Never Gone

Album: ''Where The Snows Are Never Gone'' (2003)
1. Unholy Nordland Fire
2. Winter Warriors
3. Gods Gazing From Beyond
4. Eternal Wanderer Of Winter Nights
5. Where The Snows Are Never Gone
6. At The Gates Of Frosty Mountains
7. Guardians Of The Icy Kingdom
8. Cold Mourning Of The Pale Moon

Scalding Coldness

Album: ''Scalding Coldness'' (2005)
1. Scalding Coldness
2. Freezing Winter Breath
3. In The Glance Of The Dead
4. In The Forgotten Darkened Spheres
5. Through Icy Wilderness Of The Forest
6. Wolves In White
7. Passing The Burials Of Dead Stars
8. North From The South

old wainds


Old Wainds were formed back in 1995 among the desolate northern landscapes of Hyperborean Russia, far beyound the Polar Circle in the city of Murmansk. Their severe northern Land, it's Purest Nordic Spirit and atmosphere were the main sources of inspiration through the whole history of Old Wainds. "Yee, the Northern Wind of malice, your power is the one of the god - these ruined churches with the broken windows would witness. Lo, the Wind! You are the ruler of this Glorious Land. Among the morbid dwarf trees and the wastelands of black moss. Here the air is drunk with the blood of the ancient battles. Here, where the Snows are never gone... This is my Northern Soil. The frozen rivers, where the moonshadows gleam eternally. And these pale stars, they are but an echo to the snowfalls..." (from "Here, Where the Snows are Never Gone" lyrics).

Three Unholy Nordic Souls of Frost are the supreme forces behind the band since the very beginning - Morok, Kull and Kholdogor. On the later albums known as Haucium, Mefisto and Trismegist. The permanent session drummer up to the present moment is Izbor of HABb (Nav'), who is also supported by Old Wainds members in his main band.

During the Autumn 1996 they finish the debut demo "Withers of the Wind", which is sold out and unavailable by today. December 1997 is followed by "Here, Where the Snows are Never Gone" demo\album, which is an already legendary milestone by now. Merciless Nordic Holocaust Black Metal Aggression with no compromises. Year 1999 the third promo\demo "Through the Chaos towards the Eternal Winter" was recorded, a pair of years later this work of the band was released by Miriquidy Prod. (GER) as vynil 7"EP. The Chaos of 2000 was celebrated by the unreleased rehearsal tape. And finally in July 2001 the new fullength album "Religion of the Spiritual Violence" was completed. The same year Stellar Winter Rex. (RUS) have re-release "Here, Where the Snows are Never Gone" in pro-tape format and Spring 2002 Miriquidy Prod. (GER) have released "The Religion..." CD which made Old Wainds known rather widely among the circles of radical BM worldwide. Nowadays band still strive to carry on their hateful intolerant message and the next fullength album is planned for 2003.

Black Metal

Myths, Black Romanticism

Russia (Murmansk), formed in 1995

Debemur Morti Productions


Haucium (aka Morok) - Guitars (Nav')
Mefisto (aka Kull) - Vocals and Guitars (ex-Nav')
Tresmegist (aka Kholdogor) - Bass
Izbor - Drums (Nav')


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